Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Bye all Stardoll Fanatic fans!
I'm satisfying your hearts and souls with a leaving of this blog.
I know most people probably didnt like anything i did but i really tried...
But, oh well....I guess i didn't try hard enough...
I did not satisfy those hungry minds or your needs
Whatever you have thought badly of me, please leave that all behind in a box in a locked away room...I had some fans that appreciated me and wrote in my guestbook and i love those fans for that!!!! You ROCK! And those who left the beautiful comments that had words that made my day not disappoint my day........You can write whatever you want in the comments about me....it's not like i care so much about what YOU think....I care about more important things such as my ever long lasting friendship with ginnycee that will last a lifetime and will be passed down to our children.....the fans i had that appreciated me and my apology...my other friends on the blog....
After all those (maybe or not) truthful comments you have written have told me to say bye(not like i actually believe them)... i will of course still keep my account here so i can write again!
Maybe one day ill come back and write here again....
But for now.... i guess this is bye
Now that i am finally in my double digit ages i will not be affected by these comments you have left!
If you want to say goodbye(maybe if you actually liked me)please write in comments i will read them of course!
This was quite fun and interesting for the short while i was here....
BTW-ginnycee told me to stay she didnt fire me shes a nice person she asked to please stay....I quit though!


  1. I'm sorry but all I "heard" was blah, blah, blah. Obviously the comments do affect u or u wouldn't be leaving. lmao. So shut up & just leave already.

  2. If you dont care what people think then why are you leaving?
    Who refers to there age as double digits? You must be 10!!!
    You should just improve and take the good with the bad. Not give up!
    Sounds like your obsessed with ginnycee to me. Pass the friendship down to your children? How lame is that?

  3. oooh everyone be nice. she is leaving a blog for goodness sake!

    i loved your writing and i hope that you will come back and see how far that this blog has come soon... ignore those nasty comments people have written and put them in your past. see-ya!
    - caseynb7

  4. No. Please do not. How can you leave us? all of us?
    Forget those stupid comments. And choose a new writer. To fill in this blog. Please Do not leave us.

  5. Please Do not leave us.

  6. Don't go!
    Sorry :/ I haven't hear about you before this Farvell conversation..
    (Sorry, for my English :D I'm not good to Englsih :P)
    Buyt don't go! Just ask.. Are you the owner??
    If you really are!! Don't go!!
    If you not are the owner!! Don't go!!

    If you see this... Don't go!!

  7. Really dear, it's one thing to be upset, but please don't try to guilt-trip us. It shows your age all too well.

  8. that's really sad , because i liked your blog and it was always helpful :(

  9. Don't leave us :(((

  10. Ahem. I took it upon myself to correct the person two Anonymous' above me. The one that says
    "that's really sad , because i liked your blog and it was always helpful :("
    it's not krissykrissygee's blog. it's GiNNYCEE's.
    Just thought i'd sort that out.
    I also agree with the person 3 Anonymous' above me with her guilt-trip comment.

  11. gosh stop crying like a baby
    and ginnycees block sucks ill never go here again!

  12. finally something clever for you!


  13. you allways were great...i will never forget this blog

  14. don't be rude !,,,i mean have you ppl feelings? how would you feel if anonymous ppl leave rude comments???she give her best on this blog,,SO what if you don't like post-I MEAN you can write if u dont like it,bout in nice way,so the next time she will do it better...

  15. No! You were one of my favorites! I wish you wouldn't leave... I can't help if other people don't enjoy what you contribute to this site, but I do! I wish you'd stay...

  16. yes i waiting for this yeahhh :D
    ow je ow je :D

  17. that's too bad that you'll be leaving. it always hurts when a writer leaves a blog. :[

  18. ginnycee : para mi tus escrituras son geniales al igual que las de sabrinia624
    mi cuenta en stardoll es melody_anahi10

  19. Ohh! please don´t leave

  20. ogm thanks for leaving <3<3
    i mean lik finally maybe we will get some goooood writers this time i mean reallly
    oo and new writers if u tak on this job make sure u r good because this is no joke we want this site to be awesomeeeeee
    oo and ginnyceee no offense no DONT COME BACK!!!!!

  21. But this blog will be here?

  22. dont listen to them,,they are just jealous coz u get a chance that you become a writer....
    i am sorry you are leaving..

  23. awwww i wish you could stay :( i am going to miss you!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!

  24. I thought that krissykrissygee was ok :)
    You wouln't like it if people left mean comments about you.
    She is new to thw ehole blog thing.
    Dont be HORRIBLE!
    Ginnycees blog is good. I come on it everyday!
    I hope to be a writer on here.
    Good Luck KrissKrissygee. Theres always a manager space in my club for you!
    My name is missy1995inbrum

  25. Yeah. I'm Awesomeness11 and there's room in my club for you. Don't go, please!

  26. hey guys!
    thanks for asking me to stay!
    I will come back in the future!
    I see the actual ginnycee person basicly everyday of my life(physicaly) and if i have new ideas i will give them to her!
    i really enjoyed this blog!
    thanks a ton!

  27. are you ten? well actually you said now that im in the double digit ages.oh and by the way sorry youre leaving but that s the rudest farewell/resignation letter ever i mean are you trying to make people feel guilty thats not even what 10 year olds do thats a 6 year old thing.

