Thursday, September 30, 2010

heyy guys,

i was planning on starting stardoll fanatic project runway on monday....

here are the entrys that i have got so far


now it would make a better contest if i had a few more people so if you want to enter you have untill monday... type you name in the comments or email me on

the prize will be an interview on the blog possibly you could get to be a writer on the blog and also we might have a superstar prize donated

if you would like to donate to the prize please email me on

i was thinking that you would get a few different options on your task what do you think about this? post your view in the poll below.

how many choices of task do you think think that there should be?

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bye bye,


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Front Row-Milan!

we just wanted to inform you that Stardoll has added a new floor for Milan at Fornt Row!As usuall there are clothes for non Superstars and Superstars too!

Do you like the clothing?


Competition time: Nickname comp!

So time for another comp!
This one, is kinda of simple. All you do is GB me on Stardoll your nicknames (there's more, keep reading) or email me at!
You have to make nickname's for these names:
(your name, if you have one)
(Boy's names)
Remember! You can do as many as you want; you don't have to do all of them, but the winner is going to be the one with the best nicknames, and maybe a second place for the most creative, but not best exactly. I hope you'll al try and make up your own and not to copy. If your stuck on it then don't do it and move on to the next one (I'm making this sound like test, lol)! The surprise prize will be revealed at the end!

Bye for now Stardolls,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Orange Simple Dress

Hey! If you haven't already got it, follow these steps to get your free orange simple dress!
1. Log into Stardoll

2. Create a new tab/window and put in this: user ID)
3. Once you have that link in your browser, after the = sign, put in your user ID (Go to My Page, click on My Account on the tab at the top, go to Settings and your ID will be at the bottom of the first section)
4. Once you have put your ID there, click enter, or go, and it will come up with a page: Teen Simple and Stardoll. There will be a little form at the bottom, fill that out (with fake details) or just sign in if you have already got an account.
4. Fill out the form and press sumbit and then it will go to
another page if the details are valid (the emai can be made-up, not a real one)
5. Press F5
6. Go t
o your suite and it should be there!

Bye for now Stardolls,

Get the Hello Kitty items!

Well since my post before, somebody commented the link to get all of the items in your dressing room!
Here it is:,28019,28020,28021,28022,28023,28024,28025,28026,28027.28028,28029,28030,28031,28032,28033,28034,28035,28036,28037,28038,28039,28040

Thankyou so much to that person!
Also there is another new store (Gamezone)! It has things from videogames, like green mushrooms (1-up lifes) from something like Mario, and lots of other things. It also includes things like pac-man. And here is the code to get all of the items from the Gamezone store into your dressingroom,28065,28066,28067,28068,28069,28070,28071,28072,28073.28074,28075,28076,28077,28078,28079,28080,28081,28082,28083,28084,28085,28086,28089,28090,28091,28092,28093.28094,28095,28096,28097,28098,28099

Bye for now,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't see the new store?

I can't see the new store, but I am finding the link for it. The link is this:
but for me it isn't working. It says on the tab for it: Hello Kitty Store Stardoll but it's not coming up!

Does it work for you?

Bye for now Stardolls,

New Store!

New Store!
Hello Kitty Store is now open!!
They have little plushies and clothes that are mostly
They have a couple of things that are
White & Blue☺
I probably wont post anything tomorrow because of something personal >.> and we are doing Terra Novas this week so im trying to be prepared ^.^
All 4 now!!

Free Top!

we just wanted to inform you that there's a new contest for The Saturdays for once again!Just CLICK and write something and then sumbit it!You can write random things or just a letter in each bar!The top will be in your suite!!Enjoy :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I just wanted to inform you that our famous Gaga of Stardoll better know as summer-muffin has made in her album some of Lady Gaga's outfits at the VMA's!I asked in her Guestbook if she can make the meat outfit and she answered me that she has already did it in her album!

Do you like it?




I also do presentations.
Apply either in my Guestbook,
Or fill out a form at here!
Referances in my presentation.

Ellie x

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Heyy Guys :) I just wanted to say that i do presentations and makeovers now so if you want either of them tell me in my guestbook or send me an email at
And i assure i am 100 % safe :)
Now for updates......
A new store came out.Front Row New York & London.It's pretty nice stuff.
I'll try o get some pics later.
There is a HUGE SALE ON KOHL'S STUFF!!!!!!
AWesOmE :) And the skater stuff came out pretty cute stuff.It is called Skater Sleek
And stardoll got an update.The tabs look different,and when you go to shop,on the bottom they have a like button for facebook 8-).

That's all for now
Shop On Girls&Guys

Friday, September 24, 2010


Finally I'm back.
Sorry I will sort out the comeptition entrys after school.
Now for something sort of RARE we have a wait for it..
Wow. His name is Pychu_06 here is one room of his suite.

Lots of love,
Ellie B x ;]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

heyy guys,

i have an interview with emb0411 today since she was the winner of the banner competition sorry that it has taken me soo long to post it...

-when did you join stardoll?

I joined stardoll 2 years ago.

-why did you join stardoll?

My friend Jess said it was a good game so one morning before school we made it. ;] Yeah.

-do you have a favourite outfit?


-what does if consist of?

The free 70 million sandals, The free Aurora dress and a Elle neclace.

-how did you find out about stardoll?

My friend Jess.

-how did you find out about stardoll fanatic?

I just wanted to know the latest gossip and googled Stardoll Blogs.

