Friday, July 24, 2009


WOW. Stardoll are giving away loads of free pick of the day stuff aint they? well, first the aliens and now a ashley t poster! Just click on the pick of the day on the home menu ad it will transport you back too your suite.

if you dont live in the us/uk follow these instructions

1) Go to

2) type in in the URL bar

3) Log in too your account

4) click on the pick of the day, (the word if you cant see the poster)

5) let it redirect you too your suite.

6) log out

7) log back in normal stardll and you should have the poster.x

Love Lightuppen.xoxo

Oh yeah, the comp has now been changed too just a normal creativity comp, you dont have too

use the hm stuff as some people experienced problems! Im sorry about that.xoxo


  1. I can't get it :( in the pick of the day is Folk Hot Buys sandals. HELP??

  2. I from Us, and i don't get the poster, in the pick of day is Hot Buys sandals

  3. Hey! have you gone too and don the instructions?

  4. oh I see... so must use, thanks! I got it now :)

  5. You dont have to live in the US/Uk to get the poster!!!

  6. this blog is shit as
    fuck ya mighty up

  7. I don't have a poster here /:
    But I have a Free Aliens In The Attic necklace ^^
    But I can't find it in my suite XD

  8. thanks for the information. i will tell my friend about it thanks :)

    * a writer from *

  9. u who not come from us just change country [ as i did] then on the front page u se that poster behind the poll

    sry not so gd in english ! YET x