Monday, August 31, 2009


recently someone anonymously commented to me about something they've noticed and I'd like to get you guy's opinions on it. Doesn't the sparking dress in fallen angel look very similar to a dress Taylor Swift has wore? Comment your opinion :)!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

new sponsered club!

Hey guys there's a new sponsered club called wizards on deck with hannah montana; you get gifts when you join and right now coins and a t-shirt, you can also get a poster and bag once they reach 40,000 and then 50,000 members. For those outside of the U.S. go to and type this in the url bar- It's also advertised on the homepage of stardoll and shown as a sponser club on the club homepage. Enjoy :)
You can now get all of the things shown, the coins, t-shirt, poster and bag :)


just to tell you that the fourth prize of the OMGlilac PSP is out!

For those who have forgotten to do it :

(Non-USA citizens)

1. go to

2. type in the URL bar

3. Sign in

4. wait a bit then sign out and sign in again in the officail stardoll site.






Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Avril lavigne clothes out!

There are new avril lavigne clothes out on stardoll!


It's weird because they are supposed to come out in another two weeks!

They are not in the shop yet but if you click on this link:

you will have all the collection in your dressing room!

Happy shopping!
(thanks to gustavfan and littlemiss*10)

And since im writing, just to let you know that there is a new front page for stardoll showing all the latest clothes/furniture and the people signing in :)

(thanks to misschloe784 for reminding me )


Monday, August 24, 2009


Just to tell you that there is a SALE on for all ss on stardoll (:

Although there is not yet a presentation thing to show all the things on sale, if you click on the stores it will show the reductions(:

(thank you to Alsa150889 for telling me about it)

P.s if you have time try to visit Bya94's album. It's a teen mag and it has Dkny, quizez, celeb info and more!

Bye bye for now(:

D Magazine

Hiya, Recently, well ages ago, i told you i was making igoramagazine? wel, First thing isi changed the name too D magzine. Secondly the magazine is in my album as it taeks aot oftieto produce one on your OWN computer programs. I have been doing it for ages now and some o you have had a sneek peek at it in progress. Well i wuld like to say i have now officially Finished it. Yes,
as again, just follow this link and you can seeit!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank You!

Allready i have had loads of comments and ratings. Here i am just gunna say thanks to all of you people- They could be more, dont forget i can edit my posts!

*Toffy* - Check out her sceneries and album!
-MileyCyrus_- Great Album, Check it out.
Born_Rocker101- Amazing Sceneries, Check them out!

And they could be more so keep Commenting- Please!



Hi All, I spent alot of time on my scenry 'Bathtub Beauty, Hang on whos he on the stairs' and i need alot of comments and ratings please. So im talking too you guys, please could you follow the link and comment so i know that you have visited and appreciate my writing on this blog. If you have any sceneries or albums to rate or comment just tel me in my gb, and i will occasionally, not all the time, Post one that i think is really good and deserves some appreciation.

Too see My scenery Follow this link:

After that, If you have a great scenerie or album, go too my GB

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Limited Edition Girls Bags

H, just wandering around stardoll and found th new limited edition bags, no there not LE , There Just Limited edition. They are for ss and cost 25- up too 50. Its very Pricey but the bags look great!

Peace, Love, Lightuppen


Friday, August 21, 2009

PSP surfboard

hey guys, the psp surfboard is out! Just thought I'd tell u.. Get it the same way as the other things :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just noticed..

Hey Guys I was on stardoll and was looking around in my suite when I noticed that they now have a sign for the "suite shop"; otherwise known as the minishop. :) Just thought I'd let u guys no that they changed the name and added a sign. I'm not sure if it's like this in every country but it probably is. :)



Already the new september hotbuys have been displayed.x They look really cute and the dress is adorable. This time, i mean, they are 11 Hbs. There real cute.


What do you think? Do you like them?

PS: Sorry but the pics dont work, just follow the link..xx

100 pages in superstar album!

