Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Harumika mannequin!


Ok so if you are from the UK just go to cinema and watch the new video!

If you are not from the UK follow instructions bellow!

1. go to or

2. Paste this in the blank url bar on the page

3. click go or search

4. Log in once the page has loaded remember you dont have to watch the video just remember to let the page load!

5. Go back to regular Stardoll and you should find your gift in your suite!

credit stardoll underneath


Free "I love Holland Shirt"

So if you are from Holland Just go to Stardoll and log in you should find the shirt in your suite!

Ok so if you are not from Holland follow the steps bellow..

1. go to

2. in the blank url bar on the page paste this into it

3. Log in

4. Go back to regular stardoll you should find the gift in your suite!

credit to stardoll underneath


Party invitation!

guys i am going on holidays to India so i wont be coming to stardoll till the end of the month.
I think it would be amazing going there!
but there is a very good news that i am hosting a guestbook party tomorrow !!!!
All of you are invited !!!
here's the invitation card-
wanna see it properly? click on it....
Tomorrow is my last day on stardoll now i will see your faces in June!
till then flicker around!
see ya


hi buddies just was hanging around on stardoll and saw a  suite don't remember that users name but in her suite i saw a free queen's day crown here it is-
that girl was from Netherlands . it like that the people from Netherlands get a free Queen's day crown for some contest or stuff?
Please tell me in the comments if you are from Netherlands and got this free crown....
see ya

Spoilers :D

So today's spoilers are some furniture and cute dresses and shoes!!
so here they are-
And now some Poland spoilers-
i think the dresses are cute and nice!
what do you think about them..?
see ya

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Flowers Vase!

Ok so I think I am the only one who knows about this because none of the other blogs I have posted this cheat so I hope it works for everyone instead of just me! Anyway all you have to do is click here

and enter the contest, when you go back to your suite you should find a flower vase!

PS:if it doesnt work tell me because I am from the USA so it might not be in every country!

Stardoll "I love Holland" and new SD update!

Ok so if you have gone to starplaza you have noticed that the "I love Holland" items are out! I think they are cute I am not a fan of the dress though, but I am sure you Fanatics can work something out. Ok also something else new on stardoll is.....well there is really now word for it so let me just explain. If you go to starplaza or suite shop and click on an item that you can buy more than once a little box will come up and it will ask you how many of those items you want and it will tell you how much those =items together cost! Now since what I just wrote is a little to hard to understand just look at the picture above. Anyway what do you think, in my opinion it is very useful you can buy all the items you want at once without having to go back and do it over and over and over again!

Free Bouquet and spoilers!!

So today i found a free flower bouquet on stardoll..and i am posting how to get it.
you can only have this if you don't have it already!!!
first go to
then in the url bar copy and paste this url-
A page like this should appear-
 Then log in to stardoll.
Now change the url to-
Log out from the proxy
And log in to normal stardoll!
Viola you have it . It will look like this-
 Now some spoilers-
Today's spoilers are for male members and some holland spoilers also
I guess some new shop is coming called mando diao as there are its clothes also.
well what's your opinion about these?
see ya

Sorry everyone

Sorry peoople for the delay of the poll for my competition. Click (or paste in search box) thhis link. It will take you to the page where you can vote (it is the actual post I have been trying to post but it has not been appearing.) Please tell me if it does not work.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Balloons and bottle!

Ok so sorry again for the lack of posting but its hard to find anything decent to post, because I dont post anything unless I think its important for you to know so nothing really important going on but wait.... there seem to be free balloons and a bottle! So just read below and learn how to get it and if you like it add me, visit me, write me lol! So if you are from Finland just go enter the comp and you should find your gift in your suite if you are not from Finland just do what I said before read below lol!

1. go to

2.Then in the blank white box on the page paste this

3. Log in and enter the competition or just go up and change the word "view" into "finish"

Then go to your suite and you should find it there!

credit to stardoll insiders



Hello everybody, i was just searching and searching how to get spoilers and i found how to get them.
We have to put some code in the URL bar and blah blah blah..
but since i wasn't posting anything from now daily i'll be posting spoilers! Don't think that i will not post anything else then spoilers . No no i'll post the free stuff also..
So here are today's spoilers!
And a wonder girls poster-
I think this poster is a bit weird....
Well..what do you think about these?? :)
See ya

The same sort of tops?

The free, Last Song, McDonalds and Pop Princess t-shirt are all the same tops! Have you noticed?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Antidote released!

Ok so guys antidote has just been released! I know I am not SS but if you are you might want to go and check it out FAST! The items are selling like wildfire so hurry before they run out! btw sorry I havent posted in a while I have been really busy with exams!

Free I love Turkey and McDonald's T-shirt

I love Turkey T-shirt:
If you are from Turkey you will get it when you log in.

If you are not then..

1) Use a Turkish proxy server such as

2) Paste into the blank URL box.

