Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring cleaning, anyone?

A new button makes spring cleaning in your suite easier now. Just press the button and all items in the room will end up in your storage.
It makes redecorating easier, but it might be a problem if you accidentally push the button and you're room which you have putton down a lot of work on becomes empty.




  1. hi i was wondering if i could become a writer on the blog!

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  2. That's nice.
    No offense, but
    where are all the
    other writers lately?
    There hasn't been
    too many posts and
    most of them are by
    you, which I enjoy
    reading but..

  3. I think its great that they made the new button. I could totally use that, because I am always redecorating. But if you accidently press it, its not that big of a deal because you can just reload the page, as long as you didn`t save your suite.
    See you later,
    Emokid from Stardoll Fashion

  4. Yeah, It doesn't matter if you press the accidently press the button cz it won't save as long as you don't click on "SAVE SUITE"

  5. i think it is good, but for most people, they wont find it helpful if they are in the middle of making like a masterpiece with lots of items from their storage then click it then all their work is gone because they didnt save before they clicked sweep

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  7. Cool! =D

    (add me!)

  8. Hey I think that's pretty cool.
    I was wondering how do you get contributors on your blog? Please tell me in my guest book



  9. It's not such a big deal if U press it accidently, cause U need to "confirm" it anyway. Like after you press the button, it says "This will move ALL items in this room in the storage" and you have to press "continue". Then it asks "Are you sure you want to move ALL the items in this room into your storage?" And you have to press "OK" or "Cancel" So doing it accidently is REALLY hard :D