Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thanks Guys!

HiyaGuys. Jst writing this post too say a genuine thanks to all your support you have given me. I have loads of friends and very nice messages. I can even say one of the days the month, i was second in the covergirl vote. My dream is too be covergirl and coming second was brilliant! But i really wanna be first so please can you vote for me. Thanks everyone and the wonderful writers here aswell. Thanks



  1. Hey,
    i thought i should let you know that,the main page for stardollfanatic takes about 4mins to full load...and proably twice as long if anyone is still on dial up might wanna think abou deleting some really old post so the page loads quicker
    jess (stardoll name: kranklin)

  2. hey i just created a new blog please check it out :

    i m new to this so please if you have any suggestions tell me and it s nothing to do to stardoll :P