Monday, May 11, 2009

Makeover challenge winner.

The winner of the "Let's give each other makeovers"-comp is Emily-Louise100

This is the picture of the makeover she did on me. 
I chose Emily-Louise100 as the winner because I thought her makover did change the way I look in a really nice way, and I think I look very beautiful.
Emily-Louise is going to get a gift worth 5 sd as the prize. 

But there were also many other good entires and I have chosen four of my other favorites:

Me, EllyEvans, styled by Hope.Love.Peace

vaiduliukash version of me.

This is Ginnycee in a new way by E-tgirl

And last, but not least:

EllyEvans by Szabo.Hedi

Thanks for all of the entries, there were many very good and some amazing :)




  1. Tnx for not putting me!.And i idid many.Why didn`y u put anotnija0.Only u and gynycee.That`s not fair:]

  2. yes
    u just putted 3 of you and 1 on gynycee.
    But Gynycee is uggly so nobody can make her beautiful xD

  3. ewwww those look gross... Whhy did you only put 1 of ginnycee and 3 of you... you whore...stupid Ginnycee dosnt even do her blog anymore and u assholes are taking over and making it worse...

  4. Those are freakin' ugly. They make me throw up!

  5. a EllyEvans by Szabo.Hedi

    is cute

  6. i so agree y the hell r u telling this trash?! this isnt even about stardoll anymore! its only about u!!! u conceided little $%#@!!!!

  7. I really like the one you chose as the winner. I want that look! xD

  8. Oh stop being bithches in ur comments!

  9. I could even enter this comp,because no one helped me with my problem!!!!! :(

  10. This is sooo retarded!!!! Where is Ginnycee!!!!

  11. I chose too put those pictures there because they were the best ones, in my opinion. I repect you opinion when you say that they are ugly, but I don't agree with you. The reason why there's three of me and one of Ginnycee is that most of the pictures I got were of me. If there were any of the other writers on Stardoll Fanatic I would of course post those also.
    The question about were Ginnycee is and why she is not posting, I cannot answer.

    To satin188: Oh, I'm so sorry! If you would have sent me an email I would of course have helped you :)


  12. oh god come on ppl. don't be so jelous for those who won. i think few on these r really pretty! I kinda like Szabo.Hedi and Vaiduliukash makeovers :)

  13. you guys should get sum more writers so there are more posts being posted 4 us to read!
    i would be happy to, if you asked me to becum one of the writers for this blog.
    I haev a blog of my own, and i post everyday!
    <3 plz consider this message in deciding a new writer! thnx xx

  14. To EllyEvans: i didn't know your e-mail address!!!

  15. i did a make over of both of you and i would like you to see so please get back to me my stardoll name is Xxgiggle_girlxX message me and i will fina a way of gettin you the pictures of the make overs

  16. dnt be so mean u guyz, i like the hairstyles :)

  17. I like EmilyLouise's one. Just not the others. :D

  18. i can give really good makeovers i gave one to amazingbeauty01 and newhope just email the pass to my email which is and i will do it in one day

  19. Jessica ( playboy0704babe )January 14, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    I Wish I Could Do A Makeover 4 Y00 Guys I Do Them!
    I Have Already Done Mad1309 And Karla0704