Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ReStyle, ReThink, ReUse.

There's a new shop at the Starplaza! It's called DIY boutique and the koncept is that you could create you own dress out of half dresses and such. They also sell studs, buttons, roses and safety pins.

I also found this in the Stardoll Magazin and the text to the pictures were this:

"Make your very own brilliant Spring collection with our DIY collection ... it's time to re-think your fashion options and re-use your fashion finds. Necessity is the mother of invention -- and just like the world today -- you find ways to build originality from different textures and fabrics, and perfectly patchworked expressions of your very own style.

So nip in a waist, try an asymetrical skirt, add a peplum for swing or a tier of frills for bounce --- the look is both offhand and accomplished and you Did-It-Yourself!"

I wonder if we're going to be able to change our clothes, or if it's just about the new store.

What do you think?
Do you like the new shop?


I just found this also, it's two new dresses that are awailable in the Starplaza. The prize tags says that they are from a store called "Red Carpet style" or something like that! Maybe it's another new store :O




  1. I am just mad that everything in the diy boutique is for superstars!!!

  2. alii totalyy agree
    go on its well peng!!

  3. Awailable?? I thnk you mean aVailable... lmfao..

    visit me-

  4. I made a dress with the DIY things. How do I send the page to your ID ?

  5. the dresses are from the Eurovision contest, and the dresses are from Romania and Iceland.

  6. i think its a cool idea. and the pieces are quite cheap but its stupid coz its only for superstars.

  7. Yes, they are from the Eurovision song contest :D

  8. Pity the DIY boutique is for superstars :(
    SB ♥

  9. The dresses are from Eurovison Song Contest.. :D I like them so much !! Visit me and tell me what you think :)
    //choklad_lover ♥♥

  10. It's not only those dresses.There are tons o them(I'm a drama queen).
    They are rom eurovision(a song conest)
    It's not a shop.