Hey! There are now 100 pages in the superstar album. There was 30, i think but now its seems soo have gone up. Sorry if ur non-ss because were still stuck with 10 pages. Uh oh.!

Peace, love, lightuppen

PS: tahnks too 9002Miss2009!


Aargh! Im in the finals! of beat the designer comp! I have 2 go 2 london...... OMG.
Im so happy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moxie Girls!

Hey everyone, I was looking around and on the 2nd thing on the stardoll homepage there was an advertisement for this new thing, called Moxie Girls. They made a shop for these clothes in the starplaza and everything is for non superstar! They also gave you a free poster with a link to the store. :) Enjoy!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Sending my love(:

hello everyone,
I'm currenty on vacation. Im in lovely, cosy, magnificent yorkshire (U.K). It's so beautiful, i don't want to go home ;]
I just wanted to say sorry i haven't been posting, and also i've seen many rude comments to us writers and they are Anonymous (surprise, surprise). Don't say anything rude! It's disrispectful, immature and when you choose to send the comment "anonymous" it shows your cowardice and that you are still a child and need to grow up. If you don't like the blog and think we are "liars" then DON'T READ THE BLOG!
I personally think all the writers here have very good tips and i'm glad to be working with them (:
For anyone who cares, i'm sending my love (:
stardoll: Pinkrocker001


Logged onto stardoll and saw sumet- A new stardoll play and earn game! But beware only for the einsteins, its the maths challenge game. Its real cool and its easy 2 get stardollars. Thanks too Alayna-S for this one!

Love, Peace, Lightuppen

Chinese Stardoll.

Hey!, Not superstar yet? Dont think ur eve gunna be ss? Well, visit, Its chinese but you get 2 b superstar straight away, wich is cool. But the only thing is, its in chinese .
Just use Babel Fish to translate it. Its quite cool but i like better. Please be awar tatis doesnt load for everyone, as it is very slow. Ok, Thanks

Love, Peace, Lightuppen

Get the Prom Look.x

Hiya , if you are the ultimate girl and love glamming iup, then i have a puuurfect hairstyle for ss and non ss. follow the pics.

Change your hairstyle 2 this and hit save

Go to the starplaza and then starsparkles and go on splendid

On page 4 on headwear thre are the plaits, buy 2 of them.

stack them up on the top of your head, like this.

Then you will have your prom hair........ BUT

Follow these steps if your superstar

Go too voile

On the 1st page will be a tiara, click on that and put it in your hair

there you will have a totally cute accsesorie.

Follow these stepsif your non-ss

stay at splendid

on page 6 will be a tiara

click on taht and put in your hair.

There you will have a gorgeous accsesorie aswell.

NOTE: if you havent got enough money for 2 plaits, get one with play and earn one day and wait till the next to get the other. Also, save up buying accsesories if you allreay have cute ones what will go with the look.
Love, Happiness, Lightuppen

Philosophy Top- Real life.

Hiya guys, after much confusion about the new kohls clothes, they are in Mudd and i made a mistake. I hope you can forgive me for this and everyone makes mistakes! Also, while im posting a new post, id just like too take this oppurtunity too show you this. - Blair from the gossip girls tv show has got the same draped tank top as one of our followers of this blog. The top is from philosophy and is 14sd- only for superstars im afraid! Thanks too .Miss Blair. for this one.

Love, Peace, Lightuppen


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Second new omg psp thing

Hey guys! :) Remember when I posted about the free lilac PSP and the free lavender guitar? Well on the promo page that you go to to get it, it says check back often for new free virtual gifts and lists the five things you can get, the first being the guitar. Well it's time to get the second one, the free shirt. You can get it the same way you got the guitar, go back to the same page or if you used a proxy website, do the same thing you did before. :) Enjoy!

New stuff in Kohls....

