Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New design dress!

Heyaa (:

First of all i would like to thank all the people for all their ideas for my new club. I'm still quite indesicive especially since i am going on holiday soon and i've got sooo many things going on right now.

Anyway any new suggestions are welcomed so pleaaase don't hesitate to tell me in my gb for new club ideas. So far i'm thinking either a roleplay club, a free cheats club or my original idea a model club which later will be followed by a magazine.

Sooo what's new on Stardoll?
I was looking around and i found a new design dress!
It's soooo cute!
And best of all its for non-SS and its only 5coins!
So get designing!






  1. I'm in to it (;

    My name is; modeletjuuh

  2. me im in it! i will have it done by 2:00 today i think i know buti have lunch and busy stuff so yeah my username is gurlygurl123abc

  3. Omg!!! this is really unfair for all of us well except for the ones who live in the uk.... Look at this!!img22.imageshack.us/img22/5738/freessd.png

  4. Thank you. Look at my design. Dont the best design but... I can better. But thanks. My design are in the rom i am in. Go little to right and voila!

  5. the dress that was 5sd and for ss and non ss is now 8 sds and for ss only

  6. ealier today when i went to the star design it was still for both non superstar and superstar people

  7. okay im in my username on stardoll is Livvybee2458

  8. hello, any one interested in a designer? im lahandkmhbff. If u check out my 2nd story room on the right... thats my showroom... and on the first floor to the right i have a stewie griffin design... check t out and contact em for immediate service

  9. I can't find that dress anymore !I don't know if it's my computer or they took it off. Someone help ! and check out my stardoll account I have great designs ! I could be your designer! my account is cloemg visit me !