Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Writers!!!!

Okay, so a lot of you have been telling me there needs to be new writers , so please comment if you are interested with...

- Your Email (if you want you can make a new one like ginnycee.stardoll@gmail.com)
- Your Stardoll name
- What you would be best at 

We will have a few new categories for...
- Spoilers
- New Stuff in Starplaza
- Free Stuff (you need to post it ASAP)
- New Additions to Stardoll

New writers have to be able to post every day, but should only post when theres something new on stardoll that has to do with their topic!


ps: even though there will be new writers, the old writers will still be there! 


  1. Is there allow non super star for a writer because I really wanna be a writer for a blog but I am a non superstar.....

  2. ya for these positions we need any stardoll who is able to go on every day to check for updates! ss and non ss!!

  3. How about get rid of some of your old writers first. Like that insufferable krissykrissygee! She's always advertising her crappy designs and horrible outfit combinations.

  4. BTW--I Quit!!!! Ginnycee does not fire people!
    and thanks for saying i'm unsufferable and that every outfit i did was horrible! not like i care what you really think....

  5. I would love to b a writer... i could check for updates and make up styles... i go on this blog every time i log onto stardoll and i love how everyone has different styles.. and i am sad that krissykrissygee is gone
    anyway, i hope i can become writer... and thanks for all of the great blogs... they where really helpful to me.

    p.s my stardoll name is caseynb7

  6. oops! continued by me... my email is caseynb7@gmail.com and i am good at styles, and I love to write, and go on stardoll everyday. if yu need anything else, email me or chat to me on stardoll :)

  7. Hi, i'd like to be a writer :)
    My stardoll account is EllyEvans
    My email is something-black@hotmail.com
    I'd love to write about almost anything on stardoll and since i'm online everyday it's easy for me to stay updated on what's happening. I'd love to write about new things in the starplaza, and "fashiontips".
    I could also post things about new free stuff:)
    I hope you pick me :)
    Love EllyEvans <3

  8. hi im lilysrich,
    my email is 2000lilyrose@live.co.uk
    i think i cud post free things and like u no wen u do stuff like cool suites and all that and the non superstar and superstar outfits compares
    i go on stardoll and stardoll fanatic nearly every day and my mum says i cud be a jurnalist
    plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    pick me
    lilysrich xxxxx

  9. only ginnycee can take my email k!
    my email is funky.monkeys.emma@hotmail.com and i would like to be a writer for new stuff in starplaza cuz I am practically on everyday and always go so i will always write!!! PLEASE I WILL BE THE BEST WRITER U CAN GET!!!

  10. I'd be interested. My username is Dancedancegurl, and I'd like to post about the new clothes. My email is bvalentino@sbcglobal.net.

  11. umm... i am not wanting to be a writer,
    but a friend of mine, who is a big fan of this blog, called wuvv is willing to write loads of articles for STARDOLL FANATIC.
    She is a fantastic friend to me, and is very creative and can make kewl outfits.
    She even once used a scarf as a belt!
    She can type fast and will post an article everyday! Although, her account says shes been a member of stardoll, for a short preiod of time, she has infact been on stardoll for a couple of years now. She has many accounts, but wuvv is a new account, so she doesnt have many intems in her wardrobe or suite.
    To prove to you, that she is worthy to be a writer, please check out her other account, Steph_Roxxi

    it is a surprise and i want her to be over the moon! ^_^ she doesn't know that i am applying for the new writer.. but her email is:


  12. Thanks for taking my idea into consideration Ginnycee!!! Glad I could help.


  13. i would really love to be a writer!i am so srry for the writers who feltbad for the bad comments!i never posted anything bad i love the work u do and i can understand u are trying really hard!my email is www.psarrosgeorge@gmail.com
    my stardoll name is ntenia and i think i could post the styled outfits and new stuff!if you think i can be a writer plz contact me in my stardoll mail first!

  14. omg,,i am so happy you give us chance to become writers,,,

    *well my name is antonija,and my user name on stardoll is antonija0,

    *my e-mail is antonija.simic@hotmail.com

    *i really love fashion,,and i am like every single day on stardoll,and of course on stardoll fanatic ,,ppl call me creative,,my English is super,i like writing,,i ll give my best to make this blog more interesting,,i tout if i every get a chance to write i could write one post about paying stardollars on stardoll,,(i figured out that you can pay with sms codes any times you wont,,,you just have to do some things)

    *i could write about new things on stardoll,fashion tips,Spoilers....

    * i hope you will give me a chance to be writer of the best blog about stardoll..

    good luck everyone! ^.^ ;D

  15. stardoll name: sizzling_hott
    email ad: lowfa_tia@gmail.com

    i'd like to post about all things non-superstar like styled outfits, new thing in starplaza and minishop and features on the new dolls that come out.

  16. i would love to write about styled outfits since i have already come up with alot of outfits. my stardoll name is becks94.

  17. -Hi =]. Is my wish to be an StardollFanatic writer, but i guess what are so many pps who want that and I think what i not one lucky.
    -I love stardoll. I'm an very old member [2006] and I know so many thing about strdoll. I enter everyday and is easy to know what is new.
    -My strardoll acount is normiarita [i'm not ss anymore.]
    -I like you blog because is simply the best.
    -I'm the best as new things and on fasion style's.
    -My email adress is normia_rita@yahoo.com

    xoxo Normia.

