Thursday, April 30, 2009

Change place & size

For case you didnt see we can now move mirror and book storage,,how cool :)

Reaching 3 000 000

Well Stardoll is reaching 3000 000 members,(!!!Yey!!) so we will get some gifts..They are really great..

+ if you didnt see,there is new non ss gift for 1 sd..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Earn Stardollars

There's a new way to get Stardollars on Stardoll! Now you can earn them by playing games. 
A couple of minutes ago I logged on to Stardoll and I found this clock, a + and a zero next to the Stardollars I've got. We've all know for a week that Stardoll was going to release a way to earn Stardollars by playing games, and here it is.
This is how Stardoll describe how to earn Stardollars:

Play games to earn up to 5 Stardollars every day! Just remember to hurry up and spend them today, or they will expire.
Play & Earn rules: 
Earn max 5 Stardollars a day by playing our Play & Earn games
The higher game score you get, the more Stardollars you earn
Earned Stardollars are only valid the same day
Only available to registered Stardoll members who have confirmed their email address
See time left before your earned Stardollars expire by: 
Visiting this page
Holding the mouse over your Play & Earn purse under your Avastar
Please note that this is a limited feature, only available during the Play & Earn campaign period. 

I'm really sad that this new and great feature is only going to be on Stardoll for a limited time, I wish it could be like this always. But still, hurry up and earn you Stardollars for today and go buy something nice and new. 




Look I found new stuff 4 non superstars in star design how awesome


Pink hair

I don't really get this Stardoll trend with hair and all sorts of colors. I just can't picture myself with pink, green or blue hair, I don't see how it could be stylish or even nice. 
I don't even remember seeing a Stardoll Medoll with nice and color hair, that combination don't seem to exist. Do you know somebody with nice color hair, please tell me and I'll feature her/him here.
I haven't bought a single haircolor or highlighter my entire time on Stardoll, but I would if they could release some with "normal" haircolors.

Does your Medoll have purple hair? 
What do you think about colored hair?
How can you make it look stylish?


Friday, April 24, 2009

Philosophy sale!

Omg! Look!
The entire Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti collection is on sale!
Everything is fifty percent off and now we can buy those nice little dresses without feeling like we've spent all of our money.
The minute after i saw this decide to become SS again, and bought the striped leggings and two pair of shoes :)
But why is the collection on sale? Are we getting a new collection or an entire new Real Brand. 
Oh, it'd great if we got like Marc by Marc Jacobs or Matthew Williamson to Stardoll! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

What do you think?
What do you hope we'll get?
Did you buy anything?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Free dress!

How to get the dress above:

1. Enter this into your url bar:

2. Don't press enter yet! After the ''u='' ,in the link above, you should type in your Stardoll user ID. You can find the number under ''my account''.
3. Press go or enter.

4. Fill in the form at the bottom, you don't need to use real info or even a real e-mail adress.

5. Press submit and you should find a bag in your suite!

Thanks to the blog Stardolls Top Designer!


3 Years of stardoll

Well today stardoll celebrate 3 years ...
i was hoping that we gonna get some gifts,and i saw this clothes:

they are non ss,and not so expensive

I heard that stardoll is gonna put some special games and you could earn stardollars,,
I will write soon as i figure out ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Bye. ):

Hey Everyone,
Sorry, but I am going to be leaving Stardoll Fanatic. It's not mine nor anyone else's fault. I'm leaving because I don't believe I'm needed, since they are so many other great writers. A big thanks to everyone who friend requested me, joined my clubs, wrote in my guestbook, gave me gifts and voted me cover girl - I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! . (:
I did let Ginny know about a month ago, but she never responded. But Ginny, thank you for allowing me to write its great...and I will still make guest articles if needed.
Well Thanks Everyone. =D
[ktbananaxoxo] & HB...

well i found this club: SIMPLE_VIP_CLUB
There write that you get free wipes..I didn't get anything ,also there is that beautiful green dress for free if u register ( it writes:only for UK members),bout it seems like it don't work any more:C
-For wipes: you just join and be first of 50 000 ppl who join the club.Yous should find it by your me doll closet.

