Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free 20 sds for non-superstars!!! :)

Hey guys its been a long time since i posted, blah blah.Here's the latest news!!!
Stardoll sent a message to everyone saying -  "ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY".
When you click on the message a sum of 20 sds would be credited in your account! :)
BUT. The saddest thing is that non-superstars have to upgrade to ss for using sds!!!!
Well..here's a picture of the message-
 REQUEST: PLEASE! Be active in commenting!!! its a very humble request :) And I promise i'll post actively! :D
see ya!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hiii =)
so today , igot the letter in the mail on stardoll ;
& it was about stardoll royalty ! :) im inn ! :P
lml , so , basically you get special treatment & stuuf so thats cool .
i'll give you th heads up now about what can come , =D
nothing new at the moment , so byee =)
madi309 , ♥

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tumblr - stringofcloudydays,tumblr.com

Hi :]
Nobody ever posts anymore ,
sadly -.-
so ithought iwould , with my beautiful mustacheee *madi309*
im also thinkin ' of joinin ' another blog , but i'll still qunna post here , anywhooo ,
there 's new currencies ; one for superstars , (gold) , non-superstars (purple)
think it's fair ? comment below ,
also , there's a thing called Beach Villa , which is like the Penthousee , which only superstars can buy ,;
You could also drag n' drop now , o-O
new collectionn - Rivera =p
& you can reserve items in the starbazzar ;
kk ; that 's all for nao =]
Buhh Byee =D