Saturday, October 23, 2010

Madi309 is Back!!!

Sorry guys about not posting for weeks......Just with school and everything it is VERY hard
But im back with THINGS!!! But no pictures but i will post some later...
First,New Sunny Bunny Floor! It's kind of a Tokyo/Halloween theme with piercings and hair pieces :D ITS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE
Second,There is a new furniture store called Tribute of Louis Borgeois Its kind of Halloween themed....
Third,Stardoll added another new floor to Mortal Kiss.....My bad actually 2 new floors
The stuff is pretty cute!
Fourth,And i know the other writers have said this but,the blue diamond does mean that you are a part of Stardoll Royalty.How do you get in?Well you are get in immediatly when you have been a superstar for more than 1 yr.
Fifth,Have you noticed that JCPenny Teen has left us?I just realized earlier :D
Sixth,I have found one way to find Otto stuff without the link.Sometimes when you search for items you will find them so look carefully!!!
And last but not least I might make a contest soon so just wait.......

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