-For free dress:register with Teen simple before 1st may.
Look this:

well good luck if you try....
Hire is a picture of May hot buys..They are really pretty and i hope not expensive,,I love the sequin dress,it is out on 4 May...(It writes April,,Stardoll mistake.. ;/)

well like I see,nobody writes ANYTHING on this blog for like 5 days,,I had to make this blog more interesting so i decided to go out of my main topic..I apologies if anyone is angry at me ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

dear readers
today (17th of April) i was bored so i went to my page and looked around it.i found shopping bag (the ones you get when you have been shopping) i opened it and i found a penguin inside isnt that wierd i think coconutcookie had got me a penguin but it was in a shopping bag strange ?????
lilysrich xxx
p.s sorry ginnycee i just had to tell people this.
p.s.s what do you think about the free dog(beverly hills chloe) do you think its pretty...
i dont !!! tell in comments if you do or you dont

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey Everyone,
LE is back and it's out again. 
I think it's my favorite edition ever. 
[I blew all my star dollars on it so it better be. (; ]
So what are you waiting for.....go look now!

ps - after posting this i realized there is another post about new LE . oh well. (: i will leave my post up as its at the top of the page therefore readers will be able to get to LE more quickly.. (:

Free dog.

There's a new free dog to get at Stardoll. Just do these things and you will get it:

1. Type into your browser. The site is a Dutch proxy site.
2. At the site type in into the search bar and press enter.
3. When you get to stardoll simply log in and you don'
t even have to watch the film. The dog will be in your suite, by the mirror, the next time you check.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheaper versions!

-in ELLE there is a necklace for 6 stardollars. I don't think you should buy it because there is a cheaper version in voile that costs 4 stardollars, and the one for 4 stardollars isn't for superstars!

-There is also lace up shoes in Phillosophy that cost 12, (superstar) and there is very simillar lace up shoes in decades that cost 4 stardollars for non-superstars!

-Also there is magenta platforms that cost 6 stardollars (for ss) in ELLE that are the same shape (only a slight different color) in pretty in pink for non ss that cost five....

- caseynb7

p.s thanks for the comments on my first post. I now know how to put things into my posts now! :)

New LE, coming soon!

I was just checking around in the Starplaza when I found this:

Looks like the new LE collection is coming really soon. 
So everybody keep your computers on and be the first ones to by the gorgeous new stuff. 

Do you think it will be as great as the previous collections?
Will it be better? Or worse? 
Tell us what you think!


(sorry, I know that this isn't what I'm supposed to write about.) 

Monday, April 13, 2009

L-S Jumpsuit

Just for case you did not noticed blue jumpsuit is in starplaza.It is SS and cost 10 sd.It is kinda expensive,,bout if you are able I recommend that you buy it,,coz later it will be very rare..You can find it in Fudge store.

P.S-i am sorry ,it is not my theme ,,bout i wait to somebody write post about it,,bout nobody did..

Will you buy it?

Thank you nyhra!

Thank you nyhra, for giving us the proxy site and proving that the monacre codes still work! You'd be really helpful! Thanks :)

Monacre still works? :O

Hey evereyone! I was clubbing and then I noticed a topic where someone claimed that the moonacre gift was still avilabe. By using the proxysites, they got the hold of the gifts.. I checked it out, but it didn't work for me.. Anywa, A LOT of people said that it worked for them... So, if you'd like to give it a shot (even though it most likely wont work "but you don't know until you've tried it ;)"), here's what you do:

1. Go to a proxysite like : UPDATE!: This proxy site work :

2. Paste in the browser and log ito your account.

3. Paste the moonacre linkt in the browser.

4. IF it works, then you should have it after that... It didn't work on my computer, but it might work at yours, since it has worked for a lot of other people.. so if you try it, be prepared on failiour... But I guess if it works for you, you'll be a lot happier! :) So please don't leave mean comments and be mad at me if it doesn't work.. As ginnycee says: Some of the old links may not work, but it's worth a try! And I totally agree!

So here are all the Monacre links (besides the book..):

Cake plate
Piano chair
Crystal ball

Hope it works for you!
[My Page!]

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey you might have read the spoilers but some of the stuff has come out yay



p.s Heard of you get free superstar membership its jst it's in chinese

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot buys summer 2009

Well some of them are out ,,bout still I hope that I helped..
I really like some of them,,cant wait till they come out ^.^

More hotbuys

Hi Guys I found more hotbuys in real life how cool!!!

What do you think of them?

p.s-thankx for the comments in my guestbook guys in one day I got about a page of comments thankx

hi im lilysrich

Hi everyone,
im lilysrich ...but call me lily, im new here and I think someone else has already posted amazing suites this week so im just going to tell you abit about me. Do you think SD FANATIC needs a young writer (well im not much of a writer but anyway) I am under the age of 9 (im nearly nine my birthday is on the 4 of may) ive got a pretty rubish suite but i dont wanna be a superstar coz u have soooo many rooms and it must take forever to do up. You have probably guessed im not a very patient person.My best friend is called amy visit her suite amysrich666 she only just started a few days ago and shes not superstar so plz be nice to her.Thats all 4 now plz visit my suite. I would write alot more but i cant be bovered plz plz plz plz plzzz join my club and be active in it to.
p.s this was my first post.
p.s.s do u think that there should be like a new post thingy called non superrtar news, comment
if you do or you dont.
p.s.s.s (sorry about this) I will be hiding 6 eggs in my suite if you ind them send me a friend request or a message telling me were they all are the winner will get to be manager of my club forever and there might be 1 more little big suprise too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some spoilers & Ester eggs

Hi,this is my first post..
Well i found some spoilers...The green dress is so beautiful and it maybe could be a free viole dress- I wish ,,
..Do you like them?

