Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

A happy Halloween from LCV and helloimbobhi(a friend of mine)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ultimate Fairy/Princess Halloween makeover!

This is how to make the Ultimate Fairy/Princess Halloween for your doll!

1: Use Dee Orchid Eyeliner for the eyes, all over, make sure it IS winging out
2: Use the white collection eye pencil in the inner corner of the eye
3: Use pink mist eye pencil on the top lid
4: Use the black lengthining mascara all over, and the white thickening mascara all over
5: Use the pink mist shade stick going up just on the outer corner of the eye
6: Use Fusion Coral blush just on the side of the cheeks
7: Use the Soft Skin lipstick all over lips
8: Use the hair colour platinum mist
Altogether the makeup is 48 stardollars.

Above is the picture of the medoll with accessories and an outfit.

Hope you like it. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Bye for now Stardolls,

Ultimate Black Halloween makeover!

This is how you can get an ulti
mate all black Halloween makeover from the Starplaza!
1: Apply Black Fluid Liner all around eyes
2: Darken eyebrows with Black eyebrow Definer
3: Use Black Eye Kohl on the top lid
4: Use Volumizing Mascara, and Lengthening Mascara all around eyes
5: Use Plum Purple Blush on the side of each cheek, two strokes per side, give you face that ashen look
6: Use black lip Pen all around lips
7: Use Midnight Black Lipstick (from LUXE) to make you lips sparkle
8: Use Midnight Black Eye Dust (from LUXE) at the star of your eyes heading up (as shown in close up picture)
9 (optional): Use the black hair dye from Doree (best to use the one you get in the Beauty Parlour for free)
10: Use Highlighter Dark Violet on the black hair to give it the purple effect
All of that makeup costs 79 stardollars.The picture below is the picture of the medoll with an outfit I created. feel free to create your own outfit though!

Bye for now Stardolls,

Halloween Makeup: Princess

1.Fusion Coral Eyeshadow all over
2.Black fluid eyeliner (not winging out)
3.Henna volumizing and lengthening mascara
4.Pink Mist Eye pencil
5.Coconut Shell Blush
6.Bubblegum Lipstick
In total, all of this is 37$ total.

Now... for accessories

1.Golden Flowers headband
2.Flower with pearls
1.Elegant Glasses
Glam r us
1.Heart Earrings
2.Diamond Necklace

In total, it is 63$$$ enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Marc Jacobs dress! and Disney interior :)

Stardoll is getting generous! This Marc Jacobs dress first was free only for superstars but now , its free for non-superstars also :)

Here's how to get it -
Go to then , type on the URL box.
Log-in to stardoll :) Now change the URL to this-
Click on Gizlibak! Log-out and log-into normal stardoll and you'll have it!!! 
Take a look -

Now , to get the Disney interior in your dressing room click here.
And buy it , its for Zero stardollars :) Take a look -
see ya!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poll: Miss Stardoll World

Take the poll.
first 15 people to take it will get a gift!!! (how to enter: leave in comments your username when u vote u can only vote once batteries not included :p)

Free hat! :)

Hello :)

there's a free Fallen Angel Fashion frenzy Hat!! :)
So here's how to get it ;
Copy and paste this in the URL box :
Press Enter!
Log-in to stardoll!
Now change the link to :
Log out and log-into normal stardoll :) You'll have it!
Here's how it looks like -

Nice , isn't it?
So , hope you get it ..!

see ya!


Monday, October 25, 2010

heyy guys,
this post is just to say that i have extended the competion entrys for another week


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Any of you miss me?

Course you didn't, betcha didn't even know i was gone. I was way too busy with starting high school this year to check on the blog, i checked every week though. Just never posted! I shall be back to post again! Yay!

Its going great, and ive just bought all of the hello kitty clothes because there adorable.. ;')

So i couldn't find anything new exept the S-A-D new couple of chapters from Mortal Kiss, yes i read it - because sometimes, no-ones online and im bored. Its actually rather good but i was amazed to see a swear word appear in one of the latest chapters...Im not to bothered but to think 7 year olds play on this site... :|

Not right? Is it? It was so sad in Mortal Kiss, i cried.

Yep, im back - the chatty Becky that you all didn't miss ;']

So yeah, Becky. x

It is not Mystery for the last word!

 See!!! its a C!!! now i don't know what its going to be
im sick :/

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Madi309 is Back!!!

Sorry guys about not posting for weeks......Just with school and everything it is VERY hard
But im back with THINGS!!! But no pictures but i will post some later...
First,New Sunny Bunny Floor! It's kind of a Tokyo/Halloween theme with piercings and hair pieces :D ITS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE
Second,There is a new furniture store called Tribute of Louis Borgeois Its kind of Halloween themed....
Third,Stardoll added another new floor to Mortal Kiss.....My bad actually 2 new floors
The stuff is pretty cute!
Fourth,And i know the other writers have said this but,the blue diamond does mean that you are a part of Stardoll Royalty.How do you get in?Well you are get in immediatly when you have been a superstar for more than 1 yr.
Fifth,Have you noticed that JCPenny Teen has left us?I just realized earlier :D
Sixth,I have found one way to find Otto stuff without the link.Sometimes when you search for items you will find them so look carefully!!!
And last but not least I might make a contest soon so just wait.......

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Opera Mystery

So.. today's opera mystery gift was rather nice .. Its an animated skull which actually GLOWS! cool? isn't it? :)
Take a look-
And now , if you see the message its quite clear that it was "the opera mystery" -
[Those black bold letters have been filled by me ;) ]
Now , that's all .. and there's a poll that do you want me to do another competition or not ? First to tell you, that the prize would always be the same - that is being the ( blog ) covergirl :)
see ya!


Here it is -

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Crafting Mama !!!!!!!!! :)

So , here's a free Crafting Mama for sweet friends like you ;)
Go to and simply write on the box ..
Log-in to stardoll , and then into normal stardoll... You'll have it.. :) Take a look -
Take a look - 

Cute :) 
Hope you get it! 
P.S - If you are from the U.S , you needn't do these steps .. you'll get this gift as soon as you log-in! :)

see ya!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Nan died. Won't be on for a while.
Ellie :S

Sale at PPQ Mayfair - half price

Heyy! OK, just saying that there is a %50 off at PPQ of Mayfair, everything from the second level and 3 and 4th. The first level it's just the shoes.

Bye for now,