Friday, May 29, 2009

Vivienne Tam, closed for renovation.

Looks like a new collection is coming soon.

Any hopes for this collection?
What kind of clothes do you want?
Tell us.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring cleaning, anyone?

A new button makes spring cleaning in your suite easier now. Just press the button and all items in the room will end up in your storage.
It makes redecorating easier, but it might be a problem if you accidentally push the button and you're room which you have putton down a lot of work on becomes empty.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shoe madness.

Same shoes, different prices.
The two pairs of shoes above are identical, except for the name and the price. Both of the shoes are from Pretty in Pink at the Starplaza and for some reason Stardoll have decided to put different prices on them. One costs 4 sd and the other 5 sd. 
Are they trying to make us pay more or is it just another glitch?
(Thanks nor4e_Lovely for the tip!)
Now one pair of the yellow shoes are on sale and costs only 2 sd.
Lonely cheap shoes.

I also founf this in the Starplaza, a pair of men's shoes at sale. Not much weird about that, but when I look around in the Starplaza for more things at sale and there were no other things. So I search and found the shoes again and then I realised that they don't come from any Starplaza shop. 
What do you think, are they "left-overs" from another sale or what?
Why doesn't they come from any of the Starplaza shops? 




Thursday, May 21, 2009

June Hotbuys.

Here's a sneek peek of the June Hotbuys. Personally I adore them, they're almost as good as this month were.

What do you think?
Which one is your favourite?



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New game


Free necklace

For all you there is a gift for you= jewelry necklace.
I tough that reason why we get it is because new philosophy is out..bout it is not true coz event non ss get it,,(yay ^.^ )..some ppl say that reason is coz they join club askpaulinagirl,bout i am not in it ,bout still i got the necklace...however join in-you cant loose anything..
askpaulinagirl RC
You should find it in starplaza bag,by your closet.
What a great gift,I really like it ;D ..and you?


Free necklace?

I just bought this new bag from the Starplaza and when I got to my suite there was another box next to mine. When I opened the box there was a necklace. I have never seen that necklace in any shop before and I certainly haven't bought it.

Anyone who have gotten the same necklace or anybody that knows why I got it? 

Maybe it's a gift from Stardoll to everyone, because some people have gotten the necklace without buying anything.

Update 2:
It's seems to be a gift from Philosophy to all of those who bought a piece from the last collection. I think this is a great gift, it's a really pretty necklace.
I wish the DKNY shop would do the same thing. 

Update 3:
Update 2 is not correct, the necklace was given to all members, not only those who have bought Philosophy clothes. I don't know if this is true but some say that the club AskPaulinaGirls/Paulina RC gave the necklace to all members/all stardoll users. But as I said, I don't know.



new shop->stardoll archive

Hey ,,there is new shop in starplaza.There you can buy old things , who have been before in starplaza. Mostly they are kinda ugly... The prettier clothes are ss,,,
What do you think about shop?
I think it is good idea to bring old clothes,,Hope that some of them sometimes will be rare..

(cklick for bigger and cleaner picture)
Link for starplaza

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Philosophy is out!

The new Philosophy collection is out :)
The collection is very summery and it's got some nice colors.

For those of you who wants to read my opinion, here it is:

I don't really like this collection very much, I think it's a bit boring in the colors and the patterns. The shapes of the graments dosen't fit the medoll very well and it looks a bit sloppy. Most of the clothes looks like they pictures of the real dresses from the runways, but just cut out and changed a tiny bit.
I definitely like the previous collection much more.

What do you think about the new collection?
Have you bought anything?
Are you planning to?


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free blue dress

Free blue dress is for ss and non ss
1) GO to the page:
3)Click browse
4)Wait, and log in
5)Go to Magazine and search link to the cinema
6)Go to the cinema
7)Log out
8)Log in to you Stardoll
.. and voila ^.^
tnx to 5678heaven for telling us

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Non-Superstar Outfits!!!!

Stardoll has made almost no non-superstar outfits or dresses, so I made a few non-superstar outfits! I hope you enjoy and tell me your fav/least fav.

