Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ultimate Fairy/Princess Halloween makeover!

This is how to make the Ultimate Fairy/Princess Halloween for your doll!

1: Use Dee Orchid Eyeliner for the eyes, all over, make sure it IS winging out
2: Use the white collection eye pencil in the inner corner of the eye
3: Use pink mist eye pencil on the top lid
4: Use the black lengthining mascara all over, and the white thickening mascara all over
5: Use the pink mist shade stick going up just on the outer corner of the eye
6: Use Fusion Coral blush just on the side of the cheeks
7: Use the Soft Skin lipstick all over lips
8: Use the hair colour platinum mist
Altogether the makeup is 48 stardollars.

Above is the picture of the medoll with accessories and an outfit.

Hope you like it. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Bye for now Stardolls,

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