Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Crafting Mama !!!!!!!!! :)

So , here's a free Crafting Mama for sweet friends like you ;)
Go to and simply write on the box ..
Log-in to stardoll , and then into normal stardoll... You'll have it.. :) Take a look -
Take a look - 

Cute :) 
Hope you get it! 
P.S - If you are from the U.S , you needn't do these steps .. you'll get this gift as soon as you log-in! :)

see ya!



  1. We can't just log in and get the cooking mama. Well, not anymore. Callie.Stardoll deleted some of the cheats because she saw blogs like this. Also, because she wanted more room for new things to get for free on stardoll. Like, now she has a fashion board, a monster high christmas tree, and a cupcake box that we can log in and get.