Heya, there are some new stuff in the kohls store allready! I think you should have a look because there are new stuff in ALL of the sections. . Take a look and tell me what you think Oh yeah, just to say i am looking for people too share there tips with me and they will get mentioned onn the site. Just write your tips, or tricks in my guestbook or for some reason thats not possible , email me at Thanks.

Peace Love Lightuppen


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hello again,
I just wanted to say that i'm going on vacation from the 16th of August to the 23rd of August and i won't be able to write as much on the blog as i normally do. I'll try to go on Stardoll everyday but i won't be spending as much time online. If you have any glitches or updates don't hesitate to send them to me by doll mail or tell me in my gb and i'll try to post them on the blog asap.
Bye bye for now(:

Friday, August 14, 2009

There's always a look for less...and for non-ss (:

Hello again(:
MissChloe784 told me how much two pairs of shoes were alike so i decided to make some superstar and non-superstar styled outfits.
Take a look;


Top: [6] Bisou
Trousers: [6] Rio
Shoes: [9] Elle
Bag: [6] Bisou

Total cost= 27coins.


Top: [5] Bisou
Trousers: [5] Bisou
Shoes: [4] Voile
Bag: [5] Folk

Total cost: 19coins.

This prooves that there is always a look for less... Superstar or not;]


Also while i'm writing laurenpumpkins also brought me aware of another glitch on stardoll.
Take a look:

I did not know Paulina's celeb store was named after the famous group PCD...







Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live chat with Aly(:

Hey everyone(;
On the 12th August at 1pm (PST) as you all probably know, there was the live chat with Aly Michalka!

I took part in the chat and i loved reading all the questions and answers!

I sent many questions but non of them were answerd:( haha

I thought it was a bit unfair since Aly answered 3 questions from the same person:

Apart from this guy there was anothere girl which Aly answered 3 questions of hers too :(

I think it was a bit unfair but oh well ...

Did any of you take part in the chat?(:



School Teacher Clothes!

hahhahaa. For all those budding stardoll schoolteachers, there ae some clothes for you aswell as schoolgirl clothes! Omg. What is stardol doing? We have had enough of school for a YEAR and were suppose 2 be on summer vacation! Next it will be dinnerladies.........


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free bag/purse! :)

Hey guys! ;) Today I was looking around on stardoll and I foud an ad for the movie Post Grad, If you click on it, it takes you to the trailer in the stardoll cinema. After you watch it ( you must watch the whole thing ) you get a free bag that says post grad :) Btw- Sorrry but Im pretty sure this is only for US members and right now Im not sure how you can get it if you don't live in the US :( If you can't find the ad on the side or the trailer in the cinema, this is the exact address: Enjoy :)!

New design dress!

Heyaa (:

First of all i would like to thank all the people for all their ideas for my new club. I'm still quite indesicive especially since i am going on holiday soon and i've got sooo many things going on right now.

Anyway any new suggestions are welcomed so pleaaase don't hesitate to tell me in my gb for new club ideas. So far i'm thinking either a roleplay club, a free cheats club or my original idea a model club which later will be followed by a magazine.

Sooo what's new on Stardoll?
I was looking around and i found a new design dress!
It's soooo cute!
And best of all its for non-SS and its only 5coins!
So get designing!





Monday, August 10, 2009

I need ideas...


I need some help with something, I was thinking about making a new club but i don't know what to do it about :/

Have any of you got any ideas? I was thinking a model club hmmm...

Please i need your help!

Oh and while i'm writing look at what LaurenPumpkins told me to check out:

Isn't that weird?
Alyson Michalka (Rc) has a blazer in her waredrobe from Avril Lavignes's clothing line, but there was never like it in Abbey Dawn or in the Avril Lavigne fan store. Weird...

Give me suggetions please for my new club



aka. MollieSunshine

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Harumika

Hey y'all :D

There is a free new HARUMIKA!! But only you can only get it today!!

To get it all you have to fo is:

If you're from US, you don't need a proxy.

