Monday, April 13, 2009

L-S Jumpsuit

Just for case you did not noticed blue jumpsuit is in starplaza.It is SS and cost 10 sd.It is kinda expensive,,bout if you are able I recommend that you buy it,,coz later it will be very rare..You can find it in Fudge store.

P.S-i am sorry ,it is not my theme ,,bout i wait to somebody write post about it,,bout nobody did..

Will you buy it?


  1. What makes you say it'll be rare?

  2. Hey, I know this is kinda
    random, but are there
    still going to be the ss
    and non-ss suggested outfits?
    Those were interesting,
    there are 2 similar flower
    necklaces in the Voile and Elle

    Plus the crystal cat from
    Bling Bling Minishop before costed
    6 stardollars and for ss, now it's
    for 2 stardollars and for everyone.

  3. its rare because it says it on the page were it says join now its free and if u noticed the dress that says im in the mood for love is there and thats relly rare

  4. I doubt it. That was a Hotbuy, this is just a normal item.

  5. Rare huh? It's not rare and it's not will be rare.

  6. sorry that I have not been putting non ss and ss outfits, but I will do some soon!
    - caseynb7

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