Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello loves :) Like my new banner? Ha ha also new limited edition furniture store is out. Ranging between 750 starcoins to 120? I'm just guessing here. Way tooo expensive in my opinion, especially for furniture. Also as with the new furniture store came out some BEAUTIFUL GOWNS that I'm in love with >o<.  Prices are great for the quality at least. They are not LIMITED! That's all for today folks! Have a lovely Friday!!! Remember you still have 6 days to vote in my poll, but after that you're out of luck! 
From underneath stardoll.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hola stardollies! Like I promised a new competition with a pretty cool prizes. The problem is I'm not sure what the competition should be, which is why I made a poll. YOU vote what you think the competition should be about. I'll post the poll results next Wednesday October 5. Also I'll then post all the information about the competition such as how to enter, how to send your entry etc. on October 7.  YOU can only vote once so choose wisely :) Also don't you hate it when people make competitions with crappy prizes? I do. So there's alot of stardollars involved, over a 100. HAPPY VOTING! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey everyone. New D Sign store is out, most is for non ss (which is good.) No picture today just a link you can get to the store HERE. Sorry I don't have much to say I just got done reading the book Precious by Sapphire. It's the worlds most depressing book EVER! Though I'm only 13 and can't really relate, it sure hit home. I  don't want to say much because it's very graphic for those who are younger veiwers. Anyways you can get a preview of the book here by clicking look inside the book. Everyone have a awesome day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Hotbuys Purse :)

Hello homies (running out of things to say here, lol)! Did you miss me? Though 2 days isn't that long it sure felt like IT! Anyways the new hotbuys purse is out, nothing special just an overpriced purse. The purse cost 14 stardollars, the store is RIO and it's only available till the end of the month. I was feeling to lazy (of course :) to make a link so I just took an picture instead. Also, what's up with all the dirty messages in the chat box? Do you people have no morals or common sense? I'm not talking to all of you, just some. What do you think should happen to keep the dirty messages away? Not that I have any power over it but maybe gennycee could make some changes (to the chat box of course ^_^) too help keep creeps off, if she could of course. Anyways Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hola amigos! The new hotbuys shoes are out, they're pretty cute. Costing 15 stardollars, (a decent price) and uuber cute I'd say that's an awesome deal! Also I probably won't write much tomorrow or Sunday sense stardoll usually doesn't have updates on those days. Anyways remember these shoes are only available until the end of the month :)

Callie Broadcasted???????

Hey Guys
I just saw something odd I saw CALLIE.STARDOLL broadcast i was like HUH???? and heres a pic to prove it:-
Anyway I am having a contest called 'Infinity'...What you have to do is create and outfit using complete black and white and no other colours.....Comment with ur SD name and ur Real name with a tinypic address of ur outfit
Good Luck

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey everyone! The new innocent smoothies for KIDS is out! The store itself is really cute, but the clothes aren't really my taste. Good news though, most of the items are for non ss and the prices are really good! I don't have a picture sense I don't live in the UK but, I do have a link. Click HERE to get the clothes in your dressing room.

xoxo.... Iceice20dice :)

Prom Look For Non-SS.

First, I've got a medoll for Non-SS, a prom like medoll.

Accessories Used:

Two Black Braids: 40 SC Each, Splendid, Page 4.

Dark Dotty Left Eye and Dark Dotty Right Eye: 40 SC each (Left and Right), Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Lovely Lashes Top Right and Lovely Lashes Top Left: 30 SC Each, Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Lovely Lashes Bottom Left and Bottom Right: 30 SC Each, Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Girl Earrings: 50 SC, Glam 'R' Us, Page 10.

Mouche: 10 SC, Splendid, Page 12.
Total: 340 SC.

Facial Features Used:

3rd Face Shape, Page 1.
3rd Skin Tone.
Page 5, 1st On Second Row, Eyes.

Page 1 Row 1, Second Lips.
5th Lip Colour.
Page 2, 2nd Row, Third Eyebrows.

1st Row, Third Colour, 100% Eyebrow Colouring.
First page, First Nose.
6th Page, First Hair on Row 3, Hair.

And now the outfit!

Items Used:

Voile, Fluide Long Skirt, 50 SC.

Bizou, Belt, 10 SC.

Fallen Angel, Space Gloves, 20 SC.
Decades, Sabrina Top, 50 SC.
Perfect Day, Beige Fur Stole, 70 SC.

Perfect Day, Rose Headpiece, 60 SC.

Total: 260 SC.
Overall Total: 600 SC/60 SD.

