Monday, August 24, 2009


Just to tell you that there is a SALE on for all ss on stardoll (:

Although there is not yet a presentation thing to show all the things on sale, if you click on the stores it will show the reductions(:

(thank you to Alsa150889 for telling me about it)

P.s if you have time try to visit Bya94's album. It's a teen mag and it has Dkny, quizez, celeb info and more!

Bye bye for now(:


  1. I see your BACK. I h8 your writing,,,,

  2. I have some very important news! there are some VERY pretty avril lavigne dresses! do search pink go to the last pages. also search black! they are VERY pretty!

  3. if you hate my writing, don't read it. I ain't going anywere. and if you have a problem come and tell me on my gb. COWARD.

  4. this time sale isn't so interesting as the previous one--thanks 4 telling us everything in time my nickname at stardol is: lili_BOB

    note : i've a problem 4 now i can't log into stardoll time now is : 2:33 p.m GMT could anyone tell me if stardoll is locked or what is happening--thanks again