Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 Years of stardoll

Well today stardoll celebrate 3 years ...
i was hoping that we gonna get some gifts,and i saw this clothes:

they are non ss,and not so expensive

I heard that stardoll is gonna put some special games and you could earn stardollars,,
I will write soon as i figure out ...


  1. I noticed that! Haha yea there aweum!

  2. i know.. ain't it kewl? ^_^
    i only bought the blazer, coz I'm broke at the moment!! :(
    I can't wait til they give us, non-superstars, a chance to earn stardollars!
    I hope the games and stuff come out soon!

  3. And you get your money back, when you buy it. I bought every thing and I got my money back!

  4. ew there kind of ugly <.<

  5. The blazer is decent,
    but the rest aren't pretty
    in my opinion.
    Also, to 3rd post, it doesn't
    work. At least not right now.

  6. the clothes are all kinda ugly. At the very least, we should get some sort of free gift.

  7. When does the games come out?
    There is also a scenery comp. for stardoll's 3rd b'day!

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