Do you like it? A bit pricey, but you can just get rid of items you don't like and use your own stuff :D

Bye, x-Dani-Harmer-x :)

Good Karma Week

Hey :P Well they have introduces a 'Good Karma Week', where you can get rewards my clicking the 'DOne' button. You can only get one reward per day. You don't really have to do the thing to get the gift, but I recommend ACTUALLY doing it. Bye, x-Dani-Harmer-x :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HEY! :) Here are those makeup looks I promised. Tell me what you think love or hate? Also, I'm thinking of holding a competition ( with some pretty awesome prizes) either next week or the beginning of the month. More details later. Anyways, here ya go :)
Who says nerds can't be sexy?;)
I'm gonna stay classy. >-<
Such a natural beauty :)
I used other peoples beauty parlors for two of the the looks, just so you know. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey, I'll be doing a big post on makeup ideas either tomorrow or Thursday! Nothing new today, stardoll's quite boring lately. Anyways have a beautiful Wednesday my pretties!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Young Hollywood

Hey yall, the new young hollywood store is out. Most of the items are an epic fail in my opinion. If you have school (like meh :) than you probably didn't miss much. It's pretty pricey for the quality, ranging between 40-150 ( I'm to lazy to look, just guessing.) stardollars. Anyways does anyone else hate mondays as much as I do? Haha everyone have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Non SS covergirl winner!?

The title says it all. If you didn't notice a non ss won covergirl, which I think is great! But, others didn't agree. Rude comment after rude comment, saying she wasn't deserving, ugly, etc. So instead of giving her negative attention I thought I'd congratulate her with this post!
Congrats Swinka95!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring Makeovers :)

So I decided to do some Spring makeovers, because yes, a few posts below they were Autumn Makeovers, but for people in Australia and such should have Spring makeovers, so voila!

Here's something more plain:
And then something more colourful:

Do you like them?

Bye, x-Dani-Harmer-x :D

PS: What do you think of the new Young Hollywood things?

2nd Round MSW.

Hey :)

So the 2nd rounds MSW people have been announced.
Honestly, most of them don't deserve it, and some of them just got in because they are Stardoll 'celebrities' and people just vote them just because they are.

Good luck everyone who made it though.

x-Dani-Harmer-x :)

New Store!

New Another World store is out, prices ranging between 12 starcoins to 14 stardollars. I'm loving the Egyptian theme, makes me want to sing Walk Like An Egyptian. Anyways tell me what you think! Love or Hate?
New Other World store

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The new hotbuys dress is out! :) Costing 23 stardollars, again pretty pricey. But, I guess well just have to get used to the crazy prices. Anyways the store is Decades and you can get the dress HERE.
Image from underneath stardoll.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A new doree is out! I think everything is about 6 stardollars, correct me if I'm wrong. All of the colors are unnatural and pretty stupid looking. :O Sorry for the grumpy attitude, I'm just having a bad day. So tell me what you think, LURVE or HATERS?  

The new DOREE

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gift O Meter's Back!

The new gift O meter is back. Stardoll's supposedly being generous, but in order to get these "free" gifts you have to spend 300 stardollars and 1000 starcoins. Pretty pricey for the gifts but, some of them are super cute! :) like the 9th one. Anyways, are you FOR or AGAINST the gift O meter? Tell me in the commentos! 
The new Gift O Meter :b

Monday, September 12, 2011

New PPQ!

The new PPQ store is out. Some of the new pieces are cute while others lack some graphics. The store is ok in my opinion. Anyways tell me what you think!, LOVE it or HATE it?

Don't pay attention to that black scrible thing, lol. I was just playing with the paint and was to lazy to erase. I keep getting off topic but, Everyone have an awesome week!

Scenery Master

Hey Guys
I just saw the most amazing scenery by an amazing girl called Co0l-Miss-PiNK
Here is a sample:-
So you can visit here suite and have a look at more.And i will not be posting 24/7 since i have school but i will try cuz im gonna get my membership 2day..
Hugs and Kissies

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hotbuys Cheetah cardigan

Hey everyone, the new hotbuys cheetah cardigan is out. It cost 18 stardollars, which is a little pricey in my opinion and is for superstars only. So tell me what you think Love it or Hate it?

Super makeover

Now is time to do a makeover of my doll... Comment for before and after - what's better
The ¨nature" make-up by LUXE and by DOT ... hair by Dorée

After by LUXE:

After by DOT:

And now, some extravaganta by both brands :-D

Before & After :)


Sorry I haven't been posting for a few days, and I also just wanted to say welcome to hte new writers :D

I also wanted to do some before and afters on today's CG like I used to :)



So which one do you like best, before, or after? :)

Bye, x-Dani-Harmer-x :D

It's time of dancing ball soon so I'll present you some of stardoll brands with dresses for a ball and what's cool for this season.
Sea of Stars: Lond skirt with a ong corset with a black ribbon in front + lovely white sandals

Mortal Kiss: Silver midle-long dress + sandals with blue chrystals

Perfect Day: Short corset dress (top and skirt) + black-grey heels

Voile: Purple long dress with ribbons + chrystal grey shoes

Fallen Angel: Black top and skirt + black platforms

And now my garderobe: For this season I've prepared a long green dress and free short dresses (Black-red with crystals, yellow wit ribbon and blue with black BICYCLES XD)