Saturday, February 28, 2009

24 Hour Guestbook Party Winners!

The Runner Ups...




They each get a one month ad!

(Contact me to get your prizes!)

And The Winner is...


She gets to be a new writer in March for Stardoll Fanatic!!!!!!
Good job to all! Look out for more 24 Hour Guestbook Parties!


Friday, February 27, 2009

24 Hour Guestbook Party!

In my guestbook! The theme is Oscars! Best Recreation will be the fashion writer for March, and the runner ups will get free Month-Long Ads! (Worth 30 stardollars!) Good luck to all! Have fun! Remember - it's 24 hours!


Free Gifts!

If you join the club, EF_StarClub_es, you will get 3 free gifts from the stardoll admin! 

Click below then go to your suite!

Spotlight Girls and Sorry

Hey Everyone,
I am soooo sorry that I haven't written in two weeks! I have had so much homework and projects to do, there just was no time.

So, here are the spotlight girls - ginny never gave me her picked so I picked both of them.


congratulations! :)

and remember,  there's always next week.



Styled Outfits: BOLD!

Superstar -- (Left)
Beret - Bisou, 4 sd
Jacket - Elle, 12 sd
Pin - Pretty in Pink, 1 sd
Dress - Bisou, 8 sd
Belt - Bisou, 5 sd
Tights - Fallen Angel, 5 sd
Boots - Philosophy, 12 sd

Non Superstar -- (Right)
Beret - Bisou, 4 sd
Jacket - Stardoll, 5 sd
Pin - Decades, 2 sd
Dress - Pretty in Pink, 5 sd
Belt - Bisou, 4 sd
Tights - Bisou, 4 sd
Boots - Bisou, 5 sd


Monday, February 23, 2009


Hot: 683
Not: 345



If you've read about MetaRL in previous posts, you would know that it is a website where you earn points by doing surveys and playing games, and when you get enough you can cash in your points for a stardoll gift card! If I can get 50 or more people to sign up and confirm their email by thursday, I will randomly select one member to get any gift of her choice! Just comment to this post with your stardoll name and metarl name!

To sign up, click on the link below!


Friday, February 20, 2009


Look at this cute dress! Made only from the free flower pillows, the free moonacre necklace, and the voile bow-tie for 1 dollar! Just so you know, I look out for these things! Good work hellokittylove.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Barbie Dress!

If you want a free Barbie dress, go to the link below!!!!
Note: might only work for the US!!

The video is kind of long, but you can just turn the volume off and go to another page!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hot: 1027
Not: 221

Vote for the next hot/not poll!


Free Stuff and New Additions

Free Stuff

Checkered Shirt
1) Go to the stardoll shop
2) Purchase the checkered shirt in the 1st page of the mens section!

1) Click the link below!
2) It will be in the mirror in your suite!

Note: Might only work in the US!

New Additions

Search Function in the StarBazar

+ Easily find the clothes you want!

- Trades can be much more easily intercepted


Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Tshirt + Pillow

Hey Everyone..
This plain black t shirt is free is the stardoll shop!
I hope everyones Valentines Day was great.
Sorry this is such a short post...I have been working on my new club which is a elite boarding school role play called Aspen.Academy. So check it out if you wish.

There is a free flower pillow in the mini shop [roots]

Thanks to BNC456 for pointing this out to me.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Hey Stardoll,
So Ginny and I picked our spotlight girls this week for the same reason - because they were very nice. For me, it was very hard to choose but remember there is always next week!

So Congratulations to :



Happy Valentines Day!                                      

Free Lipstick!

Just so you all know, there is free lipstick in the starplaza on the 1st page! Enjoy! 


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Things...

1. The Clubs are down. This makes me very sad. I wonder what stardoll is fixing!

2. There are new Shopaholic Clothes in the Starplaza! A lot of it is for non-superstars!

3a. I designed a few LE clothes, starting with the tights, selling for only 6!
3b. Did anyone else notice that now if you put an item for sale, the tags are at the bottom and on the left side!

4. There will be a fundraiser for Stardoll Fanatic coming soon! It will be starting soon! We will have raffles, auctions, a lottery, and other fun things!



Hey Stardolls,

so click HERE

its running out SUPER FAST...and is SUPER expensive.
I spent 400 on 1 outfit!

So make sure you check it out...there is now 2 floors.

  & remember spotlight girl will be choosen Friday 

sorry this is so short! i want everyone to get their LE ASAPP

Vote for Missy!

