Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Marc Jacobs dress! and Disney interior :)

Stardoll is getting generous! This Marc Jacobs dress first was free only for superstars but now , its free for non-superstars also :)

Here's how to get it -
Go to then , type on the URL box.
Log-in to stardoll :) Now change the URL to this-
Click on Gizlibak! Log-out and log-into normal stardoll and you'll have it!!! 
Take a look -

Now , to get the Disney interior in your dressing room click here.
And buy it , its for Zero stardollars :) Take a look -
see ya!



  1. Hi. It didn't work. Can you help me?
    I'm Brigitte64 on stardoll.

  2. Hi!..How to shop at stardoll??..i can't find it now..:(..Can you help me??..
    I'm Lovegeorgiagirl on Stardoll!

  3. hi it didn't work for me and others so put a sign up saying IT DOESN'T WORK for other people in the future