If you're from another country:

1. Go to

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar

3. Log in.

4. Click on 'Pick of the day' (this is the Harumika) and when it takes you to your suite, close the window and log into your normal stardoll account.
So refrain from leaving rude comments.
Enjoy:D And quick!!

Thanks Guys!

HiyaGuys. Jst writing this post too say a genuine thanks to all your support you have given me. I have loads of friends and very nice messages. I can even say one of the days the month, i was second in the covergirl vote. My dream is too be covergirl and coming second was brilliant! But i really wanna be first so please can you vote for me. Thanks everyone and the wonderful writers here aswell. Thanks


Thursday, August 6, 2009

OMG lilac PSP

Hey guys, its me srudick :) In honor of the new lilac PSP is supporting, stardoll is giving everyone free lilac PSP's with links to the promo page, just like the invite to the princess protection program and the dolls to bandslam, you cannot change the size :( You get this automatically but when you go to the promo page you also get a free lilac guitar from stardoll and check back often to get the other free gifts as it says on the website. Enjoy! :)
Update: I am from the US and didnt realize its only for US ppl, for NON United States people:
To get the psp:
1. go to
2. type in in the search box and click search
3. log into
4. go to your suite :)
to get the guitar:
1. go to
2. type in in the search box and click search
3. log into stardoll
4. watch the video
5. log into normal and u have it :)

Hit me baby one more time?

Apperentaly summer vacation is out.

The "New" Styled outfits are out and the theme is: BACK TO SCHOOL!

This is so weird im sure i'm not the only person that doesn't start school again for about another month. Actually I start school in mid October! (I don't know what you call it in the U.S or the U.K but where i'm from we call it Sixth Form [aprox 16-18 year olds] )

Anywayy apart from the fact it's ages since we start school again, this BACK TO SCHOOL theme is getting really old. It's always the same type of clothes year after year, plait skirts, ties, blouses, plaits, socks, tights UGHHHH!! I need change!

And here they are:

Do YOU like the "new" theme? Or is this another "Hit me baby one more time"?


(aka. MollieSunshine)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hey guys, so sorry I havent written anything in a while but with all the other new writters there isnt much they arent saying.. though im not quitting like LOlit4 im not going to be writting as much as the other writters :) I still love stardoll and this blog <3 I just wanted to point out the new clothes in the stardoll shop. They are called schoolgirl and look like clothes for a private school, they arent very pretty and idk about you guys but I still have over a month of summer left so why rush? lol :) Sorry I couldnt get a picture it wasnt working..


Sonny with a chance.

Ok there's a new sponsered club. It's called Sonny with a Chance.
If you join this club you get a free purple shirt with a black vest.

All you have to do is:

1. Use this proxy:http://surfaanonymt se/

3. Log in and then you'll be taken to the club.

4. Click on the thing that says nvite 5 friends. It will be in Scandanvian but you'll see a bar with your friends name on it.

5. Invite 5 frends and when they join you'll get a purple shirt with a black vest.

Note: This will not work for everyone, it did not work for me or Helgahufflepuff (the girl that told me this cheat) but it's worth a try.


(aka. MollieSunshine)

Its in Process!

The magazine front cover has been completed and we are now half way through the mere 13 pages of the magazine, ! Ive completed 7 pages so far. We are hoping too release the magazine by next monday but it could b earlier! Im sorry too hear the loss of our fellow writer lolit4, she was a huge contributor. Ok, so im just telling you its not i-dressup dolls like statement magazineits REAL medolls and there are a few graphics in there aswell. ok its a mix.
I hope you like it!


Peace, Love, Lightuppen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Virtual dress!

First of all i am deeply sadened by the loss of our fellow writer. I bid goodbye to L0lit4 who was a big contributor to this blog. I hope you live a happy life(:

Secondly we have found yet another real dress which has been virualy uploaded onto Stardoll:

So pretty(:

* Thank you to born_rocker101 who told me about it*
(aka. MollieSunshine)