-how would you describe your style?

Umm.. My style is up to date.

-your user name emb0411, how did you think of this?

My name is emb0411 because im Ellie M B and I was born on the fourth of november (04/11)

-whats your fave shop?

Dont have one at the momment. Sorry XD

-do you mainly buy from the suite shop or starplaza or blaza?

I usally buy Hotbuys.

-how often do you go on stardoll are you a real fanatic?

Stardoll 3-4 hours a day. (No Joke).

-is there anything else you would like to say?

Urmm... Sorry that I haven't been posting nan's back in hospital. And ilu all xx

also don't forget to check out emb0411 & sunset_bird's suits...

byee byye
x0x =]

Monday, September 20, 2010

Well do you want a free dress and bag?
All you have to do is follow these steps!

1. Go to
2. Put in this link in the url box: and click go or press enter on your keyboard
3. Log in
4. Once the page has loaded, you will see the contest entry box where you type in your entry.
5. Type in anything.
6. Submit your entry and refresh the page.
Hopefully you will have the things in your suite!

Bye for now,

New Shop - Front Row New York

A new shop at the Starplaza called Front Row New York. It's expensive, and superstar.
Do you like it or not? I like the red jacket in the top left corner :)

Bye for now,

Free items!

I'm back with great news!There are some cheats out in Stardoll for a pair of Sunglasses and a green shirt!If you wanna get them follow these steps!
Simply Click and enter the contest!You can write random things or just random letters!

2.Green Shirt!

Go to this proxy :
At the URL bar paste this link :
Click on Ok or just hit enter on your keyboard!
Log into Stardoll and refresh the page!
You'll have it in your suite in white boxes!

Spoilers :D

Spoilers are here! take a look -
what do you think about them ? do you like them or  don't?
see ya


Why buy hotbuys?


Well what I'm saying is, the hotbuy shorts (which aren't in the shop anymore) would probably be sold in someone's bazarr for more then the original price, so why buy them for more when you can buy them for the original price? All you do is design the newest pair of shorts you can design, change the colour into pink and buy it for 7 stardollars (which was the hotbuy price originally). Somepeople wouldn't because it isn't the actual hotbuy so if you wanted to sell it no one would buy it but it looks almost exactly the same.

Also with a hotbuy skirt, you can buy the exact skirt shape as in StarDesign!

Bye for now,


Sunday, September 19, 2010


(lost my banner! :O)

OK, hi, well really this is just one post containing:

Real celebs

The Stardoll dolls

and dog look alikes

(I am only going to do a few, not 26, the pictures were found on nineMSN, celebrity fix)

So I am going to post the picture of the celebrity the dog lookalike and their oll on Stardoll.

First: Taylor Swift and a Saluki

Second: Snoop Dogg and a Doberman (Stardoll does not have a Snoop Dogg doll)

Third: Taylor Lautner and a Pomeranian

Fourth: Miley Cyrus and a Ruby King Charles Cavilier

Fifth: Woopi Goldberg and a Puli (Stardoll does not have a Woopi Goldberg doll)

Sixth: Katy Perry and an American Cocker Spaniel

Seventh: Justin Bieber and a Chow Chow puppy

Want more?

Bye for now!

I'm back with the results form the 2 polls I created ths week!These are the results!

1st poll- Do you like my new banner?

1.YES,I LOVE it!-19 votes
2.It's ok ....-11 votes
3.It's horrible!You need a better one!-12 votes!

2nd poll-Do you like the Make-up?(Gaga's make-up at VMA'S)

1.Yes,it's awesome!-56 votes
2.It's ok ...-39 votes
3.It's horrible-29

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Heyyy Guys :)
New Banner From The Contest Awhile Back♥
Nothing much new on stardoll.Just a new Hotbuys Item-The Pocket Watch
So there isn't really that much going on.
Cya Later

New comp (quick post)

Hi! Just a quick post, I am going to be holding another comp soon, so be sure to enter!


Make-up makeovers

For one of my posts now, i am going to do some makeovers, well not exactly makeovers, but pictures of real-life makeup's and then do it on Stardoll!
Hope you like them:
Makeup 1:Makeup 2:Makeup 3:Makeup 4:

Hope you like them, tell me what you think of them in the comments [:

Bye for now,


I am baaack! (Again!)
Now we have proper internet I will be posting more often, but i might post some old things because I haven't been on for a while.

Bye for now,
(making a new banner right now)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaga's Make-up at VMA's!

I was a bit bored on stardoll so I decided to make Lady Gaga's Make-up when she was wearing the meat outfit!Tell me in comments or vote to this poll to tell me if you like it!

The meat on Gaga's head is made on my Medoll by roses!!
And here's the poll in order to know if you like it!!

Do you like the Make-up ?

Ellie Here.

Sorry I havent been on.

Nan has gone back into hospital.

All is hetick.

E x

Free Fudge Dress!

I just wanted to inform you that there's a cheat on stardoll for a Fudge dress!So follow these steps if you wanna get it!

1.Go to this proxy server  :
2.At the URL bar paste this link :
3.Hit enter on your keyboard or click on ''GO'' and then Log in to Stardoll!
4.Then refresh the page and leave  the proxy server!
You'll have it in your suite in a white box!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

heyy guys,
there is a new shop in the starplaza its called glow... what do you think about it vote in the poll below...

do you like glow

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also don't forget to check out sunset_bird's suite
tiger_evie_624 =]