Friday, July 31, 2009

A NEW free Bandslam guitar!

Ther's a new Bandslam guitar out! All you need to do to get it is:

1. Go to

2. Paste in the browser and push enter

3. Log into your account

4. Voila! You've got a new guitar ;)

I recently made a new club, that I was hoping you guys would join.. It's very hard getting new members at first, so I hoped it was ok if I asked some people here to join. The name of the club is TheUpdaters and is registrated as a club about celebs. It will be posted stardoll updates and stuff there and you get a reward for telling others about free stuff by posting it in the club :) Hope you would join :)


WHAT?? ^o)

I was recently told by angini.chub to go to starplaza and search for grey skirts and guess what, there are two identical skirts there (ok, not quite, but there's only a little shadow under one of them.)One of them is for ss and cost 6$ and the other one is for non-ss for 5$.. what's up with that? ^o)

Just wanted you to know.

Harumika: Style your Imagination♥

Do ya remember Harumika? ^.^

Awesome news: You can still get it.! ^_*

1] Go to

2] Write and go to Page 2 or Page 4 of Startpage!

3] Click this icon: 

4] The video maybe won't show up, but ya get the "Harumika" anyway!

5] Voila! ;3 (This doesn't work for everyone :[ )

No Needle? No Thread? No Problem: Bandai America Launches Harumika, Inspiring Girls to Style Their Imaginations & Conquer the Catwalk 

Aspiring fashion designers can achieve “Runway Ready” status, with Harumika – the new dress-form fashion doll from Bandai America Inc. Already a huge phenomenon in Japan, Harumika lets girls “style their imagination” and easily design attire with colorful fabrics and fashion accessories – all with no sewing required.

How to make a "Harumika":

• Pick a fabric, wrap it around the dress form and secure it in the Style Lock System on the back!
• It's Easy!
• Use the stylus tool to lock fabric into place.
• Add fashion flare to your outfit with stickers and rhinestones.
• The possibilities are endless with Harumika!

Last And Coolest News: Harumika Designer Wanted!!!

For More Information:



Sorry i havent been posting anything i have been ill and ive been visiting loads of fun attractions. Just Reffering back 2 the other post about KHOLS and its now officially in the starplaza! Woo. I loved khols before........- Oh yeah, Ive put some outfits 2gether. I hope you like em.

Love, Happiness, Lightuppen

OutFit No.1- This is for more Punk Girls

Coat-7- Mudd

Tube Top-3-Basics

Tartan Skirt-6- Abbey Dawn

Shoes-6- Mudd

Total- 22

Outfit No2- This look is more girly


Halter Top-Candies-5

Flared Jeans- Abbey dawn-7

Total: 17
Outfit No.3, More Tomboy/Adventurous
Peace Top-5
All from Mudd.
Total: 23
Note: If you cant afford all garments in one day, then every day play and earn and you will probably have all garments in 1 week,xxxx

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sonny's Chance Club?!?

I think there is a new club coming, and it's called SonnysChance! The shirt on the left I think will be given for free when you join the club or something. The poster is in Swedish and says something along the lines of Invite 5 Friends.... (and you will get something I guess, maybe the shirt??). Also, I was looking for said club, and found a club called SonnysChance from Sweden, named clubcreator. This member is no ordinary member. Although they own the club SonnysChance (which is a private club) they don't have the starpoints you would need to start a club (200 I think and they have 68). I hope the club will come soon and you will all get the shirt!


Non-Superstar Outfits!!!!

Here are some non-superstar outfits! Enjoy!

Styled Outfit 1 -- Bright Colors, Bold Style

Top -- Fudge, 5sd

Skirt -- Basics, 4sd

Tights -- Stardoll, 3sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Gloves -- Evil Panda, 3sd

Styled Outfit 2 -- Business With a Twist

Top -- Folk, 4sd and Basics, 3sd

Skirt -- Stardoll, 5sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Styled Outfit 3 -- Fun and Flirty

Top -- Stardoll, 6sd

Skirt -- Pretty in Pink, 5sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Bag -- Stardoll, 4sd

Styled Outfit 4 -- Pencil Perfection

Sweater -- Stardoll, 5sd

Top -- Decades, 5sd

Belt -- Stardoll, 3sd

Skirt -- Stardoll, 7sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 5sd

Styled Outfit 5 -- Weekend Afternoon

Top -- Rio, 5sd and Rio, 5sd

Shorts -- Basics, 4sd

Shoes -- Basics, 2sd

Necklace -- Stardoll, 1sd


Kohls is BACK!

