Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inspired Decoration ♥

-Do You Want To Buy An Interior But You Do Not Have Money?

-Do You Want To Buy An Interior But You Are Not Superstar?

-OR You Just Want Something Unique Made By Your Own Hands?

♥Ya Should Try To Make Something By Yourself Like I Did♥

1] Paint A Room Of Your House With A Funky Color, Because The Decoration Will Be Funky Too!

2] Gather All The Posters And Frames You Have In This Room!

3] Put The Posters And The Frames Side By Side!

4] If There Are Big Gaps Try To Make The Posters And The Frames Bigger And Buy New Ones!

If There Are Small Gaps You Do Not Have To Fill Them Because The Color Must Be Visible!


Note: It Is A Great Idea To Have Your Designs In This Room And To Put There Unique Furniture Like The Free Biblio Chaise and Biblio Puff!


  1. Awesome :)
    Thank U :D

  2. this is great!I will tell a friend this!

  3. ok thnx. hi im not new to stardoll but my old account got scammed and deleted. but i have paid for my monthly superstar and now imliving of my 5sd pay as you earn buget and getting my 1 a day stardollar and im finding it tricky to buy new things eith this amount of money! do you know any money chaets? and also i just wana say im a big fan of the blog and i would love to be a writter on here!