Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer make-ups

Today I made some superstar summer make-ups that fit with this summer's fashion. The first uses as base colour purple. The first picture is the make-up without accessories and the second is with the accessories. In the third picture you can see what I used to do this make-up. This make-up is perfect for a casual outfit or a swimsuit.

This second make-up is more formal and more simple as well because you can wear it with a beautiful evening dress. In the first picture is the make-up and in the second is what I used to make it.

Hope you're gonna like these make-ups and that they will help you.

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: Today when I looked at the new stuff in Starplaza I saw 2 Stardoll TV dresses that were smaller than their squares and they looked really funny. Here is the photo.

Free Items!!!

So here are some free items...
You'll see an option
Account settings under your me-doll's face -
Click on it , now when the page appears click on 'account settings'
There your user id must be written ,write it somewhere..maybe a notebook or anything!!
Now enter this url on a new tab- user id)
Now a page will come . Go down and you'll see a box like this-
enter the info. in it.
Now log-in to stardoll!!!
You'll get them!!!

see ya

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Dress!!!!

So here's a free BNTM dress..
To get it go to
Then enter this in the URL bar...
Log-in to stardoll..
Now log-into normal stardoll and....
You'll get it!!! in your suite!!!!
It's cool!
see ya

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Kohls Shop

Hi :]
I am not saying thatv there is new clothes in Abey Dawn, Mudd or Candie's, but there is a new shoppy thing like them. it is called Hang Ten. The clothes are kinda all the same and some are nice. they are like stripey or checkered.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was just googling about twilight anime characters and i found a really nice photo!!
Take a look at it-
Also i am introducing my new banner!!
hope you like it!!!
see ya


Hacker Alert

Hi, I looked at a comment in a post I posted yesterday and somebody had commented this: 'someone told me if u send ur user and pass to the person will make u SS and make u an employee is this true????'.
The answer is NO. People just try and make them send your useername and password so they can HACK YOUR ACCOUNT.
Do not believe any of them.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Zeeland?

I was at the Starplaza looking at some clothes when I cam across some WorldCup clothes. On the New Zealand dress and New Zealand boys top Stardoll had spelt it New Zeeland.

Spelling mistake?


Have you seen this ad before?

Hi :]
I was just on Youtube and I saw this ad.
Please do not leave any bad comments that this is old, because I haven't seenit and I just want to know if you have :]


PLEASE VOTE: Should I do a makeover on everyday's Covergirl?

Hi people :]
I just wanted to ask if I should each day that I go on do a makeover on the Covergirl and post in on SF?
Please vote here.

Your title
Should I do a makeover on Everyday\\\'s Covergirl?



New hotbuys doll coming!!

Hey guys !
just wanna tell you that a new hotbuys doll is coming up!!!
Take a look at it-
in my opinion its cool!!
see ya


Friday, June 25, 2010

How to get the Shrek gift even if you can't see the shop

x-dani-harmer-x posted that if you can see the Shrek shop you can click on the book and get a free gift. I found out how you can get the gift even if you can't see the shop. All you have to do is to go to or and in the proxy URL bar paste In that window log in into your stardoll account and choose a gift. Then go to your official stardoll account and you should find it in your suite. Hope it will work for you.

Hugs, CCatalina

P.S.: Only people from Great Britain can see the shop.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Real vs. Stardoll: Sonia Rykiel

xoxo, ginnycee

Non-Superstar and Superstar Outfits

Hi people :]

This is sort of like my two Good Buys posts I did before. Check them out if you want, just scroll down, they are Superstar and non-Superstar outfits that I did :]

Anyway these two items are quite the same. The one's I am wearing (left) are the non-superstar outfits and the one next to me (right) are the superstar items.

Non-Superstar items (left, on my Stardoll)
Top (red with white flowers): Happy Midsummer!, $4
Shorts (red with white flowers): Happy Midsummer!, $4
TOTAL: $8*
(3 stardollars if you use your play & earn*)
Superstar items (right, not on my Stardoll)
Top (red with white flowers): Sonia Rykiel Tribute, $28
Pants (red with white flowers): Sonia Rykiel Tribute, $26
TOTAL: $54*
(49 stardollars if you use play & earn*)
I think it's a better deal getting the non-superstar outfit because with about $50 stardollars cheaper ;]
More Good Buys - Non-Superstar and Superstar Outfits coming soon.

Sale at the Starplaza :]

There is a 50% off sale for superstars in the Starplaza, if you go to the shops and if you look at them for a few pages you will find the items that are on sale. Unfortunately again it's all for Superstars.


Shrek Shop - out now!

On Stardoll the Shrek shop is now on, sorry I am not going to post any pictures but you can see the spoilers in a later post. Just scroll down a bit.

Also if you want the free gift just go to the shop and there will be a book that says 'Which side are you on? Get a free gift!'. Click on that and pick either the swinging skull gift or the bitten into rainbow lollipop gift.

I will post a picture of the window that should open when you click on the book.

If the shop isn't in the Starplaza in your country, just tell me and I will try and figure out a way for you to be able to get it.