Anyway just in case you did not see-there is non ss gift for 2 you can make a new acconut and send yourself Ester gift..,

That is all from me,

New LE

New LE is coming soon!!! I don't know when yet, but I have some pictures!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey guys I have found Hotbuys.....IN REAL LIFE what do you think!!!

p.s-sorry ginnycee if I am not meant to write stuff like this it is just that they are from starplaza!!!

xoxo, EmzyRulzy


Hey guys I found some new clothes and they look really cool except most are for Superstars anyways here are somepics and I put a pic of my fave dress



Hey girls!
Now this is my first post and I will write about new stuff in Starplaza! It is Street Dancer styled clothes mostly from fudge! Give me comments on what you think of the Street Dancer styled outfits



There's a free Queen's day tee for you, if you follow these instrucions.. I think it's only ment for users from Netherlands, but if you do the following, you get it anyway..:
1. Go to (it's a Nederlander proxy )
2. Type in the adress bar on the top of the page
3. Press Surf!
4. Log on to your stardoll account
5. On the top of the page, paste this link into the web address bar:
..and press Surf!
6. As soon as you get to the Koningdagen page (or in other words, the orange page), scroll down 'til you see the ''Doe Mee'' button.
7. Click it
8. Go back to your suite, and you got the t-shirt!

Thank you -Creame- who told me about this and thank you i_porime who gave us the instructions (in her club)

[My Page!]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Writers!!!!!

First of all, I am not leaving the blog. The post before was an unfortunate post written by the late writer, krissykrissygee. 

But I have chosen the new writers mainly on a first come first serve basis! This is a new thing, so we will see how it works out! If you have any complaints, please send me a stardoll mail, or write in my guestbook!

Note to Writers: Please only write about you topic, unless there is something free! The free stuff writer is supposed to write about whatever is free, but if they have not for some reason, any other writers are allowed to post it! Also: you MUST know how to take screenshots on your computer! If you do not, then google it. You MAY NOT take images from another stardoll blog. 

Note to Old Writers: If there is a certain topic you would like to do, please write in my guestbook on what you would like your topic to be!

New Writers

Make-Up Styles 

caseynb7 (posting: 1 a week)

New Free Stuff

EllyEvans (posting only when there's a new free item)

New Stuff in Starplaza

EmzyRulzy (posting whenever there is new stuff in the starplaza)

New Uses for Average Stuff

Steph_Roxxi (posting 1 a week)


antonija0 (posting whenever new spoilers are released)

Check Out That Suite!

lilysrich (choosing 1 totally awesome suite per week!)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Bye all Stardoll Fanatic fans!
I'm satisfying your hearts and souls with a leaving of this blog.
I know most people probably didnt like anything i did but i really tried...
But, oh well....I guess i didn't try hard enough...
I did not satisfy those hungry minds or your needs
Whatever you have thought badly of me, please leave that all behind in a box in a locked away room...I had some fans that appreciated me and wrote in my guestbook and i love those fans for that!!!! You ROCK! And those who left the beautiful comments that had words that made my day not disappoint my day........You can write whatever you want in the comments about's not like i care so much about what YOU think....I care about more important things such as my ever long lasting friendship with ginnycee that will last a lifetime and will be passed down to our children.....the fans i had that appreciated me and my other friends on the blog....
After all those (maybe or not) truthful comments you have written have told me to say bye(not like i actually believe them)... i will of course still keep my account here so i can write again!
Maybe one day ill come back and write here again....
But for now.... i guess this is bye
Now that i am finally in my double digit ages i will not be affected by these comments you have left!
If you want to say goodbye(maybe if you actually liked me)please write in comments i will read them of course!
This was quite fun and interesting for the short while i was here....
BTW-ginnycee told me to stay she didnt fire me shes a nice person she asked to please stay....I quit though!

New Writers!!!!

Okay, so a lot of you have been telling me there needs to be new writers , so please comment if you are interested with...