  18. My email is layd33spitz@hotmail.com
    My stardoll name is missy1995inbrum
    I would be best at either
    - make up tutorials
    - fashion
    - spoilers

    Thanks Ginnycee :O)
    For the opportunity

  19. My email is jellykitty333@yahoo.com
    My stardoll name is jellykitty333
    I would be best at
    -syled outfits(i have a list already)
    -new things

    I go on stardoll almost everyday and i would love to be writer. Thanks! xoxo

  20. My name is missy1995inbrum
    My email is layd33spitz@hotmail.com
    I would rally love to write for your bog. I follow it closely. I use all your hints and tips. I admire the hard work you put into this blog.
    I would love to do;
    - Styled outfits [ss and non ss]
    - Make up tutoraials [I am creative]
    - spoilers [I search for them everyday]
    - New additions to stardoll [I check out the starplaza, minishop, magazine etc. EVERYDAY!]

    I am quit a skilled person in those areas. I would jump at a chance to wotk with you!!! :o)

  21. My email is mccarrly@live.co.uk - And I would be happy if anything was sent via that address.
    My name is xXhaynahXx and I am completely in love with my account, as vain as that sounds!
    I would be most skillfull at new additions to the Starplaza, as Fashion is definatly my heart of life. I believe I would be able to bring fun, as well as fashion to my topics of writing! I am a very fun person, so I should enjoy doing this, and I am sure people would love my work.
    Would appreciate a email to say if I have or havn't gotten the job. If I didn't get the job, I would appreciate it if you said that in an email, so I am able to know!!




  22. My username is converses14 i made a blog yesterday called styletostardoll.blogspot.com i will tell you my email (don't want to tell the public) in a stardoll message thanks!

    I am good at anything i can help at what you would like me to do

  23. i am so sorry, but i am writing to tell you that steph_roxxi is right now on a holiday!
    i am not kidding! i was the one who applied her for the new writer! She is my class mate at school and i am not joking!
    she is unable to post and write each week.
    so please send the message, you sent her to me, sweet_cute_girl...
    my email is:

    i am very sorry for the delay, but once she is back from her holiday, she will be able to post! ^_^

    Best Regards,

  24. I want to be a writer! (Ginnycee, we talked before on chat,, but my computer froze and we never got to talk again about it :[)
    Good at fashion, writing, computer picture documents :) And anything else!!!

  25. Oh,, and my email is...

  26. I realize I am probably far too late, but give me a buzz if there is a position vacant. I have been on stardoll since 2005, but I wasn't a member for a year before that. I guess you could say I have a slightly different perception of stardoll than most:

    Basically I'm a freelance writer, I don't think I'd write about the trivial spoilers, new stuff in the plaza or the other categories. I would like to write about stardoll life :)
    If so, please contact me on either my email or stardoll :)

  27. Hello. I think i would be a great writer for somthing like fashion and stuff sorta like that. I would be able to write everyday about the latest fashions on stardoll and about new thins in the starplaza and new stores, clothing ect. My friend, littlemiss-luck, would also be happy to help pick the fashions and stuff like that. Th one thing i can't do is take print screen pics. I just don't know but i can probly surf the web and see what i can find. Other than that i think i would be great.

    My name on stardoll is:

    My friend that said she could help me name is:

    and my email is:

    plz plz plz i would really like to do this

  28. Sorry i woupld like to say more. I love to write bout stuff. I truly think i would be great for the job. And i promis to write bout everything new in the starplaza everyday. I can also do the spot light suite but i much rather like to do fashion stuff. thanx this is Ice-Cream_ again plzzzz e-mail me at stardoll.writer@gmail.com

  29. hey! I would love to write for your blog! I have a blog myself and would love to write for yours!
    (i have my own blog stardollgamer.blogspot.com)
    My stardoll name is Cuti_Babe and the topic I'd be best at would be fashion or new events. I will be making a new e-mail adress and will send it to you in a request (if thats okay with you). Thanks! :)

  30. hii
    My real name: Lindsey
    Stardoll name: lindseywynton
    My e-mail: lindseylindsey55@hotmail.com
    Best at: Everything !! but I like the most New stuff in the starbazar or new additions on stardoll !

  31. Hey.... i'm Gulistan Anwar...my stardoll name is Gulistan_anwar
    my email is is gulistan_anwar@yahoo.com

    Plzzz make me writer here.....cuz i daily log i on stardoll play there....n i'd luv to update d latest newz if stardoll here.

  32. Hi plz tell me Im dieing to bea writer PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ let me be one my email is well mail me and ill send it to u and my stardoll name is jess1-2-3-4-5-6

  33. I really need a new stardoll name, like Grace373! Help please. It's really frustrating! Comment as soon as you see this!!!!!

  34. hi i used to be new here but not now ummm
    i would like to be a writer
    here r my stuff u need to kno:
    my e-mail:kakah@live. or kakah08@hotmail.com
    my stardoll name: 90kaylynn
    im best at:every thing im best at writeing and tellin new cheats at stardoll

  35. - Your Email (if you want you can make a new one like ginnycee.stardoll@gmail.com) gabbishark.stardoll@gmail.com
    - Your Stardoll name: gabbi_shark
    - What you would be best at: I would be happy with anything! I love writing, and I go on stardoll a lot, I write in a magazine (on stardoll), and would love to write with your blog! It sounds like fun, as I love writing.


  36. I'd like to be a writer I am sugar2m31 in stardoll and my email is sugar2m31.stardoll@gmail.com

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