Friday, July 31, 2009

Harumika: Style your Imagination♥

Do ya remember Harumika? ^.^

Awesome news: You can still get it.! ^_*

1] Go to

2] Write and go to Page 2 or Page 4 of Startpage!

3] Click this icon: 

4] The video maybe won't show up, but ya get the "Harumika" anyway!

5] Voila! ;3 (This doesn't work for everyone :[ )

No Needle? No Thread? No Problem: Bandai America Launches Harumika, Inspiring Girls to Style Their Imaginations & Conquer the Catwalk 

Aspiring fashion designers can achieve “Runway Ready” status, with Harumika – the new dress-form fashion doll from Bandai America Inc. Already a huge phenomenon in Japan, Harumika lets girls “style their imagination” and easily design attire with colorful fabrics and fashion accessories – all with no sewing required.

How to make a "Harumika":

• Pick a fabric, wrap it around the dress form and secure it in the Style Lock System on the back!
• It's Easy!
• Use the stylus tool to lock fabric into place.
• Add fashion flare to your outfit with stickers and rhinestones.
• The possibilities are endless with Harumika!

Last And Coolest News: Harumika Designer Wanted!!!

For More Information:



  1. what do you mean by go to page 2 or page 4 ?

  2. where do you see page 2 or page 4 on

  3. yeah same page 2 of 4?

  4. Well I got it by going to myproxy and posting , log in , at the totural page you will see 2 pictures below news ( covergirl ..) and click on harumika ;D

  5. uhmm i dont see Page 2 i think i cant see it beceuse i am frrom the netherland

    Owh and sorry if i type something wrong

  6. owh i think Sigita Say how it works 2

  7. i dont get anything =(

  8. Thx Sigita, u helped me. ♥

  9. theres a new bandslam gutiar
    here r the directions
    1. Go To

    2. Type In

    3. Log In

    4. Go To normal

    5. you got it
    my stardoll name is 5678heaven

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  11. I didn't get it. But you said it won't work for everyone, so I don't blame you.

  12. it worked for me. :D
    thank you very much.

  13. i understand what you mean by page 2 and 4 but it won't show up!

  14. Do they sell harumuki thingys in england???

    1. yes they do get them from argos i got 7 daolls and i got meterials from the market in barrow inn town