Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stardoll goes to Hogwarts♥

Stardoll Fanatics/Harry Potter fanatics read this...

Now on *Stardoll*:

-Navy Wizard Robe (Tingeling)

-Moroon Wizard Robe (Tingeling)

-Harry Shirt (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sports Shorts (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sports Shirt (Fudge Boys)

-Harry Sweater (Fudge Boys)


I think it is great that Stardoll thought the "Harry Potter Fan Club" All Over The World and made Harry Poter clothes, but I hope that Minishop is gonna have Stardoll furniture and toys, too.!


Note: I ♥ Harry Potter.! What do ya think.?


  1. I love Harry Potter too (But Twilight more ^^)Me and my family watched it at the cinema, and my little sister cried when dumbledor died (Sorry for spoiler)..

    Im so happy stardoll brought Harry Potter stuff! :D

  2. Oooh, you're a Harry Potter Fans too? Me too! I'm Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl freak :}
    Visit me in my stardoll, Faiquelle :D

  3. Where do u buy these from bcos when i looked over the starplaza i couldnt find them

  4. were do u find them? ive looked all ovr pls reply