  28. Yeah right, you so care about the comments! You wouldn't be leaving if you didn't! Your just a whiny little spoiled brat who really should get some phscological help! Do us all a favor and NEVER come back! Good God, I hope you realize how much I hate you. I've never met you but I can tell your the kind of person who expects everyone to drop whatever they're doing to listen to you whine about how terrible your life is! I don't really care if this comment offends you or anybody else. So all of you other little robots who are afraid of having different opinions from everbody else can just go screw themselves.

  29. ....
    I cant be bothered to read that.
    But, Buhbye!!

  30. Anonymous above 56lipgloss56,
    gosh im sorry you think so poorly of me. i really am not that type. i dont have robots and if you really want to find out ask ginnycee herself or sabrina624.... i am not that type of person and this comment doesnt offend me because you really don't know who i am or what i am like so please just because of a post you're judging me....i still don't hate you after writing that comment...i dont whine and i really really do not expect anyone to drop down and listen.....you might know the type but please i am not that type.... everyone definatley has their own opinions around me i am not a dictator or whatever you think i am...i am actually the quite different one with a different opinion not the one that expects robots to follow them. i wouldnt even follow someone as idiotic as what you think i am gosh maybe i will come back but not for ME for the blog if it needs help. my life is sooo amazing and not terrible you wouldnt know my life or me so DONT JUDGE

  31. This was a job, right? EVERYONE gets judged for how they preform and you are no exception! This blog is really popular and if you can't suck it up and just get over the fact that everyone has a different opinion, then maybe it's a good thing that you're gone? I mean, if there was just one post where you were an amateur, it would had been fine! But 4(?) posts with negative comments all over...didn't it hit you that maybe you were doing something wrong? And that comment you just left to your own "apology". If you're life is that amazing, why can't you take a little criticism? Low self esteem? When then it really is good that you're gone!
    If you wanna work with 2000 people watching you, you gotta be more though!
    And double digit age? So you're 10? No wonder you bitch a lot!
    I've heard a lot of 10-year olds make bad apologies, they just simply don't know how to apologize....but you sweetheart...you take the prize for the worst apology ever!

  32. Guys, shes leaving!!!
    Im sick of you all being mean to her.
    How would you like it?
    Is that all you can spend your time doing? Offending and being nasty to inocent people. You are all SO SAD!
    Krissykrissygee is a nice person. I liked her posts. So if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say it. Ginnycees blog is a happy place where people can come together and be friends.
    So stop with all the I hate you rubbish. You've never met her so don't judge her.

  33. thanks Missy1995inbrum,
    it really means a lot to me for sayying that!
    you're really nice!
    love krissykrissygee

  34. Where did anyone say that they hate her? I've read all comments and I NEVER found the word "hate". We just think that krissy is a bit pathetic. The worthless apology, the bad posts, the guilt trip and the really weird obsession with ginny! Just marry her already and get it over with!

  35. omg i don't LIKE her like that...
    gosh shes one of my best friends in real life!
    there is a comment that has hate a few comments above....
    i dont have a weird obsession we planned out our lives cuz thats what young people do for fun okay!

  36. For fun? Don't you have video games?

  37. yes i do have video games but at school there are none when you're at lunch what else do you talk about????

  38. OMG!
    All I read was Blah-Blah!
    Trying to gult trip us wont work!
    YOU SUCK!!!!!

  39. Obviously you care, or you wouldn't have left this blog.
    Guess what, people won't always agree with you! Get over yourself!

  40. im sorry but i wasent a fan of some post but the others were coool i also didnt like your disignes but you learn from your mistakes come on stay and if you ask some ppl qustions like what there type is just post that

  41. At lunch, I personally talk to my friends about just random stuff. I don't plan my future with them or talk about the children I might never have...that would be just...weird!!!

  42. Please... Do not leave the blog. I love it <3

  43. I'm sorry you had to face so many
    harsh and critical comments.
    Some people honestly don't care
    about truth so much as to see your
    reactions. In other words, they're
    Even if not everybody loves your
    work, I do appreciate it. I know
    you've tried, that's all that
    can be done.
    I hope things'll look up for you.

  44. God all you haters really need to SHUT UP!!!
    So what if you can't find tyhe word hate. You're all acting like you hate herhat is there to hate?
    krissykrissygee has done nothing but help us. And all you can do is act pathetic. You have to anonomously post. Are you scared?
    Why should you have the right to judge someone? Whats wron with having a girl as a friend?
    So get a life and stop being nasty. Yur all pathetic. Honestly

  45. I think you're making a big drama!

  46. whoa now i don't often read this blog but i think that you people are taking this way out of proportion.
    i mean give her a chance.
    she has just arrived and she has said practically the same kinda topics that ginnycee has wrote about, such as superstar and non-superstar outfits.
    i think that your all just judging her without giving her a chance.

  47. People, IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BLOG STOP READING IT!!! Stop putting people down. If u have nothing nice to say then don't say any thing!!!! Please don't leave us krissykrissygee.

  48. PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. All the sad comments are from Anonymous... She probably wrote them herself xDDDDD

  50. this bloog suckks like sh*t... im happy u leave this,... it was a best decision u could make 4 all of us... AND U