Look at that face! 
Click on the link below to vote for Missy, lostamania's adorable dog!

And there are some other special things...
If at least 100 people vote for Missy and then put the link on their profile, I will randomly select one person to win...

1) For superstars -- 10 stardollars to spend on a stardoll pet (hopefully)
2) For non-superstars -- Any gift in the Pet section of the gifts!

Remember -- All you have to do is vote for Missy, and then copy and paste the link from the voting page onto your profile! (take out the http://www.)

Winner will be selected randomly!!!!

Vote Now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Pink Shop

There's a new shop in the starplaza: the little pink shop! It has stuff thats red and pink, and you can find it in the starplaza menu. I wonder if it will only be there until valentine's day. The shop has a lot of stuff that is similar to stuff already released, or just put into the shop after the item was made (pink hb jacket, pick of the week last week). Unfortunately, most of it is superstar, but the stuffed animals which are not superstar, are really cute!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

You Got It ... Don't Want It? They'll Buy It!

This is a new segment called You Got It ... Don't Want It? They'll Buy It! Where people that want a certain item, name the item, the price, and then people that have it can get in contact with the people that want it! If you want to be in it, comment with the item you want and the price you'll pay!

User: girlarteer2006
Wants: Purple HB Tank Top
Will Pay: 60 sd, maybe more!


I Quit

Hey everybody. thanx for all the requests and support. But im Gonna Quit for many reasons.
Sorry everyone.




Hot: 407
Not: 854

Vote for the next hot/not!


Jessiemar Post #2

SO ANYWAYS ABOUT THE DIFFERENT COLOUR THING... THATS NOT REAL . AS I SAID .I WAS BORED AND DID THAT. I DID IT IN THE PAINT PROGRAM.JST take a pic of ur doll and open paint program with the pic and colour! yey!.dont know how to save ur doll? then ask me how and ill edit this post and put it here. ^_^


ANOTHER OUTFIT FOR SS AND NON SS ^_^= (sorry i was trying to make one and stardoll didnt loaded for me ) =( ill do it later ='(.
ps.thanx so much for the girls who added me.
and thanx to ginnycee for making me writer.
and congrats to the other wither ^_^
xox , -jessiemar

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hey everyone,
I came up with an idea! Its going to be like covergirl only for SDfanatic.
It will be called spotlight!
And what will happen is a few members will get their headshots posted on the blog every week or so;
to become a spotlight there is nothing you can do...we choose randomly by picking peoples names we see come up often. 
But, you do have to have a good sense of style and/or a nice suite.
If you want to make sure we see your names, you could join our clubs, comment on our suite, buy from our baazars, vote us covergirl, sending us gifts etc.
It doesn't cost anything and you will be able to get tons of visitors to your suite, shop and clubs!
The only rule is : do not ask or beg for the position!
This is a collab between all writers; ginnycee, jessiemar and myself [ktbananaxoxo].....which basically means we all will be picking spotlight girls!

The first spotlight girls will be picked on Friday.
Good Luck !

Limited Time Only!

Hey Stardoll Fanatics! I will be selling these shirts for 7$ in my bazar, so come quick! They will only be selling until Valentines Day!


Valentines Week Outfits!

Left to Right!!!

Outfit # 1 SS
1) Red Bow, Splendid -- 3$
2) Wonderland Puff, Tingeling -- 6$
3) Heart Brooch, Pretty in Pink -- 1$
4) Red Dress, Pretty in Pink -- 7$
5) Red Strap Platforms, Vivienne Tam -- 5$

Outfit #2 Non SS
1) Headband, Splendid -- 4$
2) Striped Scarf, Bisou -- 5$
3) Ruffled Slip Nightgown, Pretty in Pink -- 5$
4) Parks Gloves, Decades -- 3$
5) Red Pumps, Bisou -- 4$

Outfit #3 SS
1) Ashley Headband, Splendid -- 4$
2) Tillipa Design Earrings, Splendid -- 5$
3) Hoodie, Fudge -- 7$
4) Serpent Multi Zip Skinny, Jordache -- 7$
5) High Top Sneakers, Fudge -- 4$

Outfit #4 Non SS
1) Ruffle Front Top, Pretty in Pink -- 5$
2) Heart Belt, Pretty in Pink -- 3$
3) High-Waist Shorts, Pretty in Pink -- 4$
4) Ballerina Pantyhose, Pretty in Pink -- 3$
5) Ashley Pink Boots, Pretty in Pink -- 4$

Outfit #5 SS
1) Valentine Sunglasses, Splendid -- 4$
2) Heart Print Coat, Evil Panda -- 7$
3) PVC Trousers, Rio -- 8$
4) Leighton Heart Bag, Pretty in Pink -- 3$
5) Valentine Shoes, Pretty in Pink -- 4$


Tips For Saving Stardollars!

