Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's so surprise spring..

Hey guys,
today when i logged into stardoll
i just received a message called - "That's so surprise spring"
I just clicked on the photo and it was followed by this-
 you can also find this thing in the magazine option and by clicking surprise-spring section.
It says that if you spend 15 sds on anything in the starplaza then you'll receive a surprise gift!
wondering what would be the gift i made a fake account and bought something of 15 sds and got this-

i got a ciao tee but i  dont think that the gift will be same for all can also try by making a fake account and do tell me what you got as a gift.
see ya

Trashion Fashion styled outfits!

Nice aren't they?
they all are made up of recycled things...
see ya

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New scenery!

There is a new scenery in Stardoll its called "Stardoll Birthday, 3rd anniversary" I hope there's more to this btw I'm sure stardoll has already had there 3rd anniversary! lol

Copy Cat's Always come to an end!

So many blogs have faced this problem and I was so glad we never did until now. So I was checking out some blogs when I cam across Stardoll Confidential, I thought the blog was nice and really cute but something caught my eye this girl sclancy had some posts that were COPIED from Stardoll Fanatic! I soon realized that all her posts were copied except for one where she only copied one of our writer photos for the new party room! She didnt even give us credit except for some posts form TSI! Also she is very sneaky you know at the bottom of each post I like to add this "~Pinkicefairy" and my friend "Hugs,Ccatilina" well guess what she deleted those parts and made sure to delete them! I do not blame the owner as she probably had no idea but I do blame the writer, the writers of this blog all know and I have been trying to tell Ginnycee. So if Sclancy could apologize or she can still copy our posts we just wanted to make sure you guys knew who actually wrote this stuff!

New Hairstyle Organzier!

So when you go to your medoll editor and click on hairstyles you will see they have organized it into many categories including Starpoint,Regular,Superstar,and new!

So this is just a little update, but I like it because sometimes I cant seem to find the perfect hairstyle and now its perfectly organzied! :)

Free harumika Sign!

So if you are from the USA all you have to do is sign onto stardoll and in your suite you will find the sign!

If you are not from the usa go to and sign in

Btw there is a contest about this if you want to check that out click here

I hope this works and if it doesnt please go to my GB if there is anything I can help you with thanx



(This is the previous post) Well, I thought at a contest. A dress up contest. All you have to do is to dress up your doll using clothes, minishop items, accessories, etc. Take a print screen of your outfit and paste the link in my guestbook or in this post's comments. The dress up theme is : SCARY AND SEXY AT THE SAME TIME IN SPRING. The winner will receive 2 gifts and an interview on the blog. The contest ends on 10th April 2010. Good luck.

Good luck to all of you!

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S: I can't start the competition until I have 10 participants. Well, until now I have only 4 participants. Please enter the contest!

April Hotbuys!!!!

Take a look at these hotbuys...
Cool aren't they?
see ya

Monday, March 29, 2010

Olsenboye Link (If you dont have the store!)

Ok so I got 2 comments saying that they didnt have the store where they lived so I got a link sorry for the wait my computer got a virus before I read the comments :( But anyway here is the link Non-SS_Olsenboye SS_Olsenboye So click on that link <----

And I hope you guys forgive me you probably already have the link but just incase you dont there it is! Btw dont you think the clothes are to die for I mean that skir and tank I have one word for it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! lol and also (I think correct me if I'm wrong) the designers of the line are the Olsen Sisters, I'm glad they designed the clothes because they have such a great since in style! I also went to JCpenny right after I saw the store but my JCpenny didnt have the line yet :( oh well I found some cute jeans lol


UPDATE: Ok guys so there is not going to be a new DIY Boutique I guess stardoll Was to lazy to put the objects in the Archive store lol
Ok so alot of the new items seem to say they are from "DIY Boutique" I was excited when I saw this but when I went back to check the stores there was no sign of DIY Boutique! I thought this was very strange considering that all the items are New but there was absolutely no sign of a new store I mean absolutely Nada (Spanish for nothing lol!) So what do you think is Stardoll being lazy once again or is this some ind of special release! :)


New LE is out!

Now the time has come.....
The most awaited LE is out with dazzling outfits!
see ya

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Plant!

This plant is an Easter gift to get this follow these steps:-
1.Go to (it's a bit slow)
2.write this link in the url box:-
3.log in
4. Enter into the quiz competition. 
And you'll find the plant in your suite!
hope you like it.
see ya

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I thought at a contest. A dress up contest. All you have to do is to dress up your doll using clothes, minishop items, accessories, etc. Take a print screen of your outfit and paste the link in my guestbook or in this post's comments. The dress up theme is : SCARY AND SEXY AT THE SAME TIME IN SPRING. The winner will receive a gift and an interview on the blog. The contest ends on 3rd May 2010. Good luck. Here is an example of outfit:

Good luck to all of you!

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S: I can't start the competition until I have 10 participants.

Free I LOVE GREECE T-shirt

Well, if you are from Greece you receive it when you log in. If you're not from Greece go to , select Greece and paste in the blank box Log in into stardoll in that window and if you go to your official stardoll suite it will be there in a gift box. Hope it will work and you'll like it!

Hugs, Ccatalina

One store gone!

See there is no stuff by hillary duff store!
it was nice and cheap.
see ya

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love Greece!

