Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick Post :)

Heyy Guys Just a quick post....
Free Stuff!!!! Go to your suite and enter the mini shop and right there in new we have 3 NEW CAMP ROCK STUFF FOR FREE!!!! A piano,trunk,and note stand ^_^ AWESOMEEE
And in new there is also a tulip vase ^_^ It's the one ccatilina was talking about
In case you haven't seen the last posts by the other writers LE IZZZ OUT!!! Soome stuff is gone already :P SO HURRY AND GO AND BUY SOME STUFF NOW!!!
Well that's pretty much it O_O OKAY BYEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Free tulip vase

Just wanted to let you know that the next ramadan gift is a free tulip vase. Enjoy it!

To go to the ramadan calendar click HERE

Hugs, Ccatalina

Monday, August 30, 2010

LE is out!

LE is out. The clothes are great but not as expensive as they used to be. Why? Don't ask me! I have no idea. -_- But I noticed something weird. In the left corner it said that there is something LE for non-SS and for 4$-5$. I looked for it but I could find nothing and this means this is another Stardoll mistake that makes us to feel excited about something that isn't actually real. Whatever. I hope you enjoy the new LE and the new low prices.

Hugs, CCatalina

Click to enlarge:

Le is coming soon: Today!

LE is coming today!!!
The new LE shop will be out today. Stardoll already posted in spoilers the clothes and this picture of the new shop. So... if you wanted to buy anything stop and keep your money for the new LE collection that seems to be better than all. The 8th LE collection. Will you buy anything? Please tell me in comments.

Hugs, Ccatalina

The shop:

The clothes:

(thanx to underneathstardoll)

Free dress and poster

Hello! Ccatalina here with some new free stuff. To get the free dress join the saturdays competition :

To get the saturdays poster join their fan club at :

And on the campaign page it sais that every week will be a new contest and a new outfit from every girl. Can't wait to see what's next. Love ya all!
(Campaign page: http://www.stardoll.com/en/promo/?id=9 )

Hugs, Ccatalina

(thanx to the stardoll insiders)

Free aurora dress and shoes =)

Oh my!!!! stardoll is giving away the rare elizabeth and james aurora dress!!! :)
So here's how you get it -
In the URL box enter this-
stardoll.com/    and  then Click on go!
Log-in to stardoll..
Now change the URL to this-
Click on go! Wait till the page loads..Log-out and then log-into normal stardoll!
Two gift boxes are there in your suite!!!
You'll  get  a pair of rio shoes with the dress!
see ya



Sorry o_o and updates ^.~

Hey REALLY sorry for not posting.Something came up and i had no time to go on the computer.

So UPDATES! *i cant post pics becasue my dsi is not charged and i lost my charger -_-*

Now The Catwalk YAH YAH :P
For the last couple of days the catwalk winner has been naked but ITS STARDOLL'S FAULT -_- It's a glitch so it's not the persons fault.Mmkay?Because I saw a bunch of people yelling at one girl who won

There is a bunch of new contests in contest and events :P Most of them are for The Saturdays

Erykardo http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=10015755
He's a superstar -_- and he doesn t even know he is coverboy *because it said last seen 14 hours ago* Lol xDDDD

I guess that's all.Byeeee :3

since my poll found out that most of you think that my stardoll fanatic is a good idea but can't be bothered to enter i thought that i would make it really easy and say that just email me your stardoll user name or post it in the comments, im sorry to all of you who voted that you thought that my stardoll fanatic project runway was a really lame idea and that i should just leave the blog because my posts sux im sorry but you are just going to have to get over it and will have to just scrol past my posts... don't forget that i need 14 people to run it.

bye byee
tiger_evie_624 =]

Who went thruogh round one!

Here's who went through round one:
  • niki-chick
  • MissVampire
  • theodosia8000
  • madi309
  • tiger_evie_624
  • 3mmag9
  • Miki1811
To make it through round one you had to have at least 2 votes.
Task 2:
Make your suite based on a Hollywood party.
Tell me when your done in my GB and then I will ad your photos on SDF and see what the readers think. You have a LONG time to do this as this closes the 10th of September.
Good luck! vindii77 xoxo

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poem Comp/ How am I?

Hey! I'm back and it's the weekend. The poem comp will end September 1st! That's 2 days! So send me your poems because I have about 5 entry's.... D: The winner gets 1 month SS and 200SD. You have to send a poem to krissybae23@gmail.com or my doll KyiahGlossy.

My birthday is tomorrow! I have practice so I won't write a topic about it. So sign up for this poem comp. Please :) The entry's will be up September 1st around 5pm ish, my time!