Tips for Superstars

1) Look at the comments on superstar dolls, people are always advertising their sale, but it doesn't reach a wide audience, so you get great deals, and others do not know about it! Today, I got the Pink Voile Dress for 2, the Belt Front Halter Dress (the free email dress!) for 3, the Printed Fairy Dress for 4, and the Blue Voile Dress with Flowers for 4!
2) Make a spending limit for yourself each day! Don't buy things that are over 10sd unless they are HBs
3) Sell items you never wear! They may even be worth 60!!

Tips for Non-Superstars

1) Log in every day, even if you don't feel like playing
2) Get as much free stuff as you can!
3) Earn a ton of Starpoints, and save up your earned Stardollars!


Random Stuff

So i was bored home (as always) and i made this haha. Its a little messy i know lOl ^_^
Now why are this always Hot clothes?

Could it be that their more Non-Superstars Than Superstars?... Ask your self lol. Write commentsAnd tell others what you think.(Specially those boots. They are always hot. lol. )
And Lastley i putted some outfits togheter for SS and Non SS. Check them out. (Its kind of a pink thing) haha.
Thanx for watching. xx -Jessie (jessiemar) Leave comments.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Styled Outfits for SS and NSS. =]

NonSuperStar Outfit:
24 stardollars!
*leopard leggings - 5
*satin bra - 3
*station necklace - 3
*audrey boots - 4
*tube top - 4

SuperStar Outfit!
24 Stardollars.
*zebra pants - 6
*high heeled boots - 5
*fudge top - 5
*rio top - 8

Styled Outfits of the Week
Hey everyone!
I know Ginny did something like this a few weeks ago.
I am just changing it up a bit.
Both my outfits cost the same and they are unique - something you might not pick out for your stardoll.
So non superstars - you can still dress as cool as superstars! you just have to be creative.
Hope you enjoy =]
Talk Soon..

New Writer: jessiemar

Hello everyone. Im Jessie ( jessiemar )
Im the new wirter of ^_^
Im 14 years old. I speak both Spanish and English (spanglish)
Im a puertorican girl lol. I love stardoll fanatic (i know you do too)
haha. Ill be posting three times a week. So yes.... Visit this blog alot
so you can be informed about the news.
Hope youll like my blogs.. and yes thats about everything. lol
And Thanks to ginnycee for the chance to be a writer! luv yaH!
Jessie ( jessiemar )
And Welcome All to Stardoll Fanatic Official Blog!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I designed scuba!

I was once searching the message boards at a free stuff club, and I saw this statement; i designed scuba! and then the person just said... I wish... but I have designed scuba, and I am selling it! Sure it isn't exactly like the Scuba, and if you want the set, you have to pay 20, but compared to 600, which most people charge for the scuba, that's cheap! If you want it in other skin tones, just request it! I have to see how popular it is before I make too many. PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY SCUBA DESIGN!!!! Most people would not have thought of doing it the way I did.


just noticed.

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the second post today but I just noticed something;
in my suite I noticed a new storage way!
It makes it so much easier to find all your items.
Just thought I should share that incase you didn't know.

Hey! I'm KT [ktbananaxoxo0

Hey everyone,
I'm Ktbananaxoxo - but you can call me KT.
Ginny choose to me write for SDfanatic a few times a week.
This is my first time writing for a blog so it will take me a little to figure everything out...
I have some cool ideas that I can't wait to share with you all =]
But, if you have any ideas please let me know either in my guestbook or comment below.
You may have noticed but my club TSLOTAT_ is advertised on the sidebar area --->
Thats all I have for today. I will try to post tomorrow with more exciting news. haha

A Hunch...

Hey People! I have a feeling that LE is coming out today or tomorrow! So get prepared, save up, and PLEASE buy from my bazar! It would mean the world to me!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New DKNY!!!

The new DKNY has been released! But it's REALLY expensive. This also means that I won't be selling the DKNY shirts anymore!