Thursday, May 7, 2009

New stuff in the Starplaza.

Stardoll has decided to release some new stuff, instead of the same old rereleases. But the clothes are very pink, girly and most of them are really unflattering. Most of them are childish and way over priced,  but  a lot of them are non SS which is really good.
I have decided to do a little review on the three pages with new clothes:

The first page:
I like the cute little babyblue top with a muffin print. It's so cute!
I don't really understand the hole idea with knee socks
, they make you look either like a hooker or a very young girl. 
The skirt and the plaits are okay, I think but they're not anything I would wear.
And lastly, the pink gloves which made me very confused. They look like they're knitted, but at the same time they're shiny? Strange combination!

The second page:
First of all the apple shaped bag is extremly cute. I love it! But it might be a little hard to match eith your colthes.
The other bag is also nice, especially if you consider the price! 3 sd, jippi :)
I absolutely hate the shoes, they're so clumsy and huge and not my style.
But the worst thing on this page is the hair pins and the bows because of the fact that they're ridiculously overpriced. It's just a line turned into a bow that could have been made in Paint by anybody and they're trying to sell it for 4 sd! What are they thinking?!

The third page:
The third and last page is not better or worse than the previous. The only difference is that most of the things on this page is SS and even more expensive.
The skirt and the shoes are awful but the two tops with bows are kind of cute.
The best thing on this page is the cherry necklace which is okay.
For those of you who have always wanted a pink summer umbrella can now buy it, but I'll pass. 
The yellow dress looks just like some other dress we got a couple of months ago, except this one is yellow and the belt is pink. 

So what do you think?
Have you bought anything?
Are you planning to?

(The winner of the "Makeover mini-comp" will be revealed tomorrow, so those of you that haven't entered yet. Hurry! )





    remember that not only typical you-ish people are on stardoll ^^ it's a lot of
    scene/harajuku/cyber/alternative people that really like this :D

  2. i love most of the new clothes!!

    maybe you should think about that not everyone has the same style as you do...
    i don't want to know your opinion about the clothes, i only want to know THAT there are new things...
    pesonal opinions should only be posted in the comments.

    i really love them...<3

  3. Thank you! Someone is writing! I personally don't like the chlothes either that much (accept the apple bag <3) but it's great that someone in sdfanatic is telling about new stuff.


  5. i love all of them i think they're cute especially the cupcake bag and blouse and the the blue chiffon skirt and braid and the multi coloured necklace if i were ss id ttly buy it and the parasol(that's the correct name for the summer umbrella).

  6. The muffin top is cute but expensive - surely if you're good at StarDesign then you could make your own

  7. First of all, great job
    on this blog. I can tell
    you took time and effort to
    do this.

    I completely disagree on
    the knee-socks thing, I'm
    a fan of them. I like the
    pink and dotted one.

    Oh, and the pink glove thing
    was old, plus the pink socks,
    it was the 60s theme.

    LOVE the tees and dresses.
    I'm glad some are for non-ss.
    I hate the price on the green
    clip and bows. What the..?

    I think the shoes are
    interesting, they're harajuku
    style and colorful.

    This is my fave selection so
    far, I've bought 10+ of these

  8. How do you enter in the makeover contest?
    I'd like to

  9. i LOVE the striped/heart socks very harajuka/cos play. Annoyed that SD has yet again stolens designers designs, the muffin and cupcake have been designed for ages, AGAIN they steal other peoples designs and tweak them a bit to make their own. GRRRRR !! USe your own design team SD rather than US !

  10. I think that they are amazing but too expensive...

  11. i like some of them. especially the 2 necklaces. but don't be overacting anout those clothes, lol ur so funny.

  12. hiyaa!!!!yeep it's greeat..
    Plzz joiin my sd club

    im grazie.crazy!!!!

  13. who cares about ur opininon?! all we need 2 kno is that new clothes r adding!!! if u hve an opinion u should just keep it 2urself

  14. I personally love the knee socks and the pink gloves. I think its good that they can add a punk twist to some of the clothes, because a lot of the clothes on stardoll are very girly. I though the knee socks were very Avril ish. I dislike the shoes too, but I do think that some of the things you put as ugly were kinda cute.

  15. okayy, right. come on your a righter. GET IT RIGHT.
    im not trying to be a bad user. . . but the heart knee high sockd are brilliant, and samer with the pink girlish day skirt. look at Miss.Bethany , she weres them, and they look soooooooooooooooooooo nice
    chek her out

  16. YOU should not be dissing stardoll! Those bows are cute i bought one and yeah they could of been made on paint but were getting 5 dollars not 6 dollars a day so they can price them as high as they want! i am glad ur leaving ur stardollfanatic and if it wasnt u who was then U SHOULD LEAVE!

  17. LOL why are U so mad????? It was only her opinion. Don't take it so seriously, stardoll is just a game LOL

  18. okayy, right. come on your a righter. GET IT RIGHT.
    im not trying to be a bad user. . . but the heart knee high sockd are brilliant, and samer with the pink girlish day skirt. look at Miss.Bethany (im not her btw, im Dizzy_Izzy), she weres them, and they look soooooooooooooooooooo nice
    chek her out

  19. While I don't agree with you, I appreciate the time you took to write all this. You're the only good writer on this blog. Thanks, EllyEvans!

  20. has any one seen Miss.Bethany , omigosh it really is nice im coolgirlhere ckek me out

  21. Hey I'm Louiepatuie on Stardoll and I think that your kinda being unfair because I love thoes knee sox and I bought thoes yellow shoes (on a dare with swamperlala86... I made her buy them too.) Anyways.... I think ur oppinion may be offensive and I think that u shouldent critisize most of the things U dont like. Maybe u can do this vote thing... Somthing other than a selfish oppinion of somthing someone else may think is cute. I mean I'm not trying to be mean or anything but... thats low low low low low low low low. JK!!! but its harshful in a way.

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  24. You are really stupid nobody cares about your meaning the clothes are really cute. you are such an asshole.

  25. R U so out?
    This style is not childish, girlie and unflattering...

    It is called Lolita-Harajuku-Tokyo Street Style...