Top: 4, Stardoll

Belt: 3, Pretty in Pink

Skirt: 5, Pretty in Pink

Shoes: 4, Pretty in Pink


Top: 5, Decades

Skirt: 5, Evil Panda

Shoes: 4, Folk


Top: 5, Fallen Angel

Skirt: 5, Fudge

Shoes: 4, Pretty in Pink

Top: 5, Bisou

Skirt: 4, Folk

Shoes: 4, Voile

Top: 4, Rio

Skirt: 6, Evil Panda

Shoes: 4, Voile 


Stolen post!

Thanks so much to "Anonymous" for telling me about

I went to check out the blog, and there it was! A girl called x-Miss-Divine-x had copied most of my post abot the new shop and just pasted it into her blog, without even giving me credit.

Look at this:

Almost all of the text in her post is the same as mine, she even kept the misspelling on the word available. She not only copied the text but also the pictures, she only put a "mark" on them with her blog's name over. 

When I scrolled down the page I saw a couple of pictures that were the same as ours/mine, in which she'd just cut out my face or something like that.

I think this is really rude and irritating. 
If she would have credited me, or at least change the text a bit it would have been okay. But now it isn't!

To visit the blog:



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY Contest!

I know you all have some great DIY ideas, so now its your time to show them! Make a DIY outfit, and send a screenshot of it to The winner will get to be a new writer for stardoll fanatic! Good luck, and be creative! You can use stuff other than DIY FYI.


ReStyle, ReThink, ReUse.

There's a new shop at the Starplaza! It's called DIY boutique and the koncept is that you could create you own dress out of half dresses and such. They also sell studs, buttons, roses and safety pins.

I also found this in the Stardoll Magazin and the text to the pictures were this:

"Make your very own brilliant Spring collection with our DIY collection ... it's time to re-think your fashion options and re-use your fashion finds. Necessity is the mother of invention -- and just like the world today -- you find ways to build originality from different textures and fabrics, and perfectly patchworked expressions of your very own style.

So nip in a waist, try an asymetrical skirt, add a peplum for swing or a tier of frills for bounce --- the look is both offhand and accomplished and you Did-It-Yourself!"

I wonder if we're going to be able to change our clothes, or if it's just about the new store.

What do you think?
Do you like the new shop?


I just found this also, it's two new dresses that are awailable in the Starplaza. The prize tags says that they are from a store called "Red Carpet style" or something like that! Maybe it's another new store :O



Monday, May 11, 2009

Makeover challenge winner.

The winner of the "Let's give each other makeovers"-comp is Emily-Louise100

This is the picture of the makeover she did on me. 
I chose Emily-Louise100 as the winner because I thought her makover did change the way I look in a really nice way, and I think I look very beautiful.
Emily-Louise is going to get a gift worth 5 sd as the prize. 

But there were also many other good entires and I have chosen four of my other favorites:

Me, EllyEvans, styled by Hope.Love.Peace

vaiduliukash version of me.

This is Ginnycee in a new way by E-tgirl

And last, but not least:

EllyEvans by Szabo.Hedi

Thanks for all of the entries, there were many very good and some amazing :)



Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear alls
I am leaving stardoll fanatic because I take no interest in stardoll either cuz i have been playing for a year or two and I am getting bored by it I am sorry to those who like stardoll! So I am leaving Stardoll Fanatic as well I am sorry

non ss & ss Outfits

I created some outfits for ss and non ss ,,,i hope you will like it ;D
1.) NON SS:
Fallen Angel-Lace scarf->4 sd
Fudge-Heart necklace->2 sd
Pretty in Pink-Butterfly Print Tee->5 sd
Bisou-Stretch Jeans-5 sd
Rio-Rio bag->4 sd
Bisou-Heeled Platforms->4sd
all=24 sd

Bisou-Faux Fur Jacket->6sd
Rio-Sparkling Halterneck->6sd
Elle-Gold bangles->3sd
Elle-Classic scrunch leggings->5sd
Elle-Chainlink Party Purse->7sd
Heide Klum by Jordache-Gold Chain heels->5sd


Thursday, May 7, 2009

New stuff in the Starplaza.

