Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheryl 'Tweedy" Cole Red and White Crop Top Inspired Outfit!

Cheryl Cole Inspired Crop Top Outfit!
Cheryl Tweedy Inspired outfit. Cheryl Out in the Pubic view with this Catwalk Inspired outfit. She's seen wearing this Red and White Crop Top,with blue denim jeans. Its Toughed up with a pair of black biker and boots and Girled up with the Liliac Pink Handbag. Awesome Cheryl! We're Loving Cheryl's style at the moment, shes really makin' it very easy too look as great as she does.Her Effortless brunnette locks really brings the outfit together.You can find out where to get your version of this outfit in local stardoll stores near you!

Red and White Crop Top: 6 Stardollars @ Bisou.
Blue Denim Jeans: 6 Stardollars @ Bisou.
Boots: Free @ Pirate Costume.
Handbag: 40 Stardollars @ Chanel Tribute.

The picture of cherly cole does not belong to me.
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The Doll Modelling; 33Superman.

heyy, im one of the new writers! my name is evie and am really excited to be a part of this blog, i have always wanted to be a writer on it... and now i am thanks soo much for letting me be one! umm my banner is a bit lame so i was wondering if anyone would like to create me one. the winner will get a prize but i am afraid that you will only get non ss gifts/prize as i am not super star at the moment =( if you would like to enter please sent you banners to please include your user name also.

now i was just looking at starplaza and here are some new items what do you think?
now for whats hot
now as it is the satr of a new month today i was hoping that there would be a new animal but there isnt its still the red panda, i thought that they had said that there would be a new one each month... there dosn't seem to be but maybe they will put it up tomorow.
any way if you would like to know a bit more about me read my presentation

any way

bye bye x0x =]

Who Wore it Best: Entries!


Here are the entries! Vote on your fav look! To choose a look, match the number before the look to the number and user on the poll! Voting ends soon so tell all your friends to vote too!


Good luck to all!
xoxo, ginnycee

Free Tokio Hotel head!

This is really old but I dont think anyone posted it....
1) If you're not from the US go to
2) Go to
3) Join the club
4) This creepy but nevertheless free head will be in your suite
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Contest: who wore it best?

Heres a fun contest for all of you fashionistas out there! All you have to do is create an outfit using the free pink 70,000 members dress, save your suite, and comment with your username?

xoxo, ginnycee

Contest Results: Contest Galore!

Here are the Contest Galore winners! There are still four contests open: Graphic Designers, StarDesigners, Historians, and Album Fanatics! Winners get to be writers and runner ups get to have a free Ad in the sidebar! Contact me in my GuestBook to receive your prize!

Winner: _StarHelen_

Runner ups: tiger_evie_624, Tommia123

Makeup Artists
Winner: _StarHelen_

Runner up: evenlighter

DIY Bikinists
Winner: blur16a

Runner up: Tommia123

xoxo, ginnycee

Contest Results: Ke$ha or Katy

The votes are in! And the winner is...... GeO_dulce or Katy Perry, who will now be a writer! sunset_bird (Ke$ha) is the runner up, who gets an ad in the sidebar! Write in my GB to claim your prize!

Congrats to everyone who entered!

Here are the winning entries!



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