Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New LE, coming soon!

I was just checking around in the Starplaza when I found this:

Looks like the new LE collection is coming really soon. 
So everybody keep your computers on and be the first ones to by the gorgeous new stuff. 

Do you think it will be as great as the previous collections?
Will it be better? Or worse? 
Tell us what you think!


(sorry, I know that this isn't what I'm supposed to write about.) 


  1. i hope its not long because rember wen dkny was closed it took months untill it was open
    well we will c

  2. Dear Ginnycee,
    I absolutely love SDF.
    And I appreciate you taking everyone's suggestions and trying to fix the blog. But, I'm afraid to say its gotten ridiculous. There are way too many writers now, and they don't post on their topics. I understand you need writers to help you out but it was so much better when it was just you and your first writer, ktbananaxoxo.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you get rid of some writers because they are wasting space on the blog.
    All the best,
    ~A Concerned Reader.

  3. ginnycee i was wondering how u get that picture of u in the corner on the side cus i wanted to do that with my blog but i didnt know how to do it -ashmesroka

  4. StardollFrantic.blogspot.com

  5. is making a blog free?

  6. stardoll sent me the monthly newsletter with pictures of the new collection.....i would say its defintely better than last time!!!! but its come back pretty soon...

  7. yeh it is free

  8. could you please check out my blog, and comment some of the posts? i'd really appreciate it!
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    xxx ~ sweet_cute_girl

  9. i'm AllegraC on stardoll and I wish I could see spoiler pics of new LE. btw i am having a vintage sale :D