Sunday, October 24, 2010

Any of you miss me?

Course you didn't, betcha didn't even know i was gone. I was way too busy with starting high school this year to check on the blog, i checked every week though. Just never posted! I shall be back to post again! Yay!

Its going great, and ive just bought all of the hello kitty clothes because there adorable.. ;')

So i couldn't find anything new exept the S-A-D new couple of chapters from Mortal Kiss, yes i read it - because sometimes, no-ones online and im bored. Its actually rather good but i was amazed to see a swear word appear in one of the latest chapters...Im not to bothered but to think 7 year olds play on this site... :|

Not right? Is it? It was so sad in Mortal Kiss, i cried.

Yep, im back - the chatty Becky that you all didn't miss ;']

So yeah, Becky. x

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