So the Greece items have been released! They are really cute but unfortunatly most of the clothing items are SS! But there are plenty of Non-SS items aswell!
I hope this continues you know all this Greece,Egypt,ect things continue because I really like them but the bad side for me is that since I can't play and earn for coins since I have reached 70 stardollars,I might not buy any of the items! Well at least you guys can buy them lol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Clean and Clear bottles and Last song Shirt <(Proxy)

Ok so I found out about the clean and clear bottles a while ago but I never could actually get them so here is a way you could try if some others havent worked also you will get "The Last Song" shirt while doing this!

  1. go to

  2. Then in the blank box put this in

  3. Now log in

  4. Let the page load also if it doesn't show you the trailor dont worry just make sure to let the page load!

  5. Go back to regualr stardoll and there will be to gift boxes in your suite!

Thank you Fab-stardoll for the links!

New Play and Earn prizes!

Ok so as usual I went to vote someone for covergirl,scenery,ect and I noticed I didnt get any coins! So I went to my stardollers page and it said I had earned 70/70 stardollars! So I went to my suite and I found this yellow medium sized bag with "collectible" written on it, when I opened it I saw a doll and a doll house so that means if you earn 70 stardollars this month thats the prize you will get cool!

Free Body by Milk shorts!

Ok so remember the free Body by Milk bag... well there are now some shorts! All you have to do is watch the video again in cinema btw this only works for USA members so you are going to have to use a proxy if you dont live in the USA!
Here is the link!

Btw Im not a fan of the shorts but I'm pretty sure you people can make them look totally glam lol!

Fab or Drab suite..Winner!

So our Fab or Drab suite winner is......Wwwiiitteee! Go check out her suite and find out hy she one! Btw sorry I didn't post this on Sunday my computer got a virus but its working now!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Littlest pet shop is back!

These are cute pets and you can find them through this link.
Enjoy them!
They all are really cute.
see ya

Friday, March 19, 2010

New party room

On Stardoll there is a new party room called Night Club. That looks like this.

Unfortunately I don't think there is a free giveaway just yet.
xoxoxoxox x-dani-harmer-x


I havent been posting recently and I don't know if I will because my computer is really slow and I keep getting these virus thingies so if I don't post it's not because I don't want to its because my computer isn't working :)

Free Shirt.


Ugh. I hate Miley Cyrus.

Watch the trailer for "The Last song" and you get a free shirt.
In Australia, it's just in the cinema.
Enjoy. Ugh.



Earth Hour free gift!


If you go to the page when you log in (home page) you will see a picture can click .

When you click this it will take you to this page

You click in the little box where it says "Are you going to turn you lights off on Earth Hour?" then you go to your page and it will be there!

xoxoxox x-dani-harmer-x

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free red-eyed tree frog!

Well,I posted a few weeks ago about the fact that Stardoll cares about Endangered Species, and to prove it, it will give us a free animal every month. The third animal finally arrived: it's a red-eyed tree frog. To get it just go to and click on the Adopt Me button. It will be in your suite. If you want to find out more about the red-eyed tree frog you can go to and read about it!
Have a great week!

Hugs, Ccatalina

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Body by Milk bag!

So if you watch the new video in cinema you get a free Black and yellow gym bag! I think its cute and we almost never get free bags and stuff!Also Its about time they give you a free gift from cinema lol! here is the link to the video

Did you like the gym bag?! I know I did i mean whats the harm it is free lol!Btw the video is super fast like only 20 seconds!



I. AM. IN. LOVE.!!!!!!

(Click for fullsize)



Monday, March 15, 2010

New St. Patricks day stuff!

Ok so stardoll just released its St.Patricks day items! Here are the Non-SS items a necklace,wallpaper,pillow,sticker,and shoes! The only SS item is the dress! S be on the look out for any free items! Also dont you think the pillow should be in suite shop lol!

New info box!

So if yall have noticed there is a new infobox! It has a new camera icon and shows how many Play and Earn stardollars you have! I actually like it its really organized and has everything now!

It might be some minor changes but I like it way more! Its also so cute lol! Btw I am saving up my stardollars but so far I only have 34^ but I have done my math and if I keep saving my one stardollar from Play and Earn by the end of may I will have 101 Stardollars so yay! ^-^ Also the new way to play and earn is her to learn more about it click here

New store!

Hey guys so remember that alot of stores have been closing lately! But there is finally a new store! Its called Olsenboye! The clothes are very cute and i love them and guess what its all non-SS! And the prices are very reasonable unlike kholes lol! So go check it out! :) Btw if you want the real life versions of the clothes they are available at JCpenny! So yay!

Change your "Group" Button

I figured this out just for fun. I hope you like it :)

First, you go to your friends page (like your page where it lists all of your friends that you have on Stardoll) and you click on the write comment button. (You can do this on any person)then cick save, but while it is still saving click the "group" button quickly and then it will change the word "group" into whatever you put in your comment! But when you actually group thm into another place on your list (like friends, best friends, unclassified etc.) it will change you comment back into the comment box and the group button will still say "group" on it.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fab or Drab!

Ok guys so remember that outfit that I asked you guys to vote Fab or Drab for well the results are in and... the outfit was Fab! But not by a landslide, by one vote lol!
So you either hate the outfit or love it! Btw there were 169 votes! So that means you guys can vote but cant comment,whats wrong with you guys lol!

Anyway instead of doing a Fab or Drab outfit today I decided for you guys to vote for the best suite! Here are the suites chosen
  1. Twins18
  2. wwwhhhiiittee
  3. Writemycat
  4. Barb_A
  5. Fraziergal
So vote below and next Sunday we will see who has the best suite!

Which suite is Fab?

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