Hey again(:
Just to let you know that Kohls is BACK:D
There are soooo many nice stuf and im gonna buy everything:D
So ladies get ready, set, SHOP!

There is no Kohls store yet in Starplaza, I only found them in the *what is popular* tab.
And i've also got a feeling that they will become only for ss soon, so get them while you can!
I know i will:P


aka. MollieSunshine


For more info, my gb is open for all (:

OMG! Free HB shoes! <3


I'm sorry I haven't written anything for a while, since I've been working on my new club and the writers on trial have written and written and written, so there was bearly nothing to write left.. Not anymore! Thanks to ***angelgal*** I'm now aware that there is a FREE PAIR OF HOT BUYS SHOES!! :) You find them on page one in Rio.. But they are only for superstars, so I guess only ss can enhoy this first free pair of hot buys shoes..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stardoll goes to Hogwarts♥

Stardoll Fanatics/Harry Potter fanatics read this...

Now on *Stardoll*:

-Navy Wizard Robe (Tingeling)

-Moroon Wizard Robe (Tingeling)

-Harry Shirt (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sports Shorts (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sports Shirt (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sweater (Fudge Boys)


I think it is great that Stardoll thought the "Harry Potter Fan Club" All Over The World and made Harry Poter clothes, but I hope that Minishop is gonna have Stardoll furniture and toys, too.!


Note: I ♥ Harry Potter.! What do ya think.?

I come bearing Spoilers:D



So first of all I would like to thank all the people that were really kind and understood what I was trying to express in my last blog about the whole necklace situation and sent me really lovely friend requests. I don't have time to thank all of you in your gb I'm sorry, I've just got so many things going on right now.


Here are the latest SPOILERS:

I'm keen on the green scarf, Black and White polka-dotted dress and a few tops but they will probably be for superstars anyway :/

Oh well...

Do YOU like them?:)




Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[S]trange [S]tardoll Administrators.

Hello again(:
Well, look what i recieved:

Yes, FIVE Stardoll Newsletters which are completely EMPTY. Thats weird for the Stardoll Administrators... hmmm...

I don't know if you heard but some gang of members hacked Stardoll but i'm not sure... Maybe this has something to do with it...

Also, remember a couple of days a go i wrote about a cheat to get this necklace:

Well many people did the steps to get this necklace and nothing came. I personally made a mistake of not checking if the cheat was valid or not but a stardoll user [will not be mentioned] told me it worked for her and i should put it on. So I did. I was deeply humiliated when tonnes of users told me it did not work for them and i couldn't believe it so i tried the cheat out for myself. Unfotunately all of you were right, it did not work and i apologized to every single person that sent me a gb/blog/doll mail comment.


Today like always i went on Stardoll and Look what i found in my suit:

The necklace!

And i went to a couple of people's suit that said that the cheat did not work for them and even they had it! So enjoy your brand new necklace:D ( to those people that bothered o follow the steps for the cheat because i doubt that it still works)

The only down side is that it stayes that size and it doesn't Resize or Rotate:/
Anywhoo it's still really pretty(:

Maybe this delay also had something to do with Stardoll's Administrations:/

I don't know:(

Anyway feel free to leave any comments and my gb is always open(:


aka. MollieSunshine


Monday, July 27, 2009

Beachwear Contest Winners!!!

1st Place -- Writer for a Week!


Her design was very simple, but the colors worked well together and it was altogether a great piece of beachwear!!!

To visit her suite go to

There were also some other great designs...

2nd Place -- Advertisement in the sidebar for a week (write in my guestbook to collect your prize!)

Her design was something you don't see everyday, but it was very creative!

3rd Place -- Choose the pick of the week from your own closet!


Her design was really cute and pretty!

Tomorrow there will be another contest!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

DIY Contest Winner!!

I'm sorry I am posting this so late, but the winner of the DIY contest is ...


Her ideas were really creative and fun!!! If you would like to check out her suite, go to

Stayed tuned for the next contest!!


