Saturday, April 11, 2009

hi im lilysrich

Hi everyone,
im lilysrich ...but call me lily, im new here and I think someone else has already posted amazing suites this week so im just going to tell you abit about me. Do you think SD FANATIC needs a young writer (well im not much of a writer but anyway) I am under the age of 9 (im nearly nine my birthday is on the 4 of may) ive got a pretty rubish suite but i dont wanna be a superstar coz u have soooo many rooms and it must take forever to do up. You have probably guessed im not a very patient person.My best friend is called amy visit her suite amysrich666 she only just started a few days ago and shes not superstar so plz be nice to her.Thats all 4 now plz visit my suite. I would write alot more but i cant be bovered plz plz plz plz plzzz join my club and be active in it to.
p.s this was my first post.
p.s.s do u think that there should be like a new post thingy called non superrtar news, comment
if you do or you dont.
p.s.s.s (sorry about this) I will be hiding 6 eggs in my suite if you ind them send me a friend request or a message telling me were they all are the winner will get to be manager of my club forever and there might be 1 more little big suprise too.


  1. you can always lock your rooms is u are ss..

  2. u kinda advertising yourself and your fiend

  3. Um you seem sweet, Lily, but shouldn't the writers be people that idk.... I don't want to be mean, but just people that have a more advanced vocabulary and use of grammar? That's a lot of pressure to put on an 8-year-old. My brother's nine, and if he got one little bit criticism from somebody online, he would probably cry or throw something at the compuer.

    Just a though...

    xx Olio262

    P.S. Good luck Lily!

  4. hey! =)
    congrats for becoming a writer!
    i hope u fit in fine, and i look forward to
    reading more of your articles! ^_^

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. Don't get too offended or sad by the criticism and bad comments people leave..
    many writers experience that, but still carry on, and write more posts ignoring the comments.
    See ya.. <3

  5. hi.... congratulations 4 becoming a new writer but i got to tell u that u must write only when u got to do it.. like the other writers, not advertise ur self and your friend... i mean.. going to ur suit and join in ur club is avertise ur self... good luck and im sorry if i was mean...bye

  6. can i please become a writer?

    (stardoll username)