- Your Email (if you want you can make a new one like
- Your Stardoll name
- What you would be best at 

We will have a few new categories for...
- Spoilers
- New Stuff in Starplaza
- Free Stuff (you need to post it ASAP)
- New Additions to Stardoll

New writers have to be able to post every day, but should only post when theres something new on stardoll that has to do with their topic!


ps: even though there will be new writers, the old writers will still be there! 

Taylor Swift Look A Like Dress!

Have You seen the new hot buys dress! It looks like this Taylor Swift dress i found except it seems to be a little more poofy and has a sleeve. Also the dress on stardoll is blue while the one taylor Swift is wearing is dark blue. But similar style! In the comments section of "Any Suggestions" post jellykitty333 said we should do outfits like celbs! By the way--Thanks a ton jellykitty333! I am tryying my absolute best to please you and take comments and make them happen! Well, here is a taylor swift look a like dress! Post comments in the comments section please! I really tried to make my stardoll look like taylor swift in this one!

Hot Buys Dress-16sd


taylor swift photo from

Best Suite!!

ImAliceCullen has a great suite!!! It looks identical to what Alice Cullen's, from Twilight, life would take place!!!
In addition to being identical to Twilight, it is beautifully decorated, 
and ImAliceCullen's hard work shows with her amazing suite!!
Below are some pictures of it!

Styled Looks: Chic with a twist of sporty

When I saw some of your comments to ginnycee's question for your suggestions, I saw someone write they wanted things under categories, like chic, sporty, etc... I have created these looks for superstar and non-superstar.  Please rate them on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best!

Sunglasses-2-Pretty in Pink
23 Stardollars

Shirt-6-Heidi Klum by Jordache
29 Stardollars


Monday, April 6, 2009

Any Suggestions?

After sabrinia's post, many people did not like the idea of not leaving rude comments. You may freely express your opinion in any way you choose, but please be considerate of others. Since a lot of you think Stardoll Fanatic has lost its charm, please leave any suggestions on how you think we can make it better! Because the only reason it is really there is to help out stardoll users!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stop leaving rude comments

I've been looking at some of the comments you guys have written and they are really rude!!! Please just stop saying really negative things like 'your fashion sense is awful' because that it doesn't make us happy seeing that you hate these looks!!! It is really hard to come up with them, and we also try to appeal to different people with different fashion senses!!!
So please stop leaving rude comments!

Cute Sporty Outfit!!!

A Cute Sporty Outfit!
Cute and athletic at the same time!

Elle Teal Worn In tank-5sd
Elle Dark Distressed Denim Shorts-6sd
Fudge Leg Warmers-4sd
Hot Buys Boots-6sd
DKNY Oversized Black Bow Belt-6sd
Elle Deep Blue Carry All-6sd
DKNY Color Block Tassel Scarf-5sd
Total--38 stardollars

Stardoll U Neck Tank-4sd
Stardoll Denim Shorts-5sd
Fudge Checkered Leg Warmers-5sd
Fudge Sneakers-5sd
Pretty In Pink Bow Belt-3sd
Bisou Sport Bag-4sd
Stardoll Heidi Klum Scarf-3sd
Total--29 stardollars


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Styled Outfits: Day and Night

Day Outfits

Non-Superstar --
Earrings: 5$, Splendid
Cardigan: 5$, Stardoll
Shirt: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Jeans: 5$, Bisou
Bangles: 4$, Rio
Bag: 4$, Rio
Boots: 4$, Stardoll

Superstar --
Earrings: 6$, Splendid
Jacket: 12$, Elle
Shirt: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Jeans: 7$, Jordache
Bangles: 5$ and 3$, Elle
Bag: 6$, Decades
Boots: 6$, MKA

Night Outfits

Non-Superstar --
Shirt: 5$, Fudge
Dress: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Tights: 4$, Rio
Gloves: 2$, Voile
Bag: 4$, Stardoll
Necklace: 4$, Fudge
Shoes: 4$, Rio

Superstar --
Vest: 10$, Philosophy
Dress: 9$, Rio
Tights: 6$, Rio
Necklace: 5$, Elle
Gloves: 3$, Evil Panda
Bag: 7$, Elle
Shoes: 6$, Elle


Chic Casual Day Out

Non Superstar--  
Stardoll Jeans Jacket-4sd
Pretty in Pink Nightgown-5sd  
Bisou Stretch Jeans-5sd
Rio Silver Shoes-5sd
Rio Handbag-5sd
Viole Shania Hat-4sd
Total--28 stardollars
Hot Buys Jacket-8sd
Elle Cherry Flutter Hem Dress-12sd
Elle Classic Skinny Jeans-7sd
Decades Coco Pumps-6sd
Rio Bag-4sd
Decades Coco Hat-6sd

Here are outfits for non superstar and superstar! 
Hope you like them!
They look similar!