Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black and White Clothes

Sorry I have not written a post in awhile... I have been busy...
I created these 2 looks for superstar and non-superstar members.
Some of these items are on sale and 1 is for free...
So if you like them, I'd go to the starplaza before stardoll stops selling it or changes the price!

Left is Non-Superstar:  Right is Superstar:
Bag-3-Decades Shoes-9-DKNY
Tank-5-Bisou Pants-6-Fudge
Shorts-4-Pretty in Pink Skirt-6-Elle
Shirt-0-Stardoll        Shirt-2-Stardoll
Necklace-4-Bisou      Vest-5-Elle
Socks-4-Rio            Jacket-12-Elle
Shoes-5-Bisou       Necklace-5-Elle
Total: Total:
25 Stardollars    45 Stardollars

New Makeup Brand. !?!

Hey Everyone,
I dont know if you noticed but yesterday when I was on Stardoll I saw this :

But the strange thing is, I haven't seen it since.

So I was thinking about this when I came across the spoilers and found this :

My guess is a new makeup brand is coming in.
Anyone have other thoughts or discoveries?
Let me know through my guest book [here] and I will update this post with your thoughts.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Mini Cooper!

To get a free car follow the instructions below:

Go the club EF_StarClub_it


(You will be taken onto another site)

On the left side of the second screen it says "Free Gift" near the top

Click it and you will get the car by your mirror!

Bixxy101 was the first one to tell me about this!


Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey Everyone,
Make you head to the Star Plaza tomorrow to get an exclusive one-day-only t-shirt to celebrate the "turning lights off for one hour" cause.



the shirts are available now in the StarPlaza. They are free so enjoy (:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Koala bear for other than US/UK/Canada members!

The Koala bear is only ment for UK or US members, but ther's a way for other members to get it:

1. Go to
2. Paste in the browser and press enter
3. Log on your account.
4. The video might not show up, but you get the bear anyway.. So just enter your suite, and Voila! It's next to your mirror!


Click here to visit my suite! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Grand Opening: Ginnycee Boutique!!

Today, I am officially opening the Ginnycee Boutique!!! Stocked with tons of original designs and more!!! Right now, if you buy 2 designs or more at once, you will get a free advertisement!! There will also be a 24 hour party in my guestbook to celebrate the grand opening!! To order specific colors or specific styles, just put in an order in the new club: ginnyceedesigns, 100th member gets a littlest pet shop of her choice!


Free Littlest Pet Shop!!!

If you noticed, in the minishop there is a new littlest pet shop, shop! All of the animals are 1 sd, except the butterfly which is free!

mis-mayte was the first to tell me about the butterfly!


There is also a free koala if you watch the littlest pet shop video in the cinema! When you go back to your suite, it should be behind your mirror!

Note: I found out about the koala by myself!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Really Creative!

You all know that I love dresses made from mini shop items, so here's one Stardoll that really loves to design great dresses: filipinhamaria!!!

All of her dresses are great and totally original!!! You can see the dresses in her suite and in her album!

This one is my favorite!

But they're all really cute!!

I was told about this awesome designer by cyllable


Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Weekly Ginnycee

1) New designs in stardesign!

There are 4 new 'Carpe Denim' designs in the stardesign! Some of them are cute, but not many people want to spend 10 stardollars on a shirt!

2) DKNY Necklaces

I guess this is old news, but the last (I think) DKNY necklace is released, but it is 40 stardollars! Even collectors might not want to spend that much on a necklace that isn't really that cute!

3) Almost the same!

Recently I noticed that the Antidote shoes for 40 stardollars (left) and the Rio sandals for 5 stardollars (right) are almost the same! The prices are radically different, and the Rio sandals are for non-superstars too!

4) Hot!!!

The results of the Hot/Not are in!!

Hot: 801
Not: 319

Vote for the next hot/not poll in the sidebar!

5) No free stuff 

There hasn't been any free stuff recently. Instead, Stardoll has raised the prices a lot.

6) Advertisements!

Not many people have gotten ads recently, so if you want an ad on the sidebar, just tell me! Also, if you buy 2 items at once from my sale, you'll get an ad!

7) Re-Releases

Stardoll has really been getting on my nerves by rereleasing stuff. They also have changed stuff, like I had a tunic that was really cute, and was on my mannequin, then the next day, it was a different tunic, and it was really ugly. Anyways, I'll post next week!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Store & Other stuff (:

Hey Everyone,
There's not too much going on around Stardoll but here's what I got for ya!
[you might already be aware of these finds.]

There's a new store :
Antidote! It's like a LE type of store. Items run out. (:

Check it out HERE

Stardoll seemed to have "teamed up" with Piczo and Paperdoll Heaven. 
(Stardoll's former name.)

This is found on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

That's all for today. (:

Have a great weekend.


St. Patricks!

There has come some ST. Patric's day stuff in Starplaza.. It's kinda cheap..
Check it out

Friday, March 13, 2009

The other one..

Here's the other new hairstyle, from the 20's doll.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Hairstyle!

