Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ultimate Black Halloween makeover!

This is how you can get an ulti
mate all black Halloween makeover from the Starplaza!
1: Apply Black Fluid Liner all around eyes
2: Darken eyebrows with Black eyebrow Definer
3: Use Black Eye Kohl on the top lid
4: Use Volumizing Mascara, and Lengthening Mascara all around eyes
5: Use Plum Purple Blush on the side of each cheek, two strokes per side, give you face that ashen look
6: Use black lip Pen all around lips
7: Use Midnight Black Lipstick (from LUXE) to make you lips sparkle
8: Use Midnight Black Eye Dust (from LUXE) at the star of your eyes heading up (as shown in close up picture)
9 (optional): Use the black hair dye from Doree (best to use the one you get in the Beauty Parlour for free)
10: Use Highlighter Dark Violet on the black hair to give it the purple effect
All of that makeup costs 79 stardollars.The picture below is the picture of the medoll with an outfit I created. feel free to create your own outfit though!

Bye for now Stardolls,



    *Midnight Black Lipstick (20SD)
    *Black Fluid eye liner (3SD)
    *Black eye Kohl (6SD)

    *Night tree dress (8SD) (Fallen Angel)
    *Long fur vest (8SD) (Fallen Angel)
    *High heel boots (5SD) (Fallen Angel)
    *Drop earrings (5SD)
    *Cat lens 2 (2SD)

    btw.. I'm shichihenge....
    it's simple... yet nice!!
    hope it's fine :)

  2. ooops... i forgot to put the diamond skull necklace...