Hit go or press enter.

3) When the proxy loads stardoll log in.

It will be in your suite!

McDonald's T-shirt

If you are not from Australia use a proxy...

click to go to (way too slow...but patient) and in the blank box(next to "Web Adress") copy and paste this:

hit enter or click "GO"

Login to stardoll!!

wait a while so that you will be logged in.... Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual it will be in your suite...


Hugs, Ccatalina


I thought of your comments about the contest and I thought to listen to you and instead of a asking-questions contest to make a weekly dress-up contest. Even if the pool said that that contest was a great idea I change my mind and I'll make a dress-up contest with a weekly theme. The first week will be next week and the theme is "HAUTE COUTURE". The prizes for this theme will be : 3rd place- 1 gift; 2nd place- 2 gifts and 2 days with the title of "Fanatic of the Day"; 1st place- 2 gifts, 3 days with the title of "Fanatic of the Day" and a 5 question quick interview on the blog. All you have to do is to make an outfit according to the theme (in the starbazar or in your suite) where you can use whatever you want to dress-up your medoll (minishop items, clothes, free stuff, accessories, etc.). Do a print screen of the outfit and post the link in this post's comments. (To make a print screen go to the outfit press the print screen key on your keyboard , go to paint and click paste and it will be there. to post the link go to, load your picture and post here the link ). Hope you'll enter the contest.

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: If you don't know what haute couture means you can go to and read about it. :)

Poll For Comp

Here now you can pick the winner for my comp. fairylove25 ^^^
Whilelmina96 ^^^

OrangeJuiice ^^^

cutegirl579 ^^^

unikuu89 ^^^

Gulistan23 ^^^

Who should win?
unikuu85 free polls


Farewell DKNY :(

Unfortunately, the DKNY sale is a farewell sale to the DKNY store (unless they mean just thuis lot of DKNY). So if your SS you mayaswell buy what you can now, I except it will be worth lots in the future.

Farewell DKNY :(


Saturday, April 24, 2010

DKNY sale!

At the Starplaza they are having the DKNY sale so that means there will be more new DKNY soon! Check it out and buy! :)


Everything is lower then 10 stardollars omg omg buy it noww!

Also a sale at Voile.

New Contest Idea!

Hello! Today I watched TV when an awesome idea came to my mind: a new contest for Stardoll Fanatic. Every week I'll post a theme for questions. In the post's comments everyone can post a question for me, but with that theme. Ask me everything! I'll answer to all your questions. The theme will be available for 5 days (Monday-Friday). On Saturday and Sunday I'll answer to all your questions. The best and most interesting 5 questions will receive every week:
5th- a gift;
4th- 2 gifts;
3rd- 3 gifts;
2nd- one gift, the title of fanatic covergirl for 3 days and the chance to help me to pick the next week's theme;
1st- one gift, the chance to help me to pick the next week's theme, an interview made of 10 questions on the blog, and the title of fanatic covergirl for 4 days.
Everyone who asks me a question will receive a vote as covergirl form me.
Before I start the contest I want to know your opinion. Tell me your opinion. If I start or no the competition it depends to you. If you agree I'll start it on Wednesday and I'll do it every week for more than 3 months, this means hundreds of chances to win and hundreds of prizes to give. Please vote. The poll ends in 3 days. All the best!

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: When you ask the question don't forget to leave your stardoll name. ^_^

Free beach dress!

I have created a new banner hope you like it.
To get a free beach dress go to
then enter this url in the bar-
A page like this should appear-
no need to watch the video well..if you want to then you can.
then log in to stardoll and change the url to-
And then log in to normal stardoll!
and Viola!
you have it!

see ya

Friday, April 23, 2010

Harajuku Lovers Free Items and Camp Rock Free Box

There are a free swimsuit and a CD player. All you have to do to get them is to go to Stardoll and log in and then go to . They will be in your suite. Hope you'll enjoy them.

To get the free Camp Rock box go to and paste in the proxy's URL bar , press enter, log in into Stardoll in that window and they should be in your suite.

Hugs, Ccatalina

Hi Cupcake Gift

As I was looking for a gift to send to someone I came across the Hi Cupcake. Yes I know they have had it for awhile but they have lowered the price from 3 to 1! :P


Happy St. George's Day!

Hey everyone, Happy St. George's Day!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love Turkey and Earth Day!

Ok so first I would like to start off by saying Happy Earth day! Today I went on a field trip at my school to this natural history museum, we learned about ways to help our planet and some things that have harmed it too. Well anyway just comment telling me how you are going to save the planet and if your school has done anything to help out! Well lets just get to the topic today stardoll has yet again released another "I love example" This time its Turkey! Now I have never visited Turkey and I dont know much about I think its very cool how Stardoll does these things! So if you go to starplaza you will find the I love Turkey items on the front page! So happy Earth day and enjoy your Turkey spirit lol!