Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stop leaving rude comments

I've been looking at some of the comments you guys have written and they are really rude!!! Please just stop saying really negative things like 'your fashion sense is awful' because that it doesn't make us happy seeing that you hate these looks!!! It is really hard to come up with them, and we also try to appeal to different people with different fashion senses!!!
So please stop leaving rude comments!


  1. thanks sabrina624 sooo much!
    everyone has been leaving rude comments for everything we do...
    everyone has their opinion but you should say it nicely.

  2. Oh mi gosh. I totally agree! I saw them a few days ago and was shocked!! I actually like some of the outfits!

  3. Who do you think you are to tell us what we can and cannot do? Maybe some of us have different opinions! This blog used to be so good but now its just advertising crap, whining about crap, crap, and more crap! Maybe Ginny should fire some writers, maybe then this blog would be decent! Goodbye for good, Stardoll Fanatic!

  4. I think people should voice their thoughts no matter what they are. You need to accept the good as well as the bad. I also agree with the comment before about this blog. This blog was something I looked forward to everyday. Now it seems Ginny just uses it to make money and advertise her stuff. This blog is no longer good.

  5. yes I think people should stop being so rude- even if they do not like the style of the outfites they shouldn't leave such rude comments - everyone and his style -we don't insult people because of their opinion. by the way, ginnycee I jusy love your blog- I check itt every day!:) keep on the good work :)

  6. I agree with both opinions..Yeah it's not right to leave RUDE comments,but if they are just saying I don't like very much or at all your clothes it's ok..Stop thinkin' everyone will love your clothes,Ginnycee.You have to accept both comments...I personally didn't like them..I only liked the colourful dress with the diamond in the middle a bit...Also;stop advertising your clothes so much..Sure it's nice to be advirtisted but not this way!I hope you agree with me.If you readers agree with me,come and write through my guestbook


  7. I don't like rude commetns either, but I think that this is not right place to show own desings.... You can do new place for them

  8. i dont know what so say,,yeah i think that ppl should stop with rude comments,,it really can hurt fillings,,so all i gonna say it there is a nice way to say what u think,,,and i think that you really should slow down with advertising..

  9. Yes I totaly agree with each and everyone of you- it's not nice to leave rude comments, but you can tell your opinion in a nice way. Also, Ginnycee - you had an awesome blog, but sense you added some new writers and started to advertise your clothes this blog is not what is was - you should fire some of the writers and stop adversiting your clothes- it's for your owns good- your blog was awesome but nwo it's not - make this blog be what it was Ginnycee!

  10. omg
    it means that u think people shouldn't have theire own opinion..
    B I T C h !

  11. When you post stuff on the internet, don't assume everyones going to like it. If you can't handle it, please do us all a favor and DON'T POST IT. People have opinions and you need to accept it!

  12. Opinions can be ugly, but some are true.
    In most cases, being Rude doesn't help
    I think it's important people voice
    their views, at the same time, they
    can be less harsh about it.
    Don't take it as an offense, act on
    it and turn it into something postive,
    perhaps an improvement.

  13. Make your Outfits and other better than doesn´t write people negativ coments

  14. If you get so many rude comments try to make better outfits. Everyone has there own opinion and you should take some of the comments and add improvements. And its not like everyone on the internet is going to like the designs. Take them and make them better so that people will like them.

  15. I think that everyone has a right to their own opinion but this is Ginnycee's blog. If she doesn't want to have negative opinions, then that is HER choice. If you don't like it, then don't visit her blog. For the record, I don't think that she is against feedback, but just that she wants everyone to be nicer about it because she worked hard on her designs and this blog. I think: IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE, THEN DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT. No one wants to read about how people are complaining about this blog--If you don't like it, then don't come.

  16. OMG!!
    Thatls their opinion and even if you don't like what they said,you can't do anything about it,and so what if they don't like it,stop compaining!
    Forgive and Forget,
    Life with it!!!



  19. LISTEN BUD: Its the truth, G should fire the fashion people cuz they SUCK! No ah-ffense, but seriously, get a grip! If you're gonna post something, you have to be ready for bad comments, and if you are gonna post something make it good.
    Stardoll Fanatic used to be awesome, but now its HORRIBLE!
    NOTE TO GINYCEE: Sweety, you should get better people.

  20. yes everyone has their own opinion......everyone has their own style, taste, and fashion. of course everyone thinks differently of everything because thats what makes life interesting and different but if you insult their works, nothing is going to happen. they cant change the style of the clothes to be in your opinion "good" because others wont like it. what you hate others will love. what you love others will hate. its an idea that changes the world and how everyone thinks so you can post bad comments but it will do no good only hurt feelings. i personally love the designs and fashions on this blog. it seems to me that many dont and that is okay but maybe you can keep your opinion to yourself

  21. I agree that Ginnycee's blog has started to fall apart. I used to look at it every day, but now I find out about new things often DAYS before this blog says anything about them! Maybe you should come up with some new concepts besides Styled Outfits, because as you said, every fashion style is different, and from the look of the comments, your style is VERY different then everyone else's! That's okay, but maybe try a new blog idea that can be appreciated by a broader spectrum of viewers.

    xx Olivia

  22. I think that people can voice their opinions without being rude or ignorant.

    I just started looking at this blog and I have to be honest there has been a lot of advertising and the outfits haven't been great. No one is going to agree all the time, but they should at least be fashionable and eye catching.

    Also the ginnycee line of clothes was ok, but nothing special when you consider all the great designers on stardoll. At least I don't think I'd advertise them as my line on a blog.

    I am not being mean just honest opinion.


  24. look ginny it's true.
    1.the outfits styled are cute but waaaaay 2 expensive 4 non-ss. have been advertising your stuff much 2 offten.maybe being soo good or popular has gone to your head?
    3.i found out about some cheats waaay before u posted them.
    4.some days u dont even post.

  25. hey everyone. the comments that you have been leaving i have to say, ARE a little rude... I like the advertizing too. if I was a superstar I would have bought a lot of the outfits that ginnycee has made.

    i think people should probably share their opinions without being rude
    thanks for pointing that out sabrinia624!
    - caseynb7

  26. I mean to people, you can say you might not like them, but don't be over the top and start criticizing people and say we don't have any fashion taste whatsoever. Instead, simply say you don't like the idea, and suggest something that would have been better!! I don't love negative comments, but they help me understand what I should do to make this blog as great as possible. Some of the comments are very rude, not by saying that they don't like certain things, but by saying that we are awful and Ginnycee should fire us (which she never would because she is too nice of a person to do that) is mean and rude! That's what I mean

  27. yeah i agree...