Monday, April 6, 2009

Any Suggestions?

After sabrinia's post, many people did not like the idea of not leaving rude comments. You may freely express your opinion in any way you choose, but please be considerate of others. Since a lot of you think Stardoll Fanatic has lost its charm, please leave any suggestions on how you think we can make it better! Because the only reason it is really there is to help out stardoll users!



  1. Ok, well, first you should get better people. No offense, but based on the comments, about 75% of StardollFanatic readers dont like the outfits.
    Here's a list of random people who might be good candidates:
    Ooops, g2g, well, those are some fashionable people

  2. What I meant by better people was the people who do the outfits

  3. I agree on the being more
    considerate part.

    Perhaps the outfit creaters
    should be more specific in the
    themes they are known for.

    As in, choosing a person or
    few people who are known for
    the "outdoorsy" look or the
    "smartly chic" persona.
    Rather it's organized by colors,
    seasons, or mood, it would be a
    nice start.

    Even dynamics need directions.

  4. Thank you Ginycee for acknowledging the fact that criticism is GOOD for you guys--it helps you improve. I doesn;t matter if it took you days to make an article, if it sucks, then it still sucks. Besides that, please stop advertising your own clothing. Sorry, but even if they are nice (which a lot of them definitely aren't), no one wants to read a ton of ads. Articles, please. Real articles.


  6. Okay here's my bit:

    I LOVE the idea of highlighting stardoll users for their talents, such as good suites, medolls, and designs. It makes viewers feel good, and helps people discover cool, often unheard of members of stardoll!

    Also, competitions could be fun and provide positive interactions between the writers and viewers of SDFanatic.

    Also, I like the hot or not, and I like the concept of styled outfits, but they need to be better (they are always kind of weird)...

    And finally, if you really want to advertise, it's your guys' website, so advertise on the sidebar, not in a post. That way, it's more permanent, and less in our faces!

    XOXO Olio262

  7. hey i agrre u need better outfits

  8. Hey, If you join club Dove_Wonderful you get a free necklace and a free T-shirt :)


  9. i like this club but you need fresh writers with new ideas mate

  10. Ginnycee, look, your blog was very good - you put all the new and free stuff on stardoll, there weren't a lot of writers - there was only you or you and some writers. Anyway, my point is that you should hire some new writers - the old one's are too many and do not have good ideas, and fashinable style. You should make the blog what it was then - free & new stuff, do not advertise your desgings, you should advertise talnetible people that make uniqe clothes from things from the minishop.

  11. You need to post more topics otherwise it will die out like the many other stardoll fan websites left on the net! Also do features on new dolls and rate the style and doll from 1-5. Theses are just some ideas as I am just brainstorming. Be creative and keep it fun and fresh!

  12. Ok, Give people a chance! A lot of girls want to be writers in stardollfanatic! And im one of those! So give us a chance, you can have an interveiw!!!! Please and thank you!


  13. i think you should have some more writers so that there are more posts everyday.
    It is, kinda boring having to wait, for new articles.. i think that you should also make more competitions and prizes for the winners! ^_^ baii!

    ~ sweet_cute_girl (visit me on stardoll)


  14. I think that maybe you should do more interesting posts.

    Because before everyone loved you but now you don't do as much posting =]


  15. Ginnycee I think we all agree that we have problems with the writers, the advertising..everything! you should listen to all the ideas we gave you- that will save your blog

  16. well i think i could come up with some good outfits and i have already come up with lots of great outfits. my stardoll name is becks94 i have asked ginnycee if i could do some outfits b4 but she didnt answer me. just plz give me a chance i know u would like the outfits.

  17. i think you should make a audition 4 writes,so only the most creative could join to write,,personally my biggest wish is that i one day become a writer,and i would rather accept that ,then somebody give me free dnky scuba dress,,, i think you should view the album,coz that sow how much the person is creative,,,i think you should write more posts,coz ppl come everyday on stardollfanatic and the disappoint when they see that there is no new post ,..also think you shouldn't advertising on posts

    i like -HOT&NOT
    -outfits(BOUT ONLY PRETTY ONE)
    -posts about free stuff


  18. i think the outfits are great,if you need to improve on the outfits try to make it more..cheaper,i recently turned superstar and ive always looked at the blog but recently became a member,what i think would be good is if you hold more compations and maby have a writer of the week:each week you pick a writer to write a section of the blog,weather its outfite ect if people like them they can become a perminent writer if not its great fun,hope my ideas are useful.
    rebecca-xxrebeccabexixx(stardoll name)

  19. I like a lot of things about the clubs but i have some dislikes and improvements you could maybe consider making. First i like how you do styled outfits but some of them are kind of weird. I would suggest making some more typical and stuff. I also don't like how you have so much advertising. The advertising just fills up the page and some people dont like it! Also i think you should have more writers because i go on to look everyday and sometimes there aren't any updates so it can get boring. Also think of some more topics in your page. brainstorm some ideas of what you think is interesting and catchy! Good Luck.

  20. I think you need new outfits, people have different styles for example here are some styles:
    -girly vintage
    -posh chick
    -pretty tomboy
    -hippie boho
    -classic with a twist
    -edgy glam
    All of these styles were from seventeen magazine. Another tip for styling outfits is maybe trying to incorporate celebrity styles. If you would like help designing outfits i would be able to help! Visit me on stardoll (jellykitty333) Thanks!

  21. dont make the outfits so expensive! and stop advertising!!

  22. Several things already outlined:
    1. advertising *needs* to stop. just full out stop.
    2. you need new writers with fresh ideas.
    3. writers should have different areas of expertise. like, only 0NE writer does the superstar and non-superstar outfits. 0NE writer does member spotlight. 0NE writer searches for new slash hidden talent etc. etc.
    4. write more about what's free and stuff. that's *seriously* lacking. F0R EXAMPLE:
    Did you know that there's a FREE black t-shirt? I don't think you knew. AND I told ginnycee. But still nooooobody knows.

    I'm not gonna be one of those people who is like, "Oh, pick me for your writer!". I would like to write, and you can think about it yourself. I can find out all the freebies, like the black t-shirt [[not the stardoll one, but just a plain black t-shirt]].
    Consider it.

    snowbunny91 [[stardoll username]]

  23. ok yeaaa i agreee you guys neeeed to make this site better
    when i first started goin on here i loved it cuz there was always something diff everyday
    now this site has got lik the dumbest stuff posted up and u barly ever post anymore and the hot or not clothes should be changed more often ik aybe every 3 days i mean really ome on if u want more people to come and for more people to tell their friends then u need to mak it more exciting

  24. Don't just randomly pick writers. Hire permanent ones. And make them actually try out and prove themselves.

  25. I'm going to go with the earlier posts.

    1. Advertising =/= popularity. No offense intended, but your designs aren't different from anyone else's. Just *stop*.
    2. One writer for each segment. One GOOD writer.
    3. More free stuff plz.
    4. Change the hot or not, post reviews on new dolls, put together more superstar/non superstar outfits...

    You could really improve this site. I like it a lot, but it needs to have more.

  26. after reading all the new things on stardollfanatic and how people think we should have a new writer i think you should pick a few who you like and then out of the ones you pikced let the views vote for who they want.

    hope i have helped