Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMG! Free HB shoes! <3


I'm sorry I haven't written anything for a while, since I've been working on my new club and the writers on trial have written and written and written, so there was bearly nothing to write left.. Not anymore! Thanks to ***angelgal*** I'm now aware that there is a FREE PAIR OF HOT BUYS SHOES!! :) You find them on page one in Rio.. But they are only for superstars, so I guess only ss can enhoy this first free pair of hot buys shoes..



  1. i also found a new collection of kohl's at stardoll (by britney spears) and abbey dawn.. they're kinda cheap basically the price is mostly 5 sd or for jeans it's 7sd.. it's all non-superstar (they's really2 nice !) !! but i don't know why, i can't find the kohls or abbey dawn store.. i guess it's not official yet !

  2. It doesn't work anymore, They changed it to: 8 SD ..