Stardoll has decided to release some new stuff, instead of the same old rereleases. But the clothes are very pink, girly and most of them are really unflattering. Most of them are childish and way over priced,  but  a lot of them are non SS which is really good.
I have decided to do a little review on the three pages with new clothes:

The first page:
I like the cute little babyblue top with a muffin print. It's so cute!
I don't really understand the hole idea with knee socks
, they make you look either like a hooker or a very young girl. 
The skirt and the plaits are okay, I think but they're not anything I would wear.
And lastly, the pink gloves which made me very confused. They look like they're knitted, but at the same time they're shiny? Strange combination!

The second page:
First of all the apple shaped bag is extremly cute. I love it! But it might be a little hard to match eith your colthes.
The other bag is also nice, especially if you consider the price! 3 sd, jippi :)
I absolutely hate the shoes, they're so clumsy and huge and not my style.
But the worst thing on this page is the hair pins and the bows because of the fact that they're ridiculously overpriced. It's just a line turned into a bow that could have been made in Paint by anybody and they're trying to sell it for 4 sd! What are they thinking?!

The third page:
The third and last page is not better or worse than the previous. The only difference is that most of the things on this page is SS and even more expensive.
The skirt and the shoes are awful but the two tops with bows are kind of cute.
The best thing on this page is the cherry necklace which is okay.
For those of you who have always wanted a pink summer umbrella can now buy it, but I'll pass. 
The yellow dress looks just like some other dress we got a couple of months ago, except this one is yellow and the belt is pink. 

So what do you think?
Have you bought anything?
Are you planning to?

(The winner of the "Makeover mini-comp" will be revealed tomorrow, so those of you that haven't entered yet. Hurry! )



Wednesday, May 6, 2009


They are ok,nothing special...hope not expensive..
Do you like them?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lilysrich leaving Stardoll Fanatic

The Stardoll Fanatic Writer Lilysrich asked me to post that she is leaving the writing job on this blog. She had the task to find one excellent suite every week and post it here.
Lilysrich's suite:



Loads of free gifts, for those who join now.

Stardoll has decided to give new Stardollers (Stardollians, Stardolls? What are we called : P) more than before. A new member on Stardoll gets this the first day:
  • 20 Stardollars 
  • A armchair
  • Purple pillows
  • A black table
  • Two small boxes
  • A Basil plant
  • A blue bowl

And also they get:

  • A pair of jeans
  • A pair of (really nice) black leggings
  • Black stilettos
  • White sneakers
  • A white t-shirt and a white top
  • And last but not least: A black skirt

All of the stuff above you get the first day, and you get more the second!
Among the things you get are a book, a clock and 55 more Stardollars.And all the stuff are not available to buy at neither the Starplaza nor the Minishop.

This is entirely different to when I became a member on Stardoll, I just got the black and pink stardoll clothes and like 25 stardollars. :( The mintgreen sofa I had to use a cheat to get!¨

So, why is Stardoll giving new members so many benefits?
Is it fair, or do you think we who already are members should get the same things?
Are you thinking about making a new account?

( To the other writers: have you got anything to post about so please post. )



Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's give each other makeovers

For those of you who don't already know:
We can now give each other makeovers :)
You get access to all of their make-up and their jewellery and you can change their hair also.
I think this is one of the better things Stardoll has given us lately!

So, now I'd like to see how you would change me (or some of the other bloggers on Stardol Fanatic) and I'll post some of the pictures here is thats okey with Ginnycee.This is how to do it:
Give me (or someone else) a makeover and then press Print Screen and paste it into Paint. 
Save the picture and send it to: 
Remember to write your Stardoll name in the mail. 
I'll post my favourite pictures here on the blog, along with the "stylists" name. 
Have fun!

And by the way, what do you think of this addition to Stardoll?
Have you used it yet?



30 million members

As you can see above Stardoll has now reached 30 million members :)
So now you can buy yourself a free t-shirt, whiii?
But why can't Stardoll release something good when they are celebrating, instead they release even worse things then normal.
Hey, at least there's more people to talk to on Stardoll now :)