FREE letterman jacket -update


Hello again,
Okay, now i'm posting this cheat; I KNOW it's old and it's been posted before but i have notice that many followers of this blog are new members/users on Stardoll so i'm going to post it again for them so that they get a hold of this lovely jacket too. Plus I know that many users couldn't get this jacket before (like me) because they were not from the U.S.
Any way this is how the jacket looks like:

And to get it all you have to do is:

For U.S citizens:

1. put this link in the URL bar:

2. Type in the password which is Brightstar

For non-U.S citizens:

1. Go to your account (its on your right under the display picture of your Medoll)

2. Click on your account settings and change your country to United States (don't forget to save it!)

3. put this link in your URL bar:

4. Type in the password which is Brightstar


And I did some research and found the Actual jacket which Stardoll replicated:

Not so pretty in real life? Do you agree? :P

Anyway i hope i helped!:)

aka. MollieSunshine


Weekly Make-Over ♥

Every Week I Am Going To Give A Free Make-Up Without Password!


1] Write Here Your Username! 

2] I'll choose on the bases of order of prioty!

3] Wait for your make-over!

4] Voila! See your every week face on this blog! ;3


Note: Soz for not writing much lately, but my parents let me surfing on the internet half hour every two days... :[

Thank You For All Your Requests And Your Amazing Messages, I'll Try To Answer Them ALL!

Inspired Decoration ♥

-Do You Want To Buy An Interior But You Do Not Have Money?

-Do You Want To Buy An Interior But You Are Not Superstar?

-OR You Just Want Something Unique Made By Your Own Hands?

♥Ya Should Try To Make Something By Yourself Like I Did♥

1] Paint A Room Of Your House With A Funky Color, Because The Decoration Will Be Funky Too!

2] Gather All The Posters And Frames You Have In This Room!

3] Put The Posters And The Frames Side By Side!

4] If There Are Big Gaps Try To Make The Posters And The Frames Bigger And Buy New Ones!

If There Are Small Gaps You Do Not Have To Fill Them Because The Color Must Be Visible!


Note: It Is A Great Idea To Have Your Designs In This Room And To Put There Unique Furniture Like The Free Biblio Chaise and Biblio Puff!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fanatic of the Week!!!

Here's a new segment I would like to call.... Fanatic of the Week!!! It is a new and improved version of the Spotlight.

This week's fanatic is emkat1997!!!

Her favorite thing about stardoll is being able to talk to people from all around the world!!

Check out her suite and nominate people for next weeks Fanatic of the Week!


Free car!

Hey Guys! ;) I know some of you already have this car, many people got it a few months ago but I never did. I recently just tried the link and it still works in case any of you didn’t get it either, Just go to and log into ur account if you aren’t already logged in, then u will have it in ur suite. Enjoy!



Remember that glitch? well, SOMEONE told stardoll and it has been changed bck too 5 stardollars and NOW they ar jeans. BUT i have stil got my coat and i had my money taken off me.! Cos i bought it 4 free and now thy ahve taken my money! How dare they! oh well. at least
i have a nice marykate coat too enjoy!Oh yeah. Im sorry too all those people who dint get it for free! Oh wel, at least were all even now! :( ..........................


WOW. MK coat Glitch.

Hiya. Here is a glitch i found that you can get an mk coat. its suppose too be jeans! Just follow the pics.

Make sure you save these settings as it wont work!

and then "buy"
NOTE: If you change your body back too skinny legs then your coat will change too trousers!


Hiya. Ive had loads of entries so far and i loved all of them but unfortuneatley, i could only choose 1. So here is the winner

1st place-Peainthepod

Well done peainthepod, but her are some others i liked!

by emkat1997

By ZaharaLoveWFC

Well done everyone, it was soooo hard too choose!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Design Competition!!!

Here's a contest for superstars and non-superstars!!! I have chosen the winner of the DIY contest but she forgot to put her stardoll name in the email so we might have to wait a few days for that. In the meantime, SDF is holding a bikini contest!!! Make the cutest bikini, and buy it, and then send an email to with a picture of your doll in her new beachwear!!! Good luck to all! The contest ends on Sunday!!! The prizes are as follows...

1st Prize -- Trial Writer and you get to be the weekly fanatic!!
2nd Prize -- Advertisement in the sidebar
3rd Prize -- You get to pick out the Pick of the Month!!!


