Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Writers!!!!!

First of all, I am not leaving the blog. The post before was an unfortunate post written by the late writer, krissykrissygee. 

But I have chosen the new writers mainly on a first come first serve basis! This is a new thing, so we will see how it works out! If you have any complaints, please send me a stardoll mail, or write in my guestbook!

Note to Writers: Please only write about you topic, unless there is something free! The free stuff writer is supposed to write about whatever is free, but if they have not for some reason, any other writers are allowed to post it! Also: you MUST know how to take screenshots on your computer! If you do not, then google it. You MAY NOT take images from another stardoll blog. 

Note to Old Writers: If there is a certain topic you would like to do, please write in my guestbook on what you would like your topic to be!

New Writers

Make-Up Styles 

caseynb7 (posting: 1 a week)

New Free Stuff

EllyEvans (posting only when there's a new free item)

New Stuff in Starplaza

EmzyRulzy (posting whenever there is new stuff in the starplaza)

New Uses for Average Stuff

Steph_Roxxi (posting 1 a week)


antonija0 (posting whenever new spoilers are released)

Check Out That Suite!

lilysrich (choosing 1 totally awesome suite per week!)



  1. It's good that you got new writers, but to prevent all that chaos from happening again, wouldn't it have been better to make sure they had some talent first rather than "first-come first-served"?

  2. Hope they're better than the others...

  3. Well I hope this works out. =)

    But just one question... If all of these writers are doing all these different subjects, then what are you going to write?

    The reason I started reading this blog from the very first day you started writing it (it's the first thing I check everyday) is to listen to what you have to say!

    All I can ask is that you don't let your new writers take over your blog. We all come every day because we love hearing what YOU have to say!

    Thanks so much, and good luck to the new writers! (Oh, and adios krissykrissygee... I can't say that I'm heartbroken to see you go, though I'm sorry about the way people brutally treated you!)



  4. thank you sooo much... but how do i log on so that i can write?
    i really thank you HEAPS! I am sooo excited!!!!!
    - caseynb7 :)

  5. omg thankx 4 letting me be a writer but how do I put a blog on!!!!

  6. TNX FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO WRITE!!,,I ll give my best ;D

  7. i am so sorry, but i am writing to tell you that steph_roxxi is right now on a holiday!
    i am not kidding! i was the one who applied her for the new writer! She is my class mate at school and i am not joking!
    she is unable to post and write each week.
    so please send the message, you sent her to me, sweet_cute_girl...
    my email is:

    i am very sorry for the delay, but once she is back from her holiday, she will be able to post! ^_^

    Best Regards,

  8. seriously ginnycee i need to know how to post cuz there is new stuff in starplaza!!!!!

  9. hi i aggree with the first comment and have been asking ginnycee for ages if i could write and the outfits i have put together are great.

  10. thats cool and the one with the cool suite check out mine its not big couse my ss just ran out but it still pretty coool it
    sandie907 check it out!

  11. I WANNA BE A WRITER! Seriously that would be so cool! Can you like check out my suite on stardoll and possibly mail me? My name is pricklypt and that would be so cool to write please!!! - Pricklypt

  12. I think you should have people write more than once a week because it can get unbalanced like some people might all write on one day and then you dont have other people writing on other days. Also do styled outfits!!