Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[S]trange [S]tardoll Administrators.

Hello again(:
Well, look what i recieved:

Yes, FIVE Stardoll Newsletters which are completely EMPTY. Thats weird for the Stardoll Administrators... hmmm...

I don't know if you heard but some gang of members hacked Stardoll but i'm not sure... Maybe this has something to do with it...

Also, remember a couple of days a go i wrote about a cheat to get this necklace:

Well many people did the steps to get this necklace and nothing came. I personally made a mistake of not checking if the cheat was valid or not but a stardoll user [will not be mentioned] told me it worked for her and i should put it on. So I did. I was deeply humiliated when tonnes of users told me it did not work for them and i couldn't believe it so i tried the cheat out for myself. Unfotunately all of you were right, it did not work and i apologized to every single person that sent me a gb/blog/doll mail comment.


Today like always i went on Stardoll and Look what i found in my suit:

The necklace!

And i went to a couple of people's suit that said that the cheat did not work for them and even they had it! So enjoy your brand new necklace:D ( to those people that bothered o follow the steps for the cheat because i doubt that it still works)

The only down side is that it stayes that size and it doesn't Resize or Rotate:/
Anywhoo it's still really pretty(:

Maybe this delay also had something to do with Stardoll's Administrations:/

I don't know:(

Anyway feel free to leave any comments and my gb is always open(:


aka. MollieSunshine



  1. i got those blank newsletters too please come visit my suite and vote my cover girl

  2. Hi I Was Wondering If U Were Letting Anymore People Write In This Blog? Coz If U R I Wud B Really Interested So Cud U Visit Me On Stardoll My Username Is kaj307 Nd Notify Me?
    Thankyou... Kelsey!!!

  3. I followed the steps but the neckalce didn't appear. so I tried it again, I checked my suite and still..... no neckalce. But after two days or so, I found it in my suite.

  4. I pressed and pressed, and didn't ge it. The day after i got it though..

  5. About newsletters: I got it too, first day 4 newsletters, and second - 1 newsletter.. It not really empty, if u highlight it u can read: Stardoll Newsletter - that text is in news letter.. Of course it really strange, why stardoll need to send empty newsletters? coosmo95

  6. hey i didn't got the newsletters and the alien necklace didn't showed up too.. but anyway i was hoping if ginnycee will let amymore people write in this blog.. if so i would be interested.. i already have a blog too it's called official-stardollfashion.blogspot.com
    but i didn't know what happen to it it suddenly crashed... i used to have ImAliceCullen and peach_peach as a writer... so can you please tell ginnycee.. will this blog have new writers.. or trial writers.. if so, just e-mail-ed me.. at lala_alsa@yahoo.com


  7. I got those empty messages too.
    And my necklace is enormous i don't know what to do with it!!

  8. That happend with me too !! (I found the collar today !!!)