Sale in the Starplaza!!!

As many superstars may have noticed, there's a sale in the starplaza!!! A ton of stuff is 50% off, including the 2nd elle collection!!!

Unfortunately, the sale is only for superstars. I remember the days when the sales were for superstars, and non-superstars. Oh, I miss those days. Anyways, if you're a superstar, check it out!


Hello again(:
Emma here!
That is the new "pick of the day" and you guessed it, its' FREE!
note: (this id for US and UK members only)

If not a US or UK member follow these steps to get this necklace:
1) Go to
2) type in in the URL bar
3) Log in too your account
4) click on the pick of the day, (the word if you cant see the necklace)
5) let it redirect you too your suite.
6) log out
7) log back in normal stardoll and you should have the necklace.
aka. MollieSunshine
(for more questions contact me in my gb)


Hey everyone! Wow, there have been so many new free things lately, just letting you know, right now there is a new free pick of the day from aliens in the attic on the front page, it is a necklace :) Enjoy! '


Hello again(:

There is a new sponsered club called "Ashley Tisdale", if you join that club (found on your main page wen you click the clubs tab) and answer some questions then you have a chance to win some of Ashley Tisdale's clothes that she wears in her new movie.

This works only for U.S.A citizens, but never fear if you follow these steps, non-U.S.A citizens are in the chance to win these clothes too.

go to:
type in the URL bar
sign in to your stardoll account
click on the clubs tab
click on the Ashley Tisdale club (under the sponsored clubs)
join and answer the poll

Good luck!

aka. MollieSunshine

P.s. sorry for no pictures, it's just my computer is running really slow):

Spreading some sunshine...

I am the new trial-writer for Stardoll Fanatic:D
My Stardoll username is Pinkrocker001, visit me when you can(:
Im still new to this blogging thing even though im 15 nearly 16:O
Anyway im going to go searching on stardoll for any new updated to share with you...
Bye for now(:
Aka MollieSunshine

To Superstars:

Hey guys! I was looking around on clubs and I found these links for free dresses, im not sure if this actually works or not considering I am not a superstar and have never been one but you can try them out.

These links only work if you are superstar but they also work if u have been one in the past! If u already have 1 of these then it doesn’t work,note: Only ONE will deliver so take your pick carefully

Orange Crush: (Orange)

October Night: (Green)

Rose Antique: (Pink)


Just too let you know........

Hiya. Since yesterday, i have had loads of entries for the comp. Probably More than i expected. But can i ask you, if you are going too enter the competition, Please make sure you send in your entries by Saturday, 8am. Probably Tonight at 11pm will be the closing time so get sending in your entries. I have had lots of unique outfits so far and i love them! Also......
Like some of the other girls on this blog, I have only just started out writing on this blog and its a whole new experience writing on a blog that is so popular with you guys. Recently, a few of you have been very kind towards me but some of you are saying things that make me insecure and uncomfortable. Nit-Picking is what irritates me the most, saying things like "your clothes look disgusting" or "your hair is horrible". Jst natty little things like that. I may sound real grumpy but im normally a very happy person. Im sure EllyEvans, Ginnycee and Kakemonster who have been writing on here for ages, Also get this too. So can i please ask that can you keep your opinions of me and the other girls too yourself? If thats ok....

Thanks Alot Guys


WOW. Stardoll are giving away loads of free pick of the day stuff aint they? well, first the aliens and now a ashley t poster! Just click on the pick of the day on the home menu ad it will transport you back too your suite.

if you dont live in the us/uk follow these instructions

1) Go to

2) type in in the URL bar

3) Log in too your account

4) click on the pick of the day, (the word if you cant see the poster)

5) let it redirect you too your suite.

6) log out

7) log back in normal stardll and you should have the poster.x

Love Lightuppen.xoxo

Oh yeah, the comp has now been changed too just a normal creativity comp, you dont have too

use the hm stuff as some people experienced problems! Im sorry about that.xoxo

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hiya! Its me AGAIN, lightuppen. If its ok with you Ginycee, i have re-created your comp creativity comp, if thats ok,? Well,i wanted too make a comp 4 u, i want you too create the most, unique outfit ever! The winner will get some gifts, get there suite advertised so you become Cg or something, Rated Albums, and sceneries. So what are you waiting for?......


Email entries too