Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot buys summer 2009

Well some of them are out ,,bout still I hope that I helped..
I really like some of them,,cant wait till they come out ^.^


  1. Yes, I like some of
    them, I like the blue
    purse and bow.
    There are unique designs
    in those dresses, but
    It looks alright in my
    The colors are pretty.
    Thanks for the spoilers.

  2. Can you make the pictures, ooooo, I dont know, LESS BLURRY!!!!

  3. well soryyy but that picture is kinda blurry and still i have to make a picture in that if u don't like it don't watch it,,or find yourself better one(..yeah -.-)..i give my best so i am deeply sorry if it isn't good enough for YOU

  4. how does it work

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  6. they're all awesome! ;D
    but hmm... I want something non-superstar! ;x

  7. i luv them all but non-superstar would be nice!

  8. i like too non-superstars clothes because i am a non-superstar and i think the best are for superstars but i don't think that all of them are for superstars?

  9. The best are for superstar cuz WE PAY FOR FAKE STUFF WITH REAL MONEY! So stop whining!

  10. yay, I'm a superstar and I agree with you, we pay real money, so superstar clothes have to be a little bit better, but I also think that the non-superstar thing should be a lot prettier than they are now.

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