I know it's not my day for writing of posts, but I just wanted to tell you all about the new hairstyle right away! The Rihanna hairstyle is now avilabe for all members! You find it among the short hairs...
Thank you vaneskaa_12 for your post in the club FrEe_StArDoLlArS that told me about it!
Hope you'll enjoy it!

-------> Kakemonster <33 <-------

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey Everyone,
This weeks Spotlight girl is :

let me know if you would like to see a makeup tutorial like this :

Sunday, March 8, 2009

RC Ashley Olsen garment!

I've known it for a while, but I'm sure not all of you do know.. That there's a RC Ashley Olsen skirt in starplaza!? Yes, the Basic Miniskirt from Elle. I was really Happy when I first discoverd it, so I studied it closer. I'm 100% sure that it's the exact same skirt. Look for yourselves. You can find the skrirt in the first Elle collection, it's for superstar and is priced 6$...


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Weekly Ginnycee

I will try to write as much as I can, but usually I can only write on weekends. So I'm going to put a lot of stuff in this post!!!

1) Hot!

The results of the Hot/Not poll are...

Hot: 890

Not: 328

Vote for the next Hot/Not poll!

2) Styled Outfits!


Hat: Decades, 6 sd

Necklace: Elle, 6 sd

Top: DKNY, 12 sd

Cardigan: Rio, 6 sd

Skirt: Elle, 7 sd

Tights: Philosophy, 6 sd

Shoes: DKNY, 8 sd


Hat: Decades, 5 sd

Necklace: Voile, 4 sd

Top: Rio, 5 sd

Cardigan: Stardoll, 5 sd

Skirt: Stardoll, 5 sd

Tights: Tingeling, 3 sd

Shoes: Bisou, 5 sd

The Look: tube tops with cardigans, black skirts, fun tights, a long necklace, and a hat.

3) New Writers!

There are two new writers for the blog: Sabrinia624 and kakemonster! Read the posts below to visit their suites!

4) Club Ginnycee!!! There is a club called Ginnycee, so please join! It's awesome!

Club Ginnycee!

5) Decades has been remodeled! What do you think?

6) There are two new designs in stardesign! Do you like them?

7) FAQ: Where is the Starbazar Search? Answer: It is in the starbazar, not starplaza, and looks like a magnifying glass and it is on the left side.

8) Next weekend there will be a St. Patrick's day party in my guestbook! You can look at the styled outfits below for some inspiration! Best outfit wins a great prize!

Please comment with what you would like to see more at on Stardoll Fanatic!



Styled Outfits For SS and Non-SS!

Hello! .. So I've been to starplaza.. and you know what?? A lot of clothes looks kind of the same.. So if your non-superstar.. look closely and maybe you'll find some clothes that you can buy, that look a lot a like the ones that are for superstar and ar probably a brand and really expensive.. So I've made two looks for non-superstar and for superstar.. So check it out!

Non-Superstar: 18 $
Multi Pear and flower necklace:
Voile, 4 $
Print Top:
Stardoll, 5 $
Skinny Jeans:
Stardoll, 5 $
Lace-up Ankle Boots:
Decades, 4 $

Superstar: 32 $
Layerd Floral Necklace:
ELLE, *6 $
Belted Girly Tee:
ELLE, *6 $
Wom in Bootleg Jeans:
ELLE, *8 $
Satin Lace-up Stiletto Boots:
Philosophy, *12 $



Your Way!

Did you like the new dress from Bisou?? Or maybe you weren't too happy about the clouours, wanted a pattern and maybe wanted to have a print on it? We'll here's your chance! As ginnycee reported, there is new designs in the stardesign fashion section and that's the exact same dress! The only difference is the price.. The one in the Star design costs 8$.. One more then the one in starplaza, 7$.. But I guess it's wourth it when you can have this gorgeuos dress any way you'd like?? Unfortunatly.. They are both for superstar members :( But anyway, enjoy!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost Free!

There are new Woman Day clothes in the starplaza for 1sd apiece! Buy quickly because they may be a limited time offer! There are also gifts for 1sd for non-superstars, so just make a spare account and send 25 of them to your real account! 


Partying in Pink

I don't know about you, but I love to see clothes shown in cute, cool outfits

I made this for superstars and non-superstars

Left: non-superstar:
Pink top - 5 - pretty in pink
Skirt - 5 - Pretty in Pink
Bag - 4 - Stardoll
Shoes - 3 - Pretty in Pink
Necklace - 3 - Fudge Girls
20 Stardollars

Right: Superstar:
Pink top - 10 -Elle
Skirt - 8 - Elle
Shoes - 6- Elle
24 stardollars

Green with envy

St. Patricks day is coming up, so in honor of it, I decided to make a cool outfit (for superstars and for non-superstars) with subtle greens incorporated in it...

Superstar (left):
Jacket - 12 - Elle
Dress - 7 - Disou
Jeans - 7 - Heidi Klum
Boots - 9 - DKNY
35 stardollars

Non-superstar (right):
Black top - 0 - Stardoll
  Pink top - 5 - Pretty in Pink
   Turquoise/Green top - 5 - Stardoll
   Jeans - 5 - Stardoll
   Belt - 2 - Tingeling
    Boots - 5 - Tingeling