-Cressy xoxo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

you thought i was all done? so did i untill i rememberd this... i will be having a stardoll fanatic project runway...
send an entry to evangelineya@gmail.com
your entry should include...
-why you think you could be the winner of stardoll fanatic project runway
-a picture of your favourite outfit on stardoll
-a picture of your medoll(close up and long shot)
-what you think should be the prize for the winner

each week there will be a challenge and then i will have a vote to see who you think should be eliminated, then i will make the final decision... based on what you thought...

i will need atleast 14 entrys to start the competion, if you really can't be bothered to do all the things in my list(of what your entry should include) then just send your stardoll user name or post it in the comments...
also can you please vote to tell me if i should have the competion...

do you think that stardoll fanatic project runway is a good idea?

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bye bye
tiger_evie_624 =]
heyy again,
i was thinking that the picture of the avril forbidden rose dress and perfume were never posted so here they are...background semming familiar look to my banner... lol
now when i was on stardoll(oviously) i was just having a look at what was new when i found this and i was right next to the sunny bunny stuff aswell so i tried it on thinking that it was from sunny bunny, i then looked at the tag to check the price, no it wasn't from sunny bunny infact it was from no shop at all huh? thats weird if any of you know which shop its from tell me in the comments...
now when i logged on to stardoll i was just browsing the cover page when i noticed that the calwalk girl had no clothes on strange, i refreshed the page thinking that it was just my computer and it was still there why would you vote for some one who had no clothes on?
here is a free cleopatra top surprisingly you dont need any proxys just go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=547 and there you go (make sure you are logged in first) it will then be in your suite...

sunny bunny the new items stardoll oviously(sorry i sux at spelling) haven't looked at the store very carefully as there are heaps of mistakes see pic below...
and they have even forgotten to put the i scream for ice-cream earings in at all...
byee byeee,


heyy guys,
i have finally chosen winners for my two competitions the sunny bunny contest and the banner contest...
the winner of the sunny bunny contest as chosen by you is sunset_bird! congratulations...
im sorry but i have lost your email so would you please be able to email me on evangelineya@gmail.com so we can orginise your prize and interview...
and for the banner competition emb0411 is the winner congratulations can you also email me as well thanks to everyone who entered there were some other amazing entrys as well...

bye bye
tiger_evie_624 =]

The hottest suite comp round one!

Who do you think should go through round 1?

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Please vote!!!!!!!


Free Jacket! :D

Go to 
Enter this URL in the box-
Log-in and remove the previous URL and enter this one-

Click on go!
Log-into normal stardoll and you'll have it!

see ya



Friday, August 27, 2010

New store!

There is a new store called Stardoll & the city and it relates to a TV show. Here is the picture:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks but sorry!

Thanks for everyone that entered the hottest suite comp. I'm not having anymore people enter because at the moment I have 21 people entering! :D
-vindii77 xoxo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

heyy guys i have a few new updates, mostly things to watch out for as you can see in the picture below there is a dress woah your soo observant nah jokes lol but at first you look at it and think ok non-super star $10 not to bad but then you go to try it on and notice that its actually super star... and its definatly not a mix up between the shoes and the dress as the shoes are $7 and super star, does any one actually know the price and whether its super star or not?
also this is kind of old but just in case have you entered miss stardoll world yet? ok this is also kind of old but i want to know what you think of the newish identitee tops... vote below

which tee do you like the best?

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which ones do you think were the real cover girls?

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now if your wondering what this is i was feeling bored and decided to do some covergirl make overs and see if you could tell them apart form the ones i have done so vote above... (please dont cheat) when i first logged on today i noticed that there were only two most popular things strange but then it changed when i reloaded the page... anyone else have the same thing happen? now i know that this is also old news but i realised the other day that no one had posted this months play and earn trophy so here it is... now when i was looking at the Ramadan calander ( yep im kinda behinde with it but anyway) it said that what appeared to be two pink laps were olives?
one other weird thing stardoll is still advertising the red panda and that was months ago!
bye bye
tiger_evie_624 =]

New Dot ^.^

Hey Guys :) There's new makeup at dot :P
Purples and Greens and Browns and Blues and Pinks AND MORE!!!!!!
Only some of the old stuff is still avalible The new dot stuff is related to Ramadan 8-) Btw the Cleopatra headpiece is in the new section =]
And just a minute ago the popular was way different.....It had a whole bunch of black and white stuff but when i refreshed It ahd a whole bunch of colorful stuff o.o WEIRD!!! Lol :) That's all for now
Shop On, madi309 :)

The hottest suite comp!

Write down your username if you think you have the hottest suite.
Closes 20th of September.
-vindii77 xoxo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the winner is......................

Voting Is now closed......The winner with 4 votes......is........................



THE WINNER! RenesmeeEB!!!!!! Will you please add me and tell me in my guestbook what you want and we shall have the interview soon ^.^

Thank You For All Of Your Entries :)
I will might use them in the future :)
♥☻♥☺♥ madi309