Thursday, July 30, 2009

Non-Superstar Outfits!!!!

Here are some non-superstar outfits! Enjoy!

Styled Outfit 1 -- Bright Colors, Bold Style

Top -- Fudge, 5sd

Skirt -- Basics, 4sd

Tights -- Stardoll, 3sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Gloves -- Evil Panda, 3sd

Styled Outfit 2 -- Business With a Twist

Top -- Folk, 4sd and Basics, 3sd

Skirt -- Stardoll, 5sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Styled Outfit 3 -- Fun and Flirty

Top -- Stardoll, 6sd

Skirt -- Pretty in Pink, 5sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 4sd

Bag -- Stardoll, 4sd

Styled Outfit 4 -- Pencil Perfection

Sweater -- Stardoll, 5sd

Top -- Decades, 5sd

Belt -- Stardoll, 3sd

Skirt -- Stardoll, 7sd

Shoes -- Bisou, 5sd

Styled Outfit 5 -- Weekend Afternoon

Top -- Rio, 5sd and Rio, 5sd

Shorts -- Basics, 4sd

Shoes -- Basics, 2sd

Necklace -- Stardoll, 1sd



  1. No Offense But I Hate All Of Them! Those Outfits Aren't Stylish At All....You Should Hire A Person That'll Actually Make STYLISH outfits. Soz.
    Lotsa Kisses
    [[I Ish Bunneh - Rawrrrr!]]

  2. Honestly,these are probably the ugliest outfits I have ever seen!!I'm not a superstar and I dress way better than this.To prove this you should come check out my page and see my non-ss outfits.


  3. There not bad lol but there horrible sorry good job though.

  4. Um...I suppose they're okay. I love the one with the pencil outfit!

  5. yh there kinda ugly i wudnt wear them if they were the last chlothes in the starplaza lolage x

  6. No offence but they are all bad!!! I will tell you one thing that on the 2nd outfit the bikni/bra thing with the tube top is inapropprite!
    P.S. go to my sweet I dress awesome and approtiate.

  7. i used to be ss but now im not it sucks lol,, i like the first outfit!! DaBombMonkey
    check out my suite;) (even tho u cant c most of it:[ )

  8. hey i'm blovef
    can i please send you some pikks of some non ss outfits? Ps some of these outfits are horrible

  9. there not that bad and i think its really mean what the other people are saying!

    i like them i think there nice :)

  10. how the heck you can publish these things-i dont know.all i know is that this blog needs something,and you need some fashion 'EXPERTIES'.THEY'TRE RUBBISH


    gossip girl

  11. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its sooo uglyyy i dress wayyy better...