Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free necklace?

I just bought this new bag from the Starplaza and when I got to my suite there was another box next to mine. When I opened the box there was a necklace. I have never seen that necklace in any shop before and I certainly haven't bought it.

Anyone who have gotten the same necklace or anybody that knows why I got it? 

Maybe it's a gift from Stardoll to everyone, because some people have gotten the necklace without buying anything.

Update 2:
It's seems to be a gift from Philosophy to all of those who bought a piece from the last collection. I think this is a great gift, it's a really pretty necklace.
I wish the DKNY shop would do the same thing. 

Update 3:
Update 2 is not correct, the necklace was given to all members, not only those who have bought Philosophy clothes. I don't know if this is true but some say that the club AskPaulinaGirls/Paulina RC gave the necklace to all members/all stardoll users. But as I said, I don't know.




  1. i got it too but i diden't buy enything!!!

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  3. I got it and I was already a member of AskPaulinaGirls... And BTW Paulina said before that there's a gift coming for all the members, right?

  4. i dont have one :(

  5. i didnt get one.... im ont a member of the club though. would i still get it if i join the club now?

  6. i didint get one!!! =(

  7. It's only for members of Paulina's club.

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  9. I didnt get one and im a member of the ask paulina girls club AND i've bought from philosophy AND i bought that bag you got it with!!!!!!!

  10. I'm in AskPaulinaGirls but I didn't get the necklace :(

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  12. Umm join this club called thelatestgosip the fist 30 members gets agift

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