Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stolen post!

Thanks so much to "Anonymous" for telling me about

I went to check out the blog, and there it was! A girl called x-Miss-Divine-x had copied most of my post abot the new shop and just pasted it into her blog, without even giving me credit.

Look at this:

Almost all of the text in her post is the same as mine, she even kept the misspelling on the word available. She not only copied the text but also the pictures, she only put a "mark" on them with her blog's name over. 

When I scrolled down the page I saw a couple of pictures that were the same as ours/mine, in which she'd just cut out my face or something like that.

I think this is really rude and irritating. 
If she would have credited me, or at least change the text a bit it would have been okay. But now it isn't!

To visit the blog:




  1. Yeah, they keep copying stuff from my blog as well - without asking or crediting - sooo lame!

  2. you should put a logo or mark of this blog too. on every picture!!! maybe then she won't copy anything...

  3. I just went to her suite on Stardoll and on her presentation she has a little quote which says:
    "copying? i dont think so. this is 100% by me."
    Wanna know what I said as soon as I read that? YEAH RIGHT!

  4. OMG! This is so sick!
    Is she jealous that you guys can write good posts or something?!
    L-O-S-E-R. :)

  5. U ***** just because they take pics of the new stuff which there is thousands of people doing doesnt meen theyre yours you idiots i am never reading this blog again and i will tell all my friends not to to and i have 143 real friends on stardoll that i know in real life to never and i mean never read this blog again
    p.s. get over yourself

  6. Come on, I belive these writers know that other want to take those pictures too, but copying text is no OK. Of course the pictures are the same. They are just losers who don't know how to write. LOL Ps. If U anonymous have 143 friends, I believe that the most part of them won't listen to U in this thing.

  7. how many posts has she stolen exactaly???
    and so what if she copied the pics

  8. OMG!! How can they do that?

  9. That's not cool, and
    dishonest. Beyond on
    the fact, one should
    deal with it better
    as in with grace instead
    of yelling at others
    for getting caught.

    Yes, from now on, I
    think it's a good idea
    to add your own logo
    or signature to the pics.

  10. Please check out coz I thank Stardoll Fanatic on a post .Please check it out!

  11. oh u JUST added that on Chlogoes so that no one says anything 2 u. how sad and lame!!!

  12. but when i saw it said: thanks to stardoll fanatic for the info or something like that at the side!
    so y r u being so mean to staroll-freestuff?????

  13. Get over it u fag! omg she says on the side "thanks stardoll fanatic for the info'

    U BITCH! cant u read! pft

  14. hey i copied some of the post just the picture and some of the texts but i also credited strdollfanatic for it thankyou.. and by the way , in my blog there's a widget; in it there's a petition that reads : i am joining this petition because i want to support it, for stardoll to give 50 stardollars to every active members ! join the petition please, we need 1 thousand people to tell this to callie !!

  15. i was reading her blog and it says this :

    About Me

    Hi! I'm miss-divine..its not my real name in the UK..with family...cya x-x-x [and thanx to stardollfanatic for most of da info]

  16. o my god , she's such a BITCH !!! her blog is ugly . you're the best , stardoll fanatic ! love ya !

  17. hi im bogosjuju and if you look on the right at the begining of the blog it says "thanks to stardollfanatic for most of the info". So she isgiving you credit.

  18. yeh at the side it DOES say 'thanks to stardollfanatic for most of the info' so y r u being soooo mean? i think that u just want to acuse her cause u r jelous of her or u hate her or something

  19. I don't think she asked if she could use Stardoll Fanatic's Pics or Texts. It's like saying that you took someones photo without asking them and putting it on the internet and saying " I got this from ..., without asking them if I could use it."