Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lilysrich leaving Stardoll Fanatic

The Stardoll Fanatic Writer Lilysrich asked me to post that she is leaving the writing job on this blog. She had the task to find one excellent suite every week and post it here.
Lilysrich's suite:





  1. Who's She?
    Oh well, it doesnt matter

  2. hey can i work for your blog? I used to have a stardoll blog myself but i didnt have any readers. So I decided to do a Sims 2 one....anyway. You can visit my suite Cuti_Babe. I have heaps of experience =) Please consider.... =)

  3. Hei there.
    First of all .. who the heck cares that
    she's leaving ?? nobody cuz we all didnt
    even noticed she was there

    This blog was really good at start but
    I dont know why you thought that we
    dont like it and you started to be soo
    desperate to '' keep it up '' ..
    Its stupid cuz you only copy things
    from other blogs ( especially I mean pictures )

    Its really NOT goody.
    no offence but get your dignity back for
    god sace !

    kisses to all visitors,

  4. i remember her .she was the blog writer who was eight or somin,anyway i always thought u lacked experience but i thought your vocabulary was pretty good for someone who's supposed to be in the second or third grade.