Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taylor Swift Look A Like Dress!

Have You seen the new hot buys dress! It looks like this Taylor Swift dress i found except it seems to be a little more poofy and has a sleeve. Also the dress on stardoll is blue while the one taylor Swift is wearing is dark blue. But similar style! In the comments section of "Any Suggestions" post jellykitty333 said we should do outfits like celbs! By the way--Thanks a ton jellykitty333! I am tryying my absolute best to please you and take comments and make them happen! Well, here is a taylor swift look a like dress! Post comments in the comments section please! I really tried to make my stardoll look like taylor swift in this one!

Hot Buys Dress-16sd


taylor swift photo from http://www.iheartthat.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/taylor_swift_grammy.jpg


  1. that really does kinda look like similar!
    thanks for listening 2 the comments 2!!!

  2. I like the celeb look-a-like idea!!!!!

  3. that is really cool.. and i like the celeb look-alike idea. they look really simalar!
    krissykrissygee you are very good at doing things like this!
    - caseynb7

  4. hi,
    they look pretty similar! cute dress! ^_^
    i read the article about you leaving..
    if you are reading this, than i wish u all the best in the future! And i hope you find another blogspot to write in! (where people respect you)
    thanks so much for being such a creative writer!
    congrats and wishing you good luck!

    byee.. ~ sweet_cute_girl ~

  5. hmmm... it's a Lady GaGa dress... i have seen her in it !

  6. that really look like the same dress, thats so cool, vote me covergirl.

  7. PS my name is Ingrid-123

  8. i love taylor cos she is soo fab at singing and i love her stardoll i dress her every day but the doll at the top does not look like taylor swift

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