Friday, April 24, 2009

Philosophy sale!

Omg! Look!
The entire Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti collection is on sale!
Everything is fifty percent off and now we can buy those nice little dresses without feeling like we've spent all of our money.
The minute after i saw this decide to become SS again, and bought the striped leggings and two pair of shoes :)
But why is the collection on sale? Are we getting a new collection or an entire new Real Brand. 
Oh, it'd great if we got like Marc by Marc Jacobs or Matthew Williamson to Stardoll! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

What do you think?
What do you hope we'll get?
Did you buy anything?



  1. I bought Satin Lace-Up Stiletto boots. I think its the best thing to buy.

  2. i bought 2 dresses and a bag :)

  3. There's also a sale of some clothes in almost half of the shops (like Stardoll, Pretty in Pink etc.) Check it out and visit my suite~> Nickname: 9002Miss2009

  4. I didn't buy anything yet, but I'm planning to buy something nice ;)

  5. If we did get a new real brand, I'd want Betsey Johnson.

  6. I will be a superstar soon as i get my code from wining a competition! so i will sure thing buy lots of philosophy!

  7. i dont really like the pilosphy clothes so im not gonna buy any ting =p

    visit me =D 88VOTE88

  8. i bought 3 things. i want to buy another & it costs 11 sd. but i only have 9 :( PLEASE BUY SOMETHING FROM MY BAZAR. I ONLY NEED 2 SD. my username is maryammomen

  9. purple diamond sequened tank- 5 sd
    laced tank- 5 sd
    red silk sequened dress- 14 sd
    sheer detail bustier dress- 14 sd
    pinstriped tights- 6 sd (bought before)
    hidden placket coat- 9 sd

    yup thats all i bought...didn't wana waste more money!!! i hope vivienne westood comes!! her deisngs are amazing!!

  10. omg i bought all the dresses i liked 2 weeks ago when i became superstar i cant belive they are all on sale now
    visit my stardoll suite x..-mollie-..xx

  11. aww... you guys r so lucky!
    i'm non-superstar and one day wish to be one!
    i hope stardoll makes a kewl brand for non-superstars like Philosophy!
    But it's unlikely! :(

    sweet_cute_girl ~ plz visit my suite!

  12. Is there any other news
    going on? For everyone?

  13. thats so bad that not ss cant buy it now :(

  14. Why are there so many writers in stardoll fanatic when only a few of them really write something?

  15. Yeah, I agree with the person above. Where are the new posts?

  16. i'm buy a are nice..;]'s wery good that phylosophy is for sale...i like it ;]*
    (sorry if i do some mistakes..i am in lithuania..)

  17. I've bought the
    white tunic, the purple
    dress on the right,
    the black dress and
    black bag in the past.
    I think they have the
    best deals.

  18. I buyed one top and stockings.

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  20. I wanted to buy something from Philosophy and it says: Closed for renovation.

    